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Work Addiction and What to Do with It


Did you start to spend more time at your workplace than at home? If the answer is ‘yes’ then you might be too devoted to your job. Signs you are a workaholic will help you identify whether it is really true.

Psychologist Oby Bamidele shares her experience of being addicted to work and gives advice on how to overcome workaholism. She says that it all started when she was twenty years old and had many ambitions regarding her career prospects and future success. With an intention to save time spent on driving to work and back, Oby started to work from home. It took her a while to realize that she turned into a workaholic, who lacked sleep, food, and other basic activities that a normal human needs. Having solved her own problem, Oby now helps other people, who have found themselves in the same trouble.

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Nowadays, workaholism is treated as a disease, so diagnosis is the first step towards dealing with it. All over the world, physiologists are trying to address this issue and suggest their solutions for overcoming it. There are some signs that can help you evaluate your working habits in order to understand if you are addicted to your job:

  • You try to find more time in order to spend it on work.
  • In reality, you work longer than you intended to do.
  • You use work as a tool to suppress such unpleasant feelings as loneliness and sadness.
  • Other people start giving you advice to work less, but you do not listen to them.
  • If you are too exhausted to continue the work, you feel disappointed that you cannot finish it today.
  • You do not devote time to your hobbies anymore.
  • Your health condition is undermined by your overloaded schedule.

If most these statements are true for you, then you have reasons to worry. However, this problem is not incurable and you can stop being a workaholic any time you really want this.

Here is how:

  1. Do not hesitate to contact a professional in order to receive help. A psychologist will enable you to understand the hidden reasons of your addiction to work. It will prevent you from hiding your problems in work in future.
  2. Be more attentive to yourself and your desires. Self-criticism is not always good and sometimes it is better to indulge yourself and take a break for coffee and chocolate.
  3. Start doing something for what you never had time before. Find a hobby that would make you relaxed both physically and mentally. After spending some time on it, you will be more energetic and willing to continue work.
  4. Live according to a schedule with planned working hours and days-off.
  5. Communicate with people. You relatives and close friends are the best source of motivation.
  6. At the end of work, think about good moments that happened to you during the day.

If you feel that work steals your life, try these tips and they will help you to live a happy and balanced life.

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