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The Social Network Analysis

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Introduction to the Movie The Social Network

As of 2003, the technology that was used to create the Facebook was considered as one of the most prohibited and expensive ones. The knowledge and experience of Mark Zuckerberg, played by Jesse Adam Eisenberg, has made the technologies that would freely engage the masses to the Internet affordable. At first, it has provided an opportunity for the Harvard students to get in touch with each other, and later on, it has been known throughout the world. Mark – the wizard of computer programming – launched the website that offered a possibility to contact people in order to get deeper into the communities of the universities in the close regions and states, and in a while, it was popular in the world’s most respected universities (Honeycutt, 2010).

In parallel, there were many people who were willing to see the failure of Mark, and this is presented in the movie through the communication of Mark and Andrew Russell Garfield. In fact, Mark was already a wealthy person, but despite this fact, he was eager to strive for success and created a company called Facebook. Indeed, he encountered the people who were willing to see him make a mistake in his business, which was followed by the legal issues of different disputes and court sessions. According to the movie, the financial director Eduardo, played by Andrew, was a friend of Mark, who actually was the first investor of the Facebook Company.

Apart from this, it is believed that the Facebook company would not have been so successful if not the venture of Mark with the founder of the Napster company Sean Parker, played by Justin Timberlake, who helped to attract the investors from the Silicon Valley in order to help the Facebook grow financially (Honeycutt, 2010).

Mark Zuckerberg versus Eduardo Saverin; a Team or a Group Debate

Based on the movie, the cooperation of Mark Zuckerbergand Eduardo Saverin was rather based on a groupwork than on a teamwork. Their cooperation was just; however it was not that effective as it could have been were they a real team, which has become possible due to the input of Sean, played by Justin in the movie (Managing Teams, p. 4). In order to measure their effectiveness, it is important to analyze different kinds of triggers that helped to make the cooperation of Mark and Eduardo efficient. All the team members should be attentive to the details of their work and think big about the target goal of the project. In other words, it is important to cooperate that is work together towards the same mutual goal as this would affect the level of effectiveness (Managing Teams, p. 6).

Effectiveness and Efficiency of the Cooperation between

Mark Zuckerberg and Eduardo Saverin

In order to understand whether the cooperation between Mark and Eduardo was effective and ineffective, it is important to identify the three criteria of measurement of such effectiveness. In other words, it should be assessed whether this cooperation was indeed beneficial for Facebook. For this purpose, the examples from the movie can be analyzed in order to justify how far Facebook would go without the help and support of Sean, played by Justin. Any working cooperation could be measured with the help of three aspects such as resources, process, and output towards the target that shows the level of effectiveness on the road from the resources to the output that goes through the process of business management. At the same time, it is important to see how such cooperation will influence the business in case of the resources are effectively managed within the company by means of the output in relation to the target goal of the company (Williams, 2012, p. 187).

Therefore, the cooperation between Zuckerberg and Saverin could be addressed by measuring the resources that they had in the very beginning of their cooperation. The major resources were the mind and the programming experience of Mark and the financial support of Eduardo. The shares in the beginning of the company were distributed in the following way: 30% belonged to Eduardo as he was the financial director of the company and 70% belonged to Mark for his knowledge and programming input to the project as well as the site management and innovations in the future.  A great part of the resources was allocated to the search of the new investors that Eduardo was working with, and the rest was dedicated to the support of the website by Mark, in particular to run the servers and support the website in its districts of registered Facebook users.

The work performed by Eduardo was good for the launch of the project, but, unfortunately, it was not enough for the future progress of the company as a whole. The work of Saverin was efficient in relation to the meetings with the potential investors, which was rather helpful for the joint project. The incomplete participation of Saverin in the website development was caused by the university dealings. In other words, he put the website and the overall business of Facebook on the backstage and was mainly engaged in the university studies. He even failed to move to another state in order to find the investors who would be willing to pay much more money than those whom he would have found in the university region.

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Mark, on the other hand, did not participate in any class activities and dedicated his entire time to the development and growth of the Facebook project as well as the website creation. Later on, he even failed to continue his studies and moved to California to find the true investors with the help of Sean. In addition, he created the marketing strategy that was aimed at attracting more people to the Facebook by means of various tricks that would involve students in the online life (Williams, 2012, p. 188).

The output of the project is the overall launch of the website that was mainly fulfilled by Mark; the difference was only that it was launched from the computer of Eduardo. The output of Saverin was in the initial investment of one thousand dollars into the startup project. Then he added eighteen thousand dollars more to support the project when it started to actively gain new members every day till they obtained one million of the Internet users. Hence, the cooperation was not enough effective on the part of both partners. The favor was in the hands of Zuckerberg for the reason that he was more determined to reach the core goal of the project as he was willing to make the site unique and at the same time powerful and important for the young generations in the universities all over the United States and, in a short while, in European universities.

In fact, during the cooperation, Eduardo did not agree to any serious dealings with the investors compared to the input of Sean. In fact, Sean has brought the company a greater level of awareness among the young populations through the attracted investments as well as the strategies used to spread the information about the Facebook in various target groups.

As a result, the cooperation of Mark and Eduardo can be assessed as 90% on the side of Zuckerberg and 10% from Eduardo. In fact, Zuckerberg also took the entire responsibility for the project by keeping the 51% of stocks and issuing the rest for the other members of the company, who he attracted to delegate the work of other professionals in order to leave more time for the proactive approach of the Facebook development.

Changes in the Relationships between Mark and Eduardo in the favor of Sean Parker

Ever since the acquaintance of Mark with Sean, the relationships of Zuckerberg and Saverin started to change in the negative way. Such changes were in part due to the poor participation of Saverin in the development of the Facebook website along with the time he dedicated to find the investors who would be interested in the target project (Organizational Change, p. 3). The relationship changed in terms of trust and understanding, which were inter-related for both partners. On the one hand, the matter of trust was significant when Zuckerberg moved to California in search for the new opportunities as it was suggested by Sean when they first met (Organizational Change, p. 5).

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Such a situation took place because Sean wanted to ‘find a whale’ and Eduardo was only willing to ‘catch a fish’. On the other hand, the issues with trust resulted in terms of understanding the reasons for the growth and development of the Facebook Company in the perspective that was suggested by Sean. In addition, Parker did everything possible to gain the respect and attention from Zuckerberg. He thought in a smarter way. This could be confirmed from the scene in the movie where he managed to find the way to generate about a million of new users, while Eduardo spoke of the dealings in thousands of Facebook users.

At the same time, in a short amount of time, Parker managed to find the investors and made them interested in investing $500, 000 in the development of the Facebook project. Thus, Eduardo was left off the boat. Thus, the relationship between Zuckerbergg and Saverin changed in favor of Sean due to the changes in the invested capital by the influential acquaintances and a more dedicated approach to a business strategy and the overall development of the Facebook Company. As a result, Eduardo was left behind and even lost his 29% in the shares of the company (Organizational Change, p. 7).

Mark Zuckerberg and the Spell of Sean Parker

There are several reasons for such an influence of Sean on Mark.The corereasons lie in Parker’s approach to the organizational changes, his leadership role model, his personality, team management, and overall commitment to the means of communication, planning, and performance. The above list of concepts provide a wider view on the necessary personal qualities that would be significant in the success of Facebook (Commitment, p. 2):

The leadership role is the core quality of every manager within any organization or a company as it has a direct impact on the employees and a project the person leads. A good manager should carefully assess all the sources available for the project. The first thing to acknowledge is that, without self-confidence, one will not be able to reach any goals in life whether it is a working environment or a personal life. A true leader should be able to use different factors of influence, including the most widespread ones such as positive thinking and self-affirmation (Leadership, p. 4).

At times, there are certain cases when most of the leadership approaches do not work as they usually do and this is the time for a manager with a leadership ability and charisma to show him/herself and look for a completely different communication technique. When this comes to the need, a true leader does understand that he/she is to use different leadership models so as to manage the project properly and finish it on time. This has to do with an individual attention to every team member and leading in a more sensitive way (Leadership, p. 6).

People react differently based on how they are approached, and that is why, the ability to change the management and leadership style when necessary is of key importance in dealing with other people, especially if you are working together on a project. The reasoning here depends on the answer to a specific question – whether it is possible to use one style and lead people in the same way despite the circumstances (Leadership, p. 8).

The ability to communicate effectively is what builds a leader and as the leader should involve people to work together as a team rather than perform individually. If the employees and other stakeholders are explained that a positive outcomet will encouragingly affect all the team member, they will be moyivated to work together and will aim at reaching a mutual benefit; thus, they will deliver the best. This is what the leader wants and this is what he/she achieves if acting accurately on all the levels of interaction (Managing Teams, p. 8).

The leaders should coach people by inspiring them, which will surely result in a better performance. If a leader has this kind of approach, then he/she will boost the commitment of everyone and improve engagement in the working process. It is even more effective if this case has to do with the one who owns a company because if he/she applies such an approach to him/herself first, then he/she will share it among others (Commitment, p. 3).

Saverin versus Parker

If I was Saverin, I would have been more dedicated to such a global project as Facebook than it was illustrated in the movie. I truly believe that it would be enough to disarm the charms of Parker in the very beginning of their acquaintance. This would also mean to get to know more about the Parker’s ideas and try to use them for the sake of the Facebook potential. At the same time, one of the strategies would be to gain the knowledge and experience as well as the useful connections of Parker and get to these people directly by knowing them in person after Parker would have presented me to them. It would present another benefit in favor of the project.

Remind your friends as often as you can

They place more orders

You earn more

Thus, the two courses of actions would be the need to get to know Parker better and try to find out about the hidden benefits for which he is looking. This should be done in the way so that Parker did not notice anything in my behavior ,and at the same time, it is important to work on the relationship with Zuckerberger in order to gain more trust and understand the core target of the Facebook project.

The next action would be to sincerely talk to Zuckerberg and tell him about the key motifs of Parker and reassure him that we can use his views and perspectives of the Facebook development but do not actually get him closer to the project management. In addition, it would be valuable to take control of all the operations held by the company lawyers in order to predict the possible betrayal and save those 30% of stocks as well as the good relationship with Zuckerberg. It would have been a much better strategy rather than the dispute and court sessions.

In the support of such considerations, it would be useful to take the advantage of the Winklevoss Twins and their project as well as the overall process of contribution to the development of Facebook from the very beginning till the time of disputes. There are a few peer-reviewed research articles that claim that the issues addressed in the movie could have been used in favor of Saverin and would have helped to ruin the plans of Parker in regard to Zuckerberg.

The article of Raizman Noah addresses the fact of two friends Eduardo and Mark, who started the Facebook company together with a clear vision for its future. Hence, through the time their relationships turned to the jealousy of the Winklevoss twins who envy the talent of Mark and claim he stolen their idea of creating the Facebook. In other words, the article reveals the true nature of the revenge and combines the characters of Mark, Eduardo and twins in the game of life. It deeply addresses the perceptions of all the characters as well as analyses their roles in the creation of the Facebook compnay (Raizman, 2010, p. 1).

The article of Turner Fred reveals the basis of the story behind the scandal based on the former friendship of Mark and Eduardo after the have launched a website meet new people in their university. However, the movie uncovers the details of the communication between the friends and addresses the reasons why they failed to understand each other in the end of the movie. As a result, in this article, the so-called friends are trying to sue Mark claiming that the Facebook project does not belong to him. However, there is no pure evidence of the claim as well as in case there is a need to prove the position, there will be no common ideas of creating Facebook and therefore there could not be any claim for the author’s rights (Turner, 2011, p. 1).

Thus, both articles illustrate the cohesion of events and allow the reader to understand the flow of actions that was performed by the characters of the movie. As well, such information could be considered as the basis for understanding the influence of Sean over Mark that goes in parallel with the relationships of Mark and Eduardo


To conclude, the movie deals with the creation of a social network Facebook, which is considered as one of the most challenging projects along with its potential for the future growth and development. In fact, it is important to consider the fact that Mark has become rich in his early life during the time of his education in Harvard University. At the same time, the movie teaches people to understand the true means of friendships along with the business matters that are difficult to combine (Williams, 2012, p. 189).

The idea is to offer the value to the people for free and they will be willing to pay in order to receive the same amount of value over and over again. In other words, this is a story of a young man who had earned a substantial amount of money by doing what was interesting but who did not think about the financial side of the business. This should be considered by the modern entrepreneurs in order to make them think differently about the perceptions of people and encourage them to try to create something of benefit on one’s own. In all, this movie teaches people how to make money and claims about the importance of the true friendship.

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