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What Sitting Positions Say About You

Sitting Positions

According to psychological science, a sitting position of the person is able to tell us about the personality and intentions of this individual. Although most of the time we choose sitting positions unconsciously, they shows our hidden wishes and senses whether we want it or not. After reading this article, you will find out more about different sitting positions and will understand people way better than you did in the past.

  1. Position 1. For some reason this position is often chosen by most of the individuals. People, who choose this position, think that a monster will disappear if their head is covered with a blanket. They also think that they can solve all their problems independently. It’s easy to communicate with such people and it’s fun to spend time with them. They usually act first and only then think.
  2. Position 2. Dreamers love to sit in this position. These types of individuals have a great deal of creative energy and the need for different kinds of innovations in their life. They regularly generate stunning and sometimes even plainly crazy ideas and for this reason, you can never find yourself bored in their company. They love making new friends and they do it effortlessly; they also get a great joy and satisfaction from travelling. They’re always looking forward to the new beginnings in their lives and they don’t hold on to their past. Changing the places where they live, their appearance, business or partner are parts of their routine.
  3. Position 3. These individuals know everything about comfort. You can see them selecting the correct cream, odor or tie for hours and if they find it appropriate, they can spend even more time on things, which we may consider simple. Their attitude to choosing clothes is also often very complicated. A choosy and whimsical type of people.
  4. Position 4. People who select this posture don’t want others to be late and they also don’t get late themselves. They’re canny, delicate, shrewd and deeply believe that bad peace is better than a decent fight. They perceive the world as a hostile place and their home as the only save premises among the surrounding unfriendliness and dangers. They hate hearing complaints about themselves because they see it as a sign of disrespect and hostile attitude and once they hear a complaint, they start to counterattack in a split second.
  5. Position 5. These people believe that everything has its own time. They’re persistent and industrious, hurrying to reach their life goals. Their appearance is very important to them and they will do all it takes in order to keep an ideal shape. Circumstances and opinions of others are secondary to the road that their dreams are leading them. This type of people perceives complaints much better than the previous one and can learn from their mistakes becoming better and better at what they’re doing.

Body language says a lot about us. The more you understand it, the better!

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