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Critical Thinking on Political Manifesto

Free essay Political parties come up with their own manifestos through which they communicate their ambitions and intentions once they get to power. According to Luke (2001), a manifesto can be referred to a published document with verbal declarations. The manifesto is used to express the views and motives of a political party or the government. In preparing a manifesto, views and ideas from different people mostly those who are liable to vote are collected. The views given are then considered where the most urgent needs are listed first. A strong manifesto reflects all aspects of life ranging from the economical to the social living of the people.

The main agenda of our political party is to come up with a lasting solution to the challenges facing our citizens. We also aim at guaranteeing a secure and a future with hope to every citizen. With all this withy standing, there are several issues that need to be reflected before getting into the task. The next agenda is to come up with a lasting solution to the challenges facing our citizens. Looking back at the past performances, it is clear to everyone that we need a completely fresh start which must start form the leadership of the country. We need a completely new group of leaders to bring the change we are promising to our fellow country men and women (Stephen, 2002).

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Our party portrays a new image of leadership in the country full of experts and people who are devoted to listening and responding to the challenges among the citizens. It is also evident that the long waited change can only be felt by bringing a new group of leaders. We also believe that unity of the European nations can be a major boost to the economic development of the region. We have therefore, ganged up with leaders and collected views regarding the running of the region. On the security matters, we have dedicated our efforts in making a comprehensive research on how we can guarantee our citizens a secure country (Terry, 2003). This will be achieved by joining hands with other nations in the region.

We also believe that we can work together in bringing back the lost glory of our country. This has been through the recent scandals involving our leaders on the issue of money and loss of property. Our party is fully dedicated in fighting all kinds of corruption which have cost the country huge losses. We wish to be a good example in leadership not only in our country but the whole region. This will give us success in all sectors ranging from the economy to matters of security. Our country has also faced serious challenges in matters of health and mostly concerning our children (Peisen, 2006). Having realized this, we fully dedicate into looking for lasting solutions to the health challenges facing our citizens.

Besides improving the education system in the country, our party focuses guaranteeing our graduates full and permanent employment. We wish to create more job opportunities by expanding our economy within the next five years. We are fully dedicated at reviving our industries and at the same time, expanding the already existing industries. More industries will also be built in different regions of our country. This will be a huge step towards creating millions of job opportunities for our well educated young people in the country (Hilali, 2000).

The well written manifesto reflected on all sectors in the country where issue of economic empowerment of the citizens got more emphasis. Being a new political party in the country, there is a lot of criticism raised in the manifesto which blames the previous government on its negligence. The leaders in the new political parties are described as people who are willing to revive the economy which had been stagnant for decades. The leaders are also devoted to improving the education status in the country by providing quality education to all citizens. The life of every citizen is also discussed in the manifesto which talks of improving the life of every citizen (Donny, 2001).

Some hitches have also been realized in our judicial system in the country. There is lack of transparency which is affecting the way legal matters are handled in the country. This has mainly been contributed by the rising levels of corruption in the country. Innocent citizens have been denied some basic rights due to the rising corruption affecting our judicial system. Our political party is fully devoted in identifying the specific hitches in the judicial system. This will be achieved by ensuring that all those concerned with the running of the legal matters in the judiciary are not connected with any kind of corruption. We therefore guarantee the citizens a corruption free nation where everyone enjoys his or her rights as a citizen of this country (Graham, 2007).

If elected into power, the party will strive to ensure that issues affecting the citizens are fully addressed. This will be achieved by first listening to the people and working on the issues within the shortest time possible. We will also do our utmost in improving the education levels in our country. This will make our graduates competitive in the international job markets (Boyd, 2000). It will also be a boost to our long stagnated education system which we wish to revive within the first year of our service to the people. Our main focus is in our highly capable universities which have for long been neglected. We wish to invest more in scientific research which will be a great boost in overcoming the health challenges facing our people.

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Our party is also dedicated in claiming a major share in the global defense. This will be one of the most immediate actions in our plan which we wish to accomplish. Security plays a big role in the improvement of the economy of a country. Having realized this through our extensive research, we wish to maintain a secure country where every citizen can freely carry out any kind of business activity. This will go a long way in achieving our economic dreams and regain our economic power (Friet, 2005).


Coming up with a manifesto requires extensive research and analysis of the issues affecting the citizens. This can be achieved by engaging in direct conversations with the public and collecting their views and expectations. A well analyzed manifesto should mainly focus in providing some detailed solutions to the problems affecting the citizens (Stephen, 2002). Issues of economic improvement should be highlighted and what the political party intends to do to ensure that every citizen becomes financially stable. This can be through creating employment opportunities in the country.

More emphasis should be given on the most sensitive issues affecting the people. Among these issues is the health of the people in the country. A good manifesto should reflect on how the political party intends to improve the health conditions of the people. Another sensitive issue is security for the people. Security plays a major role in the improvement of the economy since people will feel safe in carrying out their business activities.


In conclusion, a manifesto should touch on all areas and mostly the challenges facing the people. When coming up with a manifesto, views and ideas should be collected from the citizens so as to guarantee complete coverage of the issues in the country. Manifestos should be published and made available for citizens to read. This acts as a way of speaking the ambitions and motives of a political party if it were to get onto power. A good manifesto should mainly reflect on the challenges facing the citizens and give some lasting solutions to the problems.

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