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It is as clear as day that students are afraid of taking different kinds of tests. One of our customers left the following feedback on our website, “I do not imagine how your writer has managed to answer all test questions correctly. I could not respond even to the first question.” If you belong to the students who are trembling with fear because they do not know how to answer essay questions appropriately, it may be useful for you to read the article presented below. Thus, you will understand how to deal with various tests and find out where to seek professional assistance if needed.

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Students studying at different educational institutions are supposed to do diverse tests in a number of courses they are taking. In order to pass a test successfully, one should be conversant with the subject matter a specific test is focused on.

Multiple Choice Questions

When dealing with such questions, one is required to choose a correct answer from several options. As a rule, such kind of tests is concentrated on facts, terms, names, concepts, etc.

How to Deal with Such Questions

It is necessary to read all questions first. Thus, you will define the overlapping questions and those that demand special attention. Then, you should start with the questions to which you know the correct responses. Afterward, move to the questions which you are uncertain about. Try to remove the answers which you think are totally wrong. Avoid re-reading and correcting the selected options if you are unsure whether they are definitely inappropriate. Mind the deadline! If you see that you are pressed for time, try to guess the rest of the answers, or submit the test as it is.

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Fill in the Gaps

When writing multiple-choice test questions, students are required either to pick a proper option from the offered ones or give a correct answer to the question on their own. You should not try to find the hidden sense in such questions, as they are usually focused on the terms and facts. Students often take such tests in English.


Change the first sentence so that its connotation suits the second one. It is very helpful to use a thesaurus to do such an assignment. Make sure that multiple-choice questions and answers match each other. Remember to compare your sentence with that provided in the question.

Connecting Sentences

This is one of the types of multiple-choice questions which is also called matching. Students need to either connect two parts of the sentence given in different columns or match the phrase with its definition. Pay close attention to instructions, as you have to know exactly how many definitions you need to find for each sentence. Mind to connect the issues which you are absolutely certain about.

True or False Questions

Read the sentence and tick “false” if you think it is wrong or “true” if you consider it correct. You have to be particularly attentive if true/false questions are a part of your exam. Remember if any section of the statement is inaccurate, then the entire statement is false.

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Open-Ended Questions

These questions require detailed and lengthy answers. However, your response should not exceed the set word count. When dealing with such questions, you have to ensure that your answer includes relevant information only.

Correct Errors

Your task is to identify and correct the mistakes the sentences may contain. These questions require great concentration. If you cannot answer one of such questions, it is better to skip it and come back to it later. Be attentive in order not to correct the errors that do not exist. Correct only the issues which you are fully confident about.

If doing such a test is very hard for you, you are welcome to turn to our experienced specialists. They will provide you with valuable multiple-choice questions writing help.

*How the Price for Such Type of Questions Is Calculated

The discussed kind of questions is calculated according to the following rule – 5 questions per one page.
For example, in case your test consists of 25 questions that you have to answer, you will need to pay for 5 pages.

Online Quiz/Test

When doing a writing quiz or writing test online, you will need to select options from the suggested ones. Such kind of assignment has to be done on the web page of your educational establishment.

A homework quiz demands you to choose only correct answers from the number of those offered to you. Precise Answers to the posed questions are already defined. Thus, you will need to create them on your own.

Do you think you may fail your online writing test? Do you think you are not skilled enough to respond to the quiz queries quickly?

Perhaps it is worth using our writing service? Contact us and say, “Pass my exam, please.” Our experts will give you substantial online quiz writing help.

The Price for Your Online Quiz/Test

The price for both online quizzes and tests is determined in accordance with the rule – 5 questions/page.
For instance, if your test includes 10 questions, you will be required to pay for 2 pages.

Questions-Answers Assignments

A lot of professors consider short answer question tasks an effective tool for testing students’ knowledge. They believe that students can guess a correct answer when dealing with multiple-choice questions. However, if they need to give a short response to the question, they develop their thinking, learn to form their opinion about the matter, and express their ideas clearly.

Useful Advice on how to Answer Essay Questions

  • Give a brief response to each question
    You should know that some assignments consist of questions which, in their turn, are divided into a few sections. Each of the sections demands a concise and clear answer. Such an assignment is called a short-answer exam question.
  • Be attentive when reading questions
    If you want to respond to the test questions appropriately, you have to be entirely focused on each question. In addition, you need to weigh each word of your answer. Keep in mind that your response should be based on true facts and include accurate data only. Avoid giving confusing and long answers to the questions.
  • Cite examples
    Do not reword the posed questions! Your answer should clearly illustrate the issue you are asked about. You may refer to specific notions to show your professor that you have a sound knowledge of the subject. Note that examples are an integral part of your response. You may take examples from literary works, real-life situations, etc. If you include remarkable examples in your answer, your lecturer will see that you know how to apply the learned material.
  • Wh-questions
    Do your best to give direct responses to the questions starting with who, why, what, and how. Your answer should not include false information. Mind that you may need to support your ideas with strong arguments.

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How to Organize Question and Answer Format Essay

Title Page
1. Question
2. Question
Bibliography/Works Cited/ Reference List

Actually, this kind of question is not difficult to handle. Still, if you are not good at giving short answers to the presented questions, you can buy answer essay questions from our company.

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Our qualified professionals can do any questions-answers assignment in the right way, and they are willing to teach you to deal with such tasks. It is obvious that some questions are rather tricky. However, if you turn to us for assistance, you will achieve success.

By the way, we can provide you not only with handy tips but also with a superb example of a questions-answers assignment.

Calculating the Price for Questions-Answers Assignments

Open-ended questions, those requiring detailed answers, are counted in the following way – 300 words per page of double-spaced text, and 600 words per page of single-spaced text.
For example, if your file contains 30 questions each of which should be answered in about 100 words, your paper will include about 3000 words. In accordance with the company policy, you will be required to pay for 10 pages.

Examples of Essay Questions and Answers

If you cooperate with us, you can be certain that your personal data will be kept safe. We do everything in our power to protect your information from misuse.

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