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Additional Services

Progressive Delivery

Pay an additional 15% to the total order price and get an outstanding service wherein you will have your paper delivered in parts. This service is perfect for those clients who want to manage complicated papers of 20+ double-spaced pages or 10+ single-spaced pages.

What Benefits You Will Get When Opting for Progressive Delivery

  1. You will be assigned only the best writers and editors on our team who will take care of your paper.
  2. You will get the chance to send feedbacks oneach paper section before your writer goes on with the other ones. Thus, if needed, the writer will get a chance to improve the paper consistently.
  3. You will get a chance to send free revisions during 30 days after the deadline expiry.
  4. You will be assisted by a personal manager who will cooperate with your assigned writer and monitor the overall process of writing.

Plan of Receiving Drafts:

  1. If you have allowed the writer up to 4 days to write the paper, then you will receive only one draft when 50% of the deadline is over. For example, if you have given four days, then you will receive the draft on the second day. The word count of the draft equals 25% of the total paper volume.
  2. If you can give 5-11 days for the writer to complete the paper, then the writer will provide you with two drafts – comprising 25% and 50% of the required word count respectively. As such, the first draft is sent after 25% of the deadline, and the second one – after 50% the deadline terminates.
  3. In case you can grant 12 days and more for the writer to complete the paper, then you get three drafts of 25%, 50%, and 75% of the total paper content when 25%, 50%, and 75% of the order deadline is over.

*Clients are free to modify the schedule of receiving drafts, but it all should be agreed on with a personal manager. If the paper peculiarities demand some other way of progressive delivery, then it most probably can be adjusted according to personal needs.

Exclusive Extra Services for Smaller Orders

  1. Drafts

    A 1-page draft comprises 300 words of a double spaced paper and 600 words for a single-spaced paper and is sent to you after 50% of the deadline terminates.

  2. Summary

    When you order this service, you will get your paper concisely summarized in 300 words. The writer will provide a brief synopsis of the main points discussed or analyzed in the paper.

  3. Extended Revision

    You will get 14 days (=2 weeks) for sending free revision requests unlike the regular 2 days after the deadline termination.