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How to Store Passwords Safely

If you’re one of those people who like to be secured to the maximum and use different passwords for all sites where you’re registered, you might face a problem of forgetting and confusing them. Luckily, modern technologies aim to make safe password storage easier. Keep reading to find out how to store passwords safely and never again worry about protecting your privacy.

Use your browser

All modern browsers have a built-in feature that helps you to keep your passwords organized and saved for an easier access later. You can usually find them when looking around menu options. Moreover, most browsers will give you an option to sync your passwords with other devices so you won’t need to log in more times than necessary. However, if you’re an active user of the “memorize password” option, make sure you still keep all your devices protected with a pin.


As far as safety apps are concerned, 1Password is one of the best ones on the market. You can have a complete trust in it because all your passwords will be encrypted and hidden from any danger. This app has extensions for different browsers so you can use it on all devices and at any time. One thing that should be noted is the fact that the service is not free, but safety is worth being paid for.

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If you’re looking for a free app for passwords storage, Dashlane is a good option. One of the benefits it gives is that you can save passwords for different accounts on one website if your computer is used by other people. Again, all your passwords are encrypted and you can even use a handy tool to check how safe they are. If you’re lacking in imagination for a new password, Dashlane is ready to help you with that too.


The feature that makes LastPass different from two other previously mentioned password apps is that you can use it only on one device. However, it doesn’t make it any less popular, and many people prefer this app above all others. LastPass was one of the first services of such kind and it still offers very strong protection and nice design. Fingerprint check is also supported by this app, however mostly on mobile devices.

Additional Verification

Nowadays more and more apps and social media platforms develop the feature of two-step verification. It means that your login and password won’t be enough to log in, you’ll need additional confirmation which is usually done via phone. It might be a bit too much for your daily checks of Facebook, but two-step verification is a crucial feature for important apps that deal with personal information, for example, your banking app.

One final thing that is great about the mentioned password storage apps is that they all support two-step verification. So you can use all these tips at the same time and protect your privacy completely.

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