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If you feel unable to create a quality memo, consider addressing qualified specialists saying, “Could you create and deliver a top-notch memo to me on time?” Do you want to find out more about the option of getting writing assistance online? Then, continue reading this article.

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What Is a Memo? The Basics

Before beginning managing your assignment, you have to find a detailed answer to the question “What is a memo?” Moreover, you should be aware of the fundamental criteria for producing such a piece of writing.

Thus, a memo is a document providing information about a specific issue in a rather concise manner. For example, it can be used for highlighting an urgent problem and offering its solution. To convince readers that the described issue is important, a memo has to be written in a persuasive tone. Furthermore, it has to suggest several ways of tackling the problem.

The heading segment follows this general format:


(audience’s names and job titles)


(your name and job title)


(Month, date, year)


(Purpose of the memo)

Memos are considered an efficient tool for making the working process simple and facilitate the communication between the employees of either one or several departments of a specific company.

Writing a Memorandum: Constructive Prompts to Mind

  • Before writing a memorandum, determine its type, i.e. informative or persuasive. The former provides information about the matter and calls readers for action, while the latter grabs readers’ attention.
  • A memorandum has to be succinct, revealing, and clear.
  • It should be about a page or that and a half in length.
  • This document should contain the date, address(es), subject, and body section presenting the issue.
  • The line marked as “Topic” has to highlight the subject on which the memo is concentrated on. Be precise so that readers can identify the key idea straight away.
  • A memorandum should include headings and subheadings. In this way, it will be easier for the recipients to detect the primary points of the piece.
  • The data provided in the body has to be accurate and comprehensible. The purpose of the memo has to be stated clearly. The body section may consist of a few paragraphs which in their turn may include headings and numbered/bulleted lists.
  • Action and thesis statements have to be presented as separate paragraphs containing several sentences only.
  • A thesis statement is supposed to illustrate a key idea of the project.
  • The purpose of the action statement is to explain the addresses of what data their answer to the received memo should provide.
  • A memo may also contain an extra line demonstrating the author (written in capital letters) of the document and the one formatting it (lower case letters).
  • The document may also include either the enclosure or attachment indicating the number of pages it consists of.

Using headings will make it easier for the audience to follow the information. Make sure to keep them brief, but choose clear language. For instance, “Summary” would be too vague. Instead, write something specific like, “Education Policy Recommendations.” Whatever headings you select should be the ones that you mentioned when discussing the purpose of the

One of the best ways to get the audience’s attention and allow them to focus on the important ideas is to list them in bullet point form. Since they are brief, it will save the reader time and effort to understand the purpose of the memo.

The sections of the memo should take up the following amount of the entire document: • Header: 1/8 of the memo
• Introduction, Background and Task: 25% of the memo
• Summary, Discussion: half of the memo
• Conclusion, Necessary Attachments: 1/8 of the memo

Our professionals offer you to take a look at the effective tips provided below so that you do not face any problems when writing a memo:

  • Mind the readers

To make certain that the text will be comprehended properly, you have to know who you are writing it. Thus, you will know what style and tone to apply. For example, if you are sending your document to your boss, the style has to be formal Nevertheless, if you are writing it to your friend, the tone maybe informal. No matter the addressee, your piece of writing should include relevant data only.

  • Be professional

Avoid using jargon, unknown terms, slang, and abbreviations. Try to preserve a neutral writing tone. Remember that details matter a lot when it goes about memos.

  • Clearly state the purpose

Memos may serve different purposes, i.e. informative, convincing, etc. Regardless of the presented goal, the document has to be brief and coherent.

  • Follow the format

According to the established criteria, a memorandum should include an introductory section and the body. The introduction should introduce the topic and the body briefly describes it.

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