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Today’s students in different parts of the world are facing numerous troubles with their written assignments. These written tasks comprise abstracts, essays, annotated bibliography works, summaries, case studies, coursework, custom essays, theses, dissertations, and other works that are usually assigned to them by their teachers, professors, or supervisors.

Both high school, college or university students are constantly facing a huge number of complicated questions related to their studying and academic success. For example, what are the key characteristics of the MLA, APA, Harvard, Oxford or any other citation style? What topic should be chosen for a case study? How many pages should a dissertation consist of? What format should be to kept to when preparing a thesis? What should be done if you are unaware of your skills, knowledge and experience that are needed to complete a dissertation or an annotated bibliography for it? How does the structure of an annotated bibliography look like?

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The most apparent solution in such a case is to seek professional help, guidance, and support from the most trustworthy, reliable and reputable academic and custom writing company.

You can always search for an experienced and sophisticated writer who is capable of applying original, creative and fresh writing methods, approaches and techniques, or specialized and profound academic writing company working online where you can buy a high-quality piece of writing, for example, an annotated bibliography order.

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Detailed Rubrics on How to Write an Annotated Bibliography

Many students cannot cope with the completion of an annotated bibliography. Do you know why it is so? This happens because students are unaware of what sources they should use and what formatting style to follow. In order to complete a decent annotated bibliography you should, first of all, clearly comprehend what an annotated bibliography is aimed at and how it should be structured. An annotated bibliography has many differences from an ordinary works cited page. The latter is a simple list of the utilized sources, which are to inform the future audience of what sources you applied to create your piece of writing. The former is a list of each source of reference, which is to summarize, evaluate as well as provide certain conclusions from the sources under analysis.


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Citation Styles: Essentials

An annotated bibliography is, as a rule, completed keeping to such formats as MLA or APA. Sometimes, the Chicago formatting style may also be employed, but it rarely occurs.

APA Annotated Bibliography

The APA style was worked out and is constantly advanced by the American Psychological Association. APA is one of the two frequently utilized citation formats. In the internet, it is not a problem to come across the website dealing with the specific features of the APA style. While working on an annotated bibliography, you should summarize as well as assess every source you referred to. You should indicate such aspects as the first and last name of the author, the publication date, the publishing house, the place of publication, and the pages number. It is imperative to keep to the rules, standards and requirements of the APA style if you are very eager to gain a high mark for your annotated bibliography from your teacher or professor.

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MLA Annotated Bibliography

The MLA style is also one of the most frequently applied styles. It should be stressed that no writing rubrics on how to complete an annotated bibliography using MLA is provided. However, there are several practical tips and hints that you can use to create an annotated bibliography. They are as follows:

  • The first line of each of the sources ought to be indented.
  • Double spacing should be used;
  • A list of sources should be alphabetically arranged;
  • If there is no author’s name provided, the sources used should be listed by titles;
  • The titles of the journal articles and books should be italicized;
  • The quotation marks should be applied when there are book chapters or short stories;

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What Is the Purpose of an Annotated Bibliography?

An annotated bibliography comprises the same structure that the other written papers do:

  1. The introductory part is to introduce the chosen topic. It should contain a thesis statement or hypotheses.
  2. Body part consists of several paragraphs. Each paragraph should provide a clear and understandable argument to support or reject the hypotheses indicated in the introduction, give an explanation of the issue under analysis, and offer clear solutions, as well as recommendations.
  3. The concluding part is to summarize the most significant points of the paper. The main aim of the section is draw several clear and logical conclusions that either deny or confirm a paper thesis statement or hypothesis.

Annotated Bibliography Example

An annotated bibliography is aimed at providing explanations to the future reader why the sources chosen by you are significant and relevant to the research of yours.

How to Choose Annotated Bibliography Topics?

Choosing a mind-blowing and interesting topic for any piece of writing is an important key to preparing a successful paper. Take into account that your future study will be grounded on the topic that you have selected for the annotated bibliography of yours. If it is a very back-breaking work to choose a specific topic, you can ask our experts for guidance, support and assistance with your topic.

What Fields of Science Can an Annotated Bibliography Be Utilized?

An annotated bibliography can be required in case you are to work on a very back-breaking and complicated piece of writing, such as thesis, case study, dissertation, research paper, coursework etc. in Physics, Medicine, History, Sociology, Chemistry, Marketing, Economics, Management, etc. – you should include this page into your work. Keep in mind that an annotated bibliography is aimed at explaining to the future readers why the chosen sources are important and relevant to your future research or study.

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