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New IT Trends and Technology

Today, the development of IT technologies is one of the most significant factors affecting the lives of people. Humans produce more and more information every day, which is an important asset for the companies to operate. At the same time, due to the recent scandals, the organizations need to become more respectful with the personal data of their users to avoid negative publicity and other associated problems. The most interesting new IT trends and technologies that would shape the future and greatly change lives of people include the 5G mobile internet, augmented, mixed reality, virtual, growing concerns towards the data collection, as well as further spread of Internet of Things (IoT).

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In the modern world, IT technologies have a significant impact on the lives of people and whole nations. For example, they foster communication between individuals, help remove some routine activities, and facilitate access to information. From this perspective, one of the most important new technology is the 5G mobile internet. It also has a crucial role in the development of several other technologies, such as clouds, IoT, self-driving vehicles, and others (Newman, 2018). In fact, the speed of the currently existing mobile networks already allows residents of developed states to consume almost any type of content online. However, the 5G mobile internet would become the next step in terms of connectivity of infrastructure, therefore increasing comfort and safety of people in their daily activities, from driving cars to storing data online.

One of the technologies highly depended on 5G internet that would become highly usable already in the nearest future and forming a massive IT trend is IoT. It presupposes connectivity among the different types of technological equipment, starting from lamps at home to cars and large factory complexes (Reinecke, 2018). The spread of IoT can go far beyond the simple growth of comfort of people in their daily activities but may help totally change the system of production and distribution of resources worldwide. For example, a fridge connected to the Internet might be able to trace when some products are finishing and order them via Amazon or from other stores. In their turn, the drones connected to the large networks would handle orders and deliver them directly to the fridges without the participation of humans beyond the sphere of programming and servicing them. In its turn, the special equipment in the stores would be able to monitor the stocks and send orders directly to manufacturers via smart contracts or similar instruments. Therefore, it would mean the transfer to Just-in-Time production or other similar methods of lean production in most of the spheres. As a result, even considering the growth of expenditures associated with the use of complicated advanced equipment, the companies would be able to decrease their expenditures due to the growth of efficiency of production. Moreover, it can have a positive environmental impact since people would waste fewer resources due to the more effective planning and coordination.

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Another new technology that is currently developing is augmented, virtual, and mixed reality. It presupposes the use of different items, such as smartphones, glasses, or else, to interact with the external environment and provide people with the various kinds of data (Weldon, 2018). It can have a great impact on the work of builders, medical professional, and other individuals who need to check their actions with different external sources of information. What is more, virtual reality can help develop the completely new gaming or video experience, thus motivating the further shift from outdoor activities, including visiting shopping malls and cinemas to indoor when people with interacting with each other not leaving their own places. At the same time, augmented and mixed reality can also greatly change smartphones and other variable devices due to the serious shifts in the ways how people consume information. It can result in the emergence of the completely new interfaces, hence presupposing the more effective use of gadgets while performing the other activities to accompany them. As a result, the process of consumption of information would become even more integrated into the lives of people.

At the same time, one of the most vital and striking trends is a serious spread of concerns about the protection of users’ data all over the world. The turning point was the massive data leaks in Facebook when the company knew about the process of harvesting user’s information but failed to effectively respond to it (Isaak & Hanna, 2018). Therefore, today, the companies need to develop new ways on how to work with information about their customers. One should mention that the growing concerns about the protection of private data are accompanied by the understanding of the importance of effective work with available data from the side of businesses being one of the core competitive advantages that could ensure them the favorable position in the market (Reinecke, 2018). Thus, it can result in the creation of the more intelligent and protected systems able to serve the needs of the various parties involved. At the same time, under the pressure of the government and the public, the organizations are likely to allow users from all over the world to clearly know that their information is collected and be aware of the ways it is used.

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The new technologies, such as the 5G mobile internet, augmented, virtual, and mixed reality, IoT, as well as the growing concerns about how the companies collect the data about their customers and how they protect information represent the trends that could have the great impact on people already in the nearest future and over time. 5G mobile networks would serve a vital prerequisite for intensification of the spread of IoT, self-driving cars, and cloud storages. All at once, the companies facing the necessity to rework their privacy policies and the ways they operate with users’ data would work hard to ensure the greater transparency and more effective protection of information of customers together with its more intensive usage.

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