Foot-In-The-Door (FITD) in Different Environments

Today, the-Foot-In-The-Door (FITD) technique is considered as one of the most popular psychological strategies, which are used in many branches of our life starting with surveys and ending with persuasion for charity and altruistic actions in order to improve the psychological environment in the society. Since many youths nowadays start communicating via Internet more and read more

The Concept of Andragogy and its Impact on Debates about Adult Learning and Teaching

Andragogy refers to the form of teaching technique that is meant for the grown up students. Its emphasis is on enabling them to take part in this process that is critical for the acquisition of knowledge. This method involves both practical and theoretical bits of this practice that has been there for some time now. read more

Stages of Relationship Development

Introduction A relationship goes through various stages, the stages may not follow one another in particular order. People may also not go through the same stages and experiences in the relationship. Events that indicate the change of one stage to another can always be found for analysis purposes. This paper discusses some of the stages read more

Psychological Disorders

Psychological disorders are also referred to as mental disorders. They are behavioral or psychological pattern symptoms that affect several areas of one’s life. Such symptoms may cause distress to persons experiencing them. The following is a list of psychological disorders that affect us in our daily lives. They include developmental disorders, dissociative disorders, cognitive disorders, read more

Psychoanalytic Theory of Personality

Psychoanalytic theory is one of the most discussed theories of personality in psychology. The developer of the theory, Sigmund Freud, is considered a very controversial individual and his method of psychoanalysis has been a subject of hot debates as well as his personality. Psychoanalytic theory is based on key assumptions implying that human’s behavior and read more

Performance Appraisal and Positive Psychology

Performance appraisal is the direct evaluation of the performance of the employees. Most of the organizations carry out their performance appraisal annually where the agreed expectations and goals set are monitored and the level of achievement analyzed (Grote, 2010). A well structured performance appraisal system enhances focus and acts as a motivating factor to the read more

Learning a New Language

Among the aspirations that many people have, is to be able to learn a language from their own initiatives. However, this is not an easy task as it appears. A person has to get to the basics of learning words and their meanings in the language he chooses, whether it is an international or a read more

Leadership Theory and Its Practice

Introduction In a progressing organization, there has to be the core activities that have to be made and the organization should be able to manage and direct them without any failure. If any occurs, then it should be followed and corrected in a manner that will not confuse the schedule. Business value is anything that read more

Group Behavior in Organizations

The arrangement of any organization is made with the help of the specific model of behavior in the company as well as the leadership roles chosen by the heads of the company. Every unit of the business abides by reporting procedures, following the levels of hierarchy, whereby each business unit within the company is held read more

Gender Issues in relation to Personal Identity

What is your general TOPIC? What FOCUS area (s) – information, history, assumptions, goals, outcomes, policies – are you interested in exploring about this topic? It is important to consider the aspects of personal identity towards the issues with gender and sexual discrimination. In all, there are many aspects that affect the lives of people read more

Feminism Matters

The understanding of feminism addresses the variety of aspects, including the series of ideological trends towards political, economic, social rights that are equal for both men and women. In other words, the feminism matters adhere to the equal opportunities for both genders in all the relations, including education, employment, and family (Posner, 2011). There is read more