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Professional Capacity Building for School Counselors

Professional Capacity Building for School Counselors Through School-wide Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports Implementation Nowadays, the issues of students’ behavior within the school settings attract great attention. The necessity to foster the development of positive environment and eliminate negative incidents led to the elaboration of various programs and mechanisms to influence the educatory institutions and […]

Ethical Decision Making Paper

Ethical Decision Making: Personal Virtual Relations with Current Clients This study discusses steps and approaches of ethical decision making in counseling. Specifically, it addresses ethical issue of developing personal virtual relations with current clients. Besides, the present study discusses ethical dilemma of the unequal treatment of persons, particularly it deals with a counselor’s differentiated attitude […]

Criminal Justice

The Factors at Play When a Person Decides to Commit a Crime Crime is an interesting societal phenomenon since this vice is constantly present in society despite people seeing the repercussions that have befallen others who have being caught in acts of crime. According to the 2014 statistical information presented by Federal Bureau of Investigation […]

John B. Watson and Child Psychopathology

Who Was John B Watson and Why He is Important in Child Psychopathology? Nowadays, the research in child and developmental psychopathology continues to prosper and remains one of the most important fields in the modern science. Thus, many scientists in different fields try to distinguish and estimate the most important reasons for inappropriate childrens behavior. […]

Age Differences in Bilingualism Research

Age Differences in Bilingualism In recent years, there has been an increasing interest in the concept of bilingualism and its influence on individuals life. Bilingualism is usually defined as the ability to speak two or more languages. As the world develops and boundaries become less vivid due to the technological progress and spread of the […]

Post Truamatic Stress Disorder

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) The human being differs from other creatures by its extremely high level of survival. However, some situations can have shocking and dislocating effect on our psyche and health. This often leads to an unnatural perception of reality that lasts for a long time. When a traumatic event continues to influence our […]

Studying Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Disorder Bipolar affective disorder, often shortened to bipolar disorder, is a severe, albeit curable, mental illness characterized by episodes of elevated and agitated mood. It should be noted that terms of bipolar disorder, manic depression, and manic-depressive illness have been used interchangeably for the purposes of this paper. According to the most conservative estimates, […]

Franz Kafka

Psychology of Personality of Franz Kafka This paper focuses on the psychological analysis of the personality of an outstanding and accomplished author Franz Kafka. For better understanding of the writers individuality, this work includes his biography that contains key facts and events important from the psychological point of view. It also examines the works of […]

The Age of Enlightenment

Enlightenment Humanity has undergone many different stages in its development. Each of them brings new cultural, social, and materialistic achievements. Nevertheless, there is only one period that not only has helped human beings to improve, but also to reincarnate. Without any doubt, it is the Enlightenment or Age of Reason (18th century). Immanuel Kant in […]

Games People Play

I have had problematic relationships with my former friend Alice. I think that we have played in the game “be my best friend, but worse than me”. In this game, I have been the best friend; however, I have been worse than Alice in everything (in every step and every idea). She has always intended […]

Two Particular Cases of Elementary School Children

Behavior is universal; any movement made consciously or unconsciously by a living object can be taken to be its behavior at that particular moment. The haves and the poor of society usually have implications as people are inclined to behave in a certain manner in line with their financial and status quo. In general psychology, […]

Exploring Reasons and Consequences of Academic Procrastination

Procrastination is a pervasive problem in college settings that encompasses needless delay of the initiation or completion of crucial tasks. Academic procrastination constitutes a dispositional trait of a student who nearly always delays performance of academic tasks and decisions and exhibits problematic levels of anxiety related to the procrastination. The endemic procrastination within the academic […]

Communicate with Power, How to Be More Persuasive in Delivering Government Environmental Policies

Governments normally seek to influence or control the behavior of their citizens, as well as organizations using diverse policy tools, such as legislation, taxes, regulations, subsidies, and providing guidance material and information (Bolderdijk, Steg, Lehman, Geller, & Postmes, 2012). Governments attempt to change or influence the behavior of their citizens in order to achieve community, […]

Cognitive-Affective Processing System: The Personality Paradox

Presumably, the Cognitive Affective Processing System (CAPS) theory presents an increasing interest from the perspectives of psychologists due to the reason that it sheds light on the behavioral peculiarities of a person. The interaction between the environmental situation and personality characteristics in determining the behavior leads to the appearance of the personality paradox. It encapsulates […]

Foot-In-The-Door (FITD) in Different Environments

Today, the-Foot-In-The-Door (FITD) technique is considered as one of the most popular psychological strategies, which are used in many branches of our life starting with surveys and ending with persuasion for charity and altruistic actions in order to improve the psychological environment in the society. Since many youths nowadays start communicating via Internet more and […]

The Concept of Andragogy and its Impact on Debates about Adult Learning and Teaching

Andragogy refers to the form of teaching technique that is meant for the grown up students. Its emphasis is on enabling them to take part in this process that is critical for the acquisition of knowledge. This method involves both practical and theoretical bits of this practice that has been there for some time now. […]

Stages of Relationship Development

Relationship Development A relationship goes through various stages, the stages may not follow one another in particular order. People may also not go through the same stages and experiences in the relationship. Events that indicate the change of one stage to another can always be found for analysis purposes. This paper discusses some of the […]

Psychoanalytic Theory of Personality

Psychoanalytic theory is one of the most discussed theories of personality in psychology. The developer of the theory, Sigmund Freud, is considered a very controversial individual and his method of psychoanalysis has been a subject of hot debates as well as his personality. Psychoanalytic theory is based on key assumptions implying that human’s behavior and […]

Performance Appraisal and Positive Psychology

Performance appraisal is the direct evaluation of the performance of the employees. Most of the organizations carry out their performance appraisal annually where the agreed expectations and goals set are monitored and the level of achievement analyzed (Grote, 2010). A well structured performance appraisal system enhances focus and acts as a motivating factor to the […]

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