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First of all, refresh the webpage. If you see that it does not help, check if all the large files are attached to the order properly. You may remove all the previously attached files and email them to [email protected] The agents will help you forward the files to the writer. You may also make use of a convenient option of LiveChat.

Our company policy states that writers are not responsible for getting the materials for writing. If the source is not in free access online, the customer provides it for the writer.

We would be grateful if you trusted us and provided all the valid details. Thus, if we need any extra instructions or additional details, it will be easy to contact you and get what the writer requires for work.

In most cases, the issue is related to the format or size of the uploaded files. Attaching the files, you have to check whether the system supports them. We recommend you not to upload any files. Instead, you can do that either later on after the order is placed or email them or send on live chat.

It is easy to order the entire course from the same writer, specifying his or her ID as a preferred one. You can get to know the ID of the writer, whose style you like, in the order form of the previous paper. Click on the option ‘Add’ and we will assign your essay or research to the writer you want. The charge for this extra service is + 15% to the cost of the order. Your chosen writer gets this additional amount directly and you get a guarantee of the highest priority of your order among other papers.

Our agency has an outstanding team of brilliant specialist with years of experience and expertise in a variety of disciplines. The experts of our writing department evaluate the requirements to your paper and assign the writer who is the most suitable for this particular paper.

We are responsible for your security and confidence at school. So, we always give a guarantee of non-plagiarism in all papers. We do the check with our reliable plagiarism checker every time our professional completes the assignment.

Communication is possible from the customer’s account in a system of messages. You can address some urgent issues to the team of support in live chat.

Typically, it does not take long to assign an expert to the order. You may see the change of status in a few minutes or probably a few hours. However, if a lot of our experts are busy or the order is really complicated, it may take longer.

The free revision period is from 48 hours (short papers) to 30 days (lengthy papers). You can select the ‘Request revision’ option directly, going to ‘My orders’ – ‘Completed orders’. Just choose the order you need to improve and ask the writer for help. Set the deadline for a revision and give all the instructions. If you need our guidance, you may contact our team of customer support any time you need.

Your assignment status can be checked manually via your account. Once the financial transaction is completed, the order status will be “New.” When the expert is allocated, the status will change to “Processing.” As soon as the completed work is uploaded to our system, the status will be “Sent.”

There is one more way of getting informed about the status of your assignment. You can order the VIP option called “SMS notifications.” In this case, you will be texted a message each time the status of your writing projects alters.

Yes, it does. We have a clear policy on privacy that guarantees absolute confidentiality. We take all the required measures to protect our writers’ and clients’ personal data. To avoid any issues concerning confidentiality, we make sure that even our writers are unaware of our customers’ personal details, i.e. name and gender. Our writers’ details are unavailable to our clients as well.

As soon as your deadline expires, your completed piece of writing will be uploaded to your account. Additionally, you will get an email containing a direct link to your fulfilled task. Click on it, and you will be redirected to your uploaded assignment.

We do not manage financial transactions directly. Hence, in case any issues arise, try using another credit card or payment channel. You may also try to use another browse or gadget to make payment. Please contact our support team to get more information about the matter.

Your paper will be uploaded to your personal area on our website once the deadline expires. To get the paper, check the “Processing/Completed orders,” in the “Files” section.

In case all the mandatory fields are completed, but you still cannot place your order on our website, check whether there are any attachments. If yes, place your order without any files attached to the order form. Additional documents can be emailed to us. Remember to indicate the ID of your assignment in the title of your email so that our support representatives could add your files to your order.

In most cases, the clients have no technical problems with placing their orders. Still, attaching large files or trying to upload a lot of files simultaneously may cause an issue with the order form. Just proceed with adding the order details without any books or materials to attach. Finalize the order placement and then email the files to the customer support staff. Another option of forwarding your files is to use the personal account and upload the materials to the processing order.

We are proud of the fact that the confidentiality of our clients is undoubted. There is no sharing of details with other parties if you cooperate with us. Your information will be kept in utmost confidentiality.

You can take control over your order yourself and mind the deadline. You can check on it in your account: Click on the section My Orders, then go to Processing Orders, and check on the time left will the delivery of each of your orders.

High school, college, and university students can get help from us at any level of writing. If you provide your requirements in advance, we can check them with our PhD writers and update you on whether we can handle the paper.

We give our round-the-clock support to every client and we assign the orders only to the qualified writers with qualifications in the required field. Your assignments will be checked for plagiarism and mistakes by skilled editors. We also guarantee that no order is ever late.

Do not waste time! Let us know about the new urgency and we will calculate a corresponding compensation to cover the difference in the price. It will depend on the difference between the two urgencies: the previous one and the new one. For instance, if your paper was ordered with the urgency of 7 days and now you need it within 3 days, you will have to pay for 4 days of difference in the deadline. The agents will determine the cost of your compensation order and you will get a link to make a payment and cover the required amount. Your successful payment will be a sign for us that the writer should follow a new deadline.

If you choose a VIP service for your order, you will get an option of extra editing and proofreading ensured by one of the best editing experts of our company. The total cost of the order will include the price of the chosen VIP service.

We guarantee that there will be no delay in assigning the order if it is placed at the supreme writing level. Besides, the expert will definitely be chosen among the 30 best writers in a particular field. Moreover, you can be sure that the paper is original as we attach a plagiarism report with all the explanations to the paper. However, the package of benefits does not include the option of a preferred writer. If you have placed several orders and you liked the work done by one of our experts, you can use the ID of this writer for your future orders. It is an option that can be accompanied by a package of the premium writing service, but it is not included in it. We ensure that the paper will be provided along with the originality report and the order will be assigned to the expert you have chosen.

The deadline you set is a must for us to follow. We deliver the assignment you have ordered accordingly. We start the countdown after the verification of the payment as that is the moment when the writer can start working on the instructions. Be careful while setting the deadline, as we will make the paper available for you strictly after the period of time you have chosen. Thus, your deadline of 1 day means that you will receive your essay or research paper 24 hours after the payment is verified.

All the details about your order and its status are visible in your account. If the order has a “Payment Verification” status, you have to click on the button “Pay Now” and make a corresponding payment or send us a receipt if you have already paid but it is not seen in your account. If the order already has a writer assigned, you will see that the paper has a “Processing” status. Download the paper if the status of the order reads as “Sent/Completed”.

We can assist you with any tests, and online tests are no exception. Choose the right type of assignment while placing your order and we will handle it accordingly. The writer will need to know every detail about your exam; so, please attach all the files and materials for preparation. Besides, let us know the exact time and date of the test with the specification of the time zone as we have customers in all corners of the world. The writer will check on every requirement and then when the time is due he will sign in and take the test online. You will see the results after the test is completed.

Free revisions are possible on our website if you need changes and you requested them not later than 2 days (48 hours) after the paper is delivered to you. It is crucial to keep to the initial requirements as any change to the specifications implies paying compensation for the writer.

No problem. Just email the instructions to the support staff or forward them via live chat. The agents will check the specifications with the writers and then update you on their decision.

We prioritize your tasks if they are urgent and we guarantee their timely submission. Actually, no matter what urgency you have chosen for your order, we will treat it with respect. When you place a new order, make sure that the deadline you choose is adequate. We will cope even with the three-hour-long urgency, but you have to double-check if it is in line with your school deadline.

The best way to handle the problem is to contact the support staff via live chat or email and send them your set of instructions. They will help you decide on the type of order to choose from.

Sign in and select the Additional Order option. You will find it next to your processing order. Fill out a new form and submit it. The following procedure will be regular. Getting to the payment website page, you will create a new paid order and it will be connected with the initial one. If you need our assistance, just contact the support staff and get the additional order placed for you.

Get to your personal account and take a few easy steps:
Get to the section My Orders, and then find the option Completed Orders. What you have to do next is to check the Files and download the paper according to its order ID. If you cannot trace the needed order, check if the deadline has already expired. Contact the support agents for assistance if the problem remains.

We have a strict policy of confidentiality. The writer has no access to your email or phone number, and you do not know any contact details of the writer either. Still, direct communication is possible via a specially designed messaging system in your account. Log in and talk to the writer. Another option to send all the updates or ask questions for you is to contact a customer support agent. No worries, your writer will get all the updates from us.

The customers choose the deadline out of a wide range of options. You choose the urgency and it determines the amount of money you pay. Accordingly, the salary of the writer and the editor depends on your choice as well. Hence, it would be unfair to request more expensive and urgent work from the writer who got the salary according to a long deadline. It is still possible to get the deadline shortened with a compensation order.

It is not a problem. You still can request changes in your order just with a revision compensation for a writer. Contact us and we will help you place a revision order.

Definitely, it is possible to amend the personal information in the customer’s profile. What you have to do is just to get to the account, find the option Profile – Edit Profile, and introduce the changes. After you have saved the updates, the personal details get substituted or amended.

Please, check your e-mail for a receipt and send it to us. Don`t forget to check your Trash/Spam folders. If you haven`t received it, you will need to check your bank statement to make sure you were charged in the first place. Then, you will need to forward the screenshot of your bank statement to our Financial Department so that we could track your payment. If you have neither a receipt nor a bank statement, it means that your payment didn`t go through and you should try another payment company/browser/card to pay for your order.

No, it is not obligatory to share your personal phone number with us. However, it will significantly improve our communication whenever urgent assistance is needed.

If some actions and events are happening with your order, you will receive an automatic e-mail with notifications. Besides, you may get notifications via SMS and calls.

We deliver only writing services. Unfortunately, we cannot help you with programming, coding, or application development tasks.

You can add more pages to your order by placing an additional order. To do this, you need to go to your personal account – My Orders section. Besides, you can ask our support managers to assist you.

Honestly, such cases are quite rare. However, if it happens because the writer has been inattentive, we assume complete responsibility and make improvements. You have a free revision option if you feel that your paper needs some changes. You can use this option within 48 hours after the deadline expires for papers less than 20 pages long. If your order contains more than 20 pages, you have 1 month to get your paper revised for free.

You are the only person to know that you have used our services. We have developed a comprehensive confidentiality policy, and even the writer who works on your paper has no access to your personal data. We use your personal information only to verify payment transactions. It is absolutely impossible for anyone to learn that you have been our customer.

When you confirm that you are absolutely satisfied with your paper, it stays in our system so that you can download it again at any time you need it, unless you ask us to delete the file.

We do not tolerate plagiarism at We have a team of quality assurance professionals, who use our state-of-art plagiarism detection software to check every single paper. We know that a single plagiarized paper can forever ruin your academic career, and we are not willing to subject our customers to any such risks.

Every customer has a personal interactive area and a messaging board to be used for communication with the writer. It is convenient and fast.

We hire qualified and committed individuals with a special talent for writing. Besides, all writers working in our company have at least one Master’s degree in certain fields. 30 percent of our writers hold PhD degrees. All of them have successfully passed their academic writing exams, and they have proved to be competent in it. Additionally, we employ only native English speakers, so you can rest assured that your paper is written in an appropriate academic language.

We can work as fast as you need because a qualified specialist needs just a few hours to complete a paper that takes you weeks. We have skilled and professional writers, who can complete your paper in a quality manner within a couple of hours after you place your order. Certainly, we cannot write every paper quickly, so you should not expect us to develop your dissertation in a matter of days.

Well, if it’s part of your curriculum, we can manage to do it. If you need a custom essay, book report, research paper, thesis, dissertation, or capstone project – we can accomplish anything within the limits of academic writing. We do not place any restrictions on disciplines, topics, and subjects because we have specialists in virtually any field.

There is no answer to this question since everything depends on your paper. The final price is formed, based on the type of your paper, urgency, academic level, and the number of pages. In any case, we offer the best services at the most affordable prices, so you will hardly break your budget. In addition, we work with the most secure online payment systems, so you can rest assured that your finances are fully protected.


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