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In most cases, the clients have no technical problems with placing their orders. Still, attaching large files or trying to upload a lot of files simultaneously may cause an issue with the order form. Just proceed with adding the order details without any books or materials to attach. Finalize the order placement and then email the files to the customer support staff. Another option of forwarding your files is to use the personal account and upload the materials to the processing order.

We are proud of the fact that the confidentiality of our clients is undoubted. There is no sharing of details with other parties if you cooperate with us. Your information will be kept in utmost confidentiality.

You can take control over your order yourself and mind the deadline. You can check on it in your account: Click on the section My Orders, then go to Processing Orders, and check on the time left will the delivery of each of your orders.

High school, college, and university students can get help from us at any level of writing. If you provide your requirements in advance, we can check them with our PhD writers and update you on whether we can handle the paper.

We give our round-the-clock support to every client and we assign the orders only to the qualified writers with qualifications in the required field. Your assignments will be checked for plagiarism and mistakes by skilled editors. We also guarantee that no order is ever late.

Do not waste time! Let us know about the new urgency and we will calculate a corresponding compensation to cover the difference in the price. It will depend on the difference between the two urgencies: the previous one and the new one. For instance, if your paper was ordered with the urgency of 7 days and now you need it within 3 days, you will have to pay for 4 days of difference in the deadline. The agents will determine the cost of your compensation order and you will get a link to make a payment and cover the required amount. Your successful payment will be a sign for us that the writer should follow a new deadline.

If you choose a VIP service for your order, you will get an option of extra editing and proofreading ensured by one of the best editing experts of our company. The total cost of the order will include the price of the chosen VIP service.

We guarantee that there will be no delay in assigning the order if it is placed at the supreme writing level. Besides, the expert will definitely be chosen among the 30 best writers in a particular field. Moreover, you can be sure that the paper is original as we attach a plagiarism report with all the explanations to the paper. However, the package of benefits does not include the option of a preferred writer. If you have placed several orders and you liked the work done by one of our experts, you can use the ID of this writer for your future orders. It is an option that can be accompanied by a package of the premium writing service, but it is not included in it. We ensure that the paper will be provided along with the originality report and the order will be assigned to the expert you have chosen.

The deadline you set is a must for us to follow. We deliver the assignment you have ordered accordingly. We start the countdown after the verification of the payment as that is the moment when the writer can start working on the instructions. Be careful while setting the deadline, as we will make the paper available for you strictly after the period of time you have chosen. Thus, your deadline of 1 day means that you will receive your essay or research paper 24 hours after the payment is verified.

All the details about your order and its status are visible in your account. If the order has a “Payment Verification” status, you have to click on the button “Pay Now” and make a corresponding payment or send us a receipt if you have already paid but it is not seen in your account. If the order already has a writer assigned, you will see that the paper has a “Processing” status. Download the paper if the status of the order reads as “Sent/Completed”.


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