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Death Penalty & Capital Punishment

For a long time, Hong Kong and mainland China have used death penalty and capital punishment as a means of deterring individuals from committing crimes in the society. The death penalty has been considered as the most appropriate form of punishment that will help to shape the behavior of criminals. Due to the increased involvement […]

Rachel Carson’s Essay “The Obligation to Endure”

The Obligation to Endure Rhetorical Analysis Nature and human beings have a functional self-sustaining relationship. Rachel Carson’s essay “The Obligation to Endure” captures the changing phase of the earth, particularly the environmental aspect following a substantial increase in industrial pollution. Therefore, this rhetorical essay discusses the purpose of Carson’s essay, which includes the appeals, evidence, […]

Film Review: Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone

The Movie Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone is the first book in a series of history about a young boy named Harry Potter. The author of the book is an English writer J. K. Rowling. The book was first published on June 26, 1997, by the London publishing […]


“Carmilla” by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu (1871) Until the 19th century, a female vampire character remained a minor theme in literature and art. In books, such heroes as vampires gave a fictional launch for the suppressed Victorian community, and the female expression of the vampiric type was put forward at great social changes regarding women. […]

Turning Point of Macbeth

A Turning Point in Macbeth Macbeth is one of the most famous Shakespeare’s plays. It was first performed in April 1611 in the Globe Theater, London; and since then, the performance has not left the scene for four centuries (Shakespeare, 2016). Dozens of times the play was filmed, in particular, by Roman Polanski and Akira […]

“Daddy” by Sylvia Plath

First of all, in the scope of this paper, it is important to put an emphasis on the fact that Sylvia Plath’s works of literature rank the first among the outstanding poems of the 20-the century. It is important to pay additional attention to the fact that “Daddy” has been written by Sylvia Plath in […]

Beethoven’s Piano Sonata No. 8 “Pathetique”

Sonata No. 8 was written in the years of 1798-1799 in Vienna. At this time, Beethoven was 29 years old. Exactly in 1799, Beethoven started to see the first signs of deafness. Sonata was first published in December 1799 under the name “Grande Sonate Pathetique” with a dedication to Prince Karl Lichnowsky, one of Beethoven’s […]

Panda Express

Panda Express Analysis Essay Panda Express is a fast-food restaurant chain that offers American Chinese cuisine. Its revenue was $2.5 billion in 2015 (Forbes, 2016). Panda Express is one of the companies owned by Panda Restaurant Group. Andrew Cherng and his father, Ming-Tsai Cherng, established it in 1973, in Pasadena, California. The first restaurant was […]

Miss Evers’ Boys

Miss Evers’ Boys is a wonderful movie, which focuses on many aspects at the same time – racism, healthcare, love, sacrifice, devotedness, passion for life, and many others. Even though it is rather old (the film was released in 1997), it is still very valuable, since nurses as primary healthcare providers can take a lot […]

Geography in Western Canada Region

Western Canada’s agricultural industry has been important to the region, the country, and the world since the early 20th century. Today, agriculture remains a key element of the region’s economy due to expanding global demand for food products. However, the agricultural sector inevitably demonstrates a relative decline in the conditions of regional economic growth and […]

“Making Movies” by Sidney Lumet

Chapter 1. The Director Lumet chooses to shot movies for various reasons. The most obvious reasons are earning money on that and keeping busy. He decides to do a movie if he is impressed with a good script, even though he does not always know in advance what exactly impresses him. Lumet also mentions his […]

American Writing Systems

Some people think that there was only one Native American language. In fact, there existed around 250 languages spoken on the territory of the present United States. They differ a lot between one another. Although Cherokee and Cree languages do not have many common points concerning phonetics and grammar, syllabaries of Cherokees and Cree are […]

Television Narrative

A narrative structure is an important element of any television-based storytelling. It refers to organizing story concepts, ideas, themes, facts and other attributes in a coherent manner that emotionally engages viewers and listeners. Developing structure requires several drama attributes like an act. Act in drama is the major division in the play action. Drama focuses […]

The Touch-Screen Generation

The author’s purpose is to clearly bring out some of the aspects that are pertinent to the stages of development of young children. She tries to reveal how nurture contributes to the future thinking ability and creativity of an individual. The analysis which is extensively based on the emergence of iPads and iPhones following advancements […]

TU Delft Library in Modern Architectural World

TU Delft Library in Netherlands is a masterpiece of modern architecture designed by Mecanoo Architechten. This building is not just the library of Delft’s University of Technology but an extravagant example of the architectural design. The library’s area of 15,000 square meters contains underground book archive, reading rooms, university publisher, offices, Trasor for historic books […]

The Case of Jeffrey MacDonald

Any state as a major form of organization of a civilized society imposes on a variety of socially significant functions. One of those is a law enforcement function, due to the need to protect the interests of society and the state from illegal acts that endanger life and its development. There is no doubt that […]

Product Reassessment: McDonald’s

McDonald’s was the leading company in the global market of catering in 1999. It already created a strong brand and the total amount of sales was $ 35 billion that year. About 80% of more than 25, 000 McDonald’s restaurants were in franchising with about 5,000 owners around the world. Over the last 10 years, […]

The Atlantic Revolutions and the Industrial Revolution

The Atlantic Revolutions is a collective term for the wave of revolutions that emerged in the 18th and early 19th century from the so called the Enlightenment. Some of the examples of these revolutions include the American Revolution of 1775-1783, the Revolt of the Dutch Patriots of 1785, The French Revolution, and the Haitian Revolution. […]


Modernism is broadly defined as modern thinking, character or practice. Specifically, it outlines modernist reactions in the arts, a set of cultural tendencies associated with it, which arose from far and wide changes in the West from the late 19th century till the beginning of the 20th century. The development of industrial societies, the quick […]

Essay on Universities

Nowadays, it is impossible to imagine the contemporary society without higher education institutions like universities and colleges. They have become an integral part of the world. Obtaining a degree is one of the most essential life stages and a sort of transition from childhood into adulthood. University is not simply a place where young men […]

Analysis of Environmental Impact of Products: Evian Water

Environmental Impact of Products The choice of this product is based on the fact that a number of environmental impacts of bottled water have been raised around the world. This makes it suitable in the discussion on environmental sustainability and conservation. The other reason is that most people do not suspect that environmental pollution can […]

American Red Cross Communication Structure

Communication is a significant aspect in organizations (Barnlund 2008). Formal and informal modes of communication are used to ensure that information reaches the aimed parties. Formal communication includes employee memos, written policies, and brochures; whilst informal communication encompasses employee grapevine (Littlejohn & Foss 2008). Communication is affected and governed by the culture and structure of […]

Microsoft Corporation

There are many companies and corporations in the business world nowadays. Nevertheless, only some of them have a great influence on different industries during a lengthy period. Clear example of it is Microsoft Corporation – the cutting-edge producer of computer software. The greatest entrepreneur Bill Gates founded it in 1975. The company has come through […]

How Can Ethics And Law Conflict?

A registered nurse owes a professional obligation to offer patients with competent, safe, and ethical health care services, including situations during a disaster or an emergency. Such requirement is explained in the Institute of Registered Nurses of Nova Scotia’s Code of Ethics and Standards of Nursing Practice and related legislation. However, these professional obligations can […]

The Consequences of Plagiarism

In learning institutions, students are introduced to other people’s ideas and integrate them into their writing. Learners hear them in lectures, read them in texts, and discuss them in class. Therefore, the act of taking another person’s idea, song, conversation, and writing and presenting it in your writing without referencing is plagiarism. It is important […]

Globalization and Bottled Water

Globalization processes have opened the world economy to everyone. Globalization entails the linking of the world markets to be as one. This means that people have the right to buy and sell their wares anywhere in the world. Globalization influences commodities such as water that has currently become bottled for sale when it is a […]

Google Versus Microsoft: Clash of the Technology Titans

1. Define and compare the business strategies and business models of Google and Microsoft Google Inc. is an American multinational public company that has invested money in the online search, cloud services, and advertising technologies. Google maintains and develops various Internet-based services and applications. It gains its income generally from advertising through its AdWords program. […]

European Quality and Malcolm Baldrige Awards

Quality, as known by most organizations, changed rapidly in the 1980s. Because of the flourishing Japanese concerted efforts, industries in the U.S started discovering competitive advantages brought about by quality, as well as by the way the lack of it could occasion business end. Customers demanded quality (Valentine, 2012). Competitors responded to this demand and […]

Analysis of Motives and Prospects within the OLI Framework: German FDI in China

By the year 2004, German direct investments in China amounted to nearly 2 percent of China’s total foreign direct investment at just under 1 billion Euros. This figure has continually increased since that time. Such a huge investment indicates the amount of trust Germany and other investors have on China’s economic prospects. China’s economic prospects […]

Ethnographic Approach to the Scandinavian Food

The study of traditional food is one of the most conservative elements of culture. It allows reconstructing and reviving some food traditions and makes it possible to carry out comprehensive historical comparisons. People can come to certain conclusions about the general and specific elements in the life of an ethnos. Ethnic and cultural differences between […]

Zara Company Analysis

The purpose of this report is to develop an ability to think analytically and critically about Business Performance Improvement (BPI) issues in modern day organizations in their attempts to become agile. To elaborate BPI, the author selected one of the global companies Zara, and critically discussed different stimulations of high performance culture and how those […]

The Rise and Fall of Athens

In ancient Greece, Athens was the largest and wealthiest city of its kind. Named after the goddess Athena, this capital was not only considered as a place of peace and prosperity but also as the center of civilization with the bulk of Greece’s scholars, politicians and businessmen. The fifth century is specifically considered as Athens’ […]

Comprehensive Analysis vs Incremental Analysis

Current paper is devoted to the comparative investigation of the incremental and comprehensive analysis in accounting. I disagree with the statement that the incremental analysis is more economical than the comprehensive one being just as effective. I suggest that the incremental analysis is more economical, but it is less effective in comparison with the comprehensive […]

“Imagine There’s No Heaven” by Salman Rushdie

Salman Rushdie, in the article, “Imagine There’s No Heaven”, addresses the problems of the world that happen as a consequence of the dogmas of religion. The authors argues that religion has been the cause of many problems that bedevil the world today through its many doctrines regarding the questions of origin and those of morality. […]

The Social Network Analysis

The Movie “The Social Network” As of 2003, the technology that was used to create Facebook was considered as one of the most prohibited and expensive ones. The knowledge and experience of Mark Zuckerberg, played by Jesse Adam Eisenberg, has made the technologies that would freely engage the masses to the Internet affordable. At first, […]

The Film End of Poverty

The film End of Poverty, seeks to explain how poverty can be eliminated in the globe. The narrator’s voice in the film argues that the idea that there are rich countries and poor countries is not natural. The film traces the beginning of poverty in the global south. It lasts to the time when the […]

The Spiritual Needs Assessment for Patients (SNAP)

Care and management of patients is a very crucial exercise in the recovery process of a patient. Spiritual care assessments help health care providers identify various spiritual needs of the patients, especially those pertaining to their mental health. From the research, it has been realized that patients’ spiritual needs assessment vary greatly along the dimensions […]

Realigning HR Practices at Egan’s Clothiers

Introduction This paper provides a case analysis and recommendation for Egan’s Clothiers business in in terms of human resources management and increases in the process efficiency by establishment a human resources information (HRIS) system. This paper gives an overview and assessment of current business to make further quality assumptions on how to assist it. It […]

Discussion on SWOT Analysis and the Porter’s Five Forces

Today there is a great amount of tools and models that could be used in order to understand the overall situation in any company or organization. Therefore, the vast majority of people consider the SWOT analysis and the Porter’s Five Forces analysis as the best tools and / or models that could help people truly […]

Critical Thinking on Political Manifesto

Political parties come up with their own manifestos through which they communicate their ambitions and intentions once they get to power. According to Luke (2001), a manifesto can be referred to a published document with verbal declarations. The manifesto is used to express the views and motives of a political party or the government. In […]

Case Analysis – Apple Inc.

1. Analysis of the Industry with the help of Michael Porter’s Five Forces Model a). A discussion on the critical elements of each of the five forces. According to the Porter’s theory and five forces model, the PC industry gains a competitive advantage as it uses the Porter’s Five Forces Model, which aids to overlook […]

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