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Letter from a Birmingham Jail

“Letter from a Birmingham jail” by Martin Luther King “Letter from a Birmingham jail” was written by Martin Luther King as a response to the various open letters that had been written by the members of the clergy regarding his involvement in the protests held in Birmingham. In these letters, the clergymen were rebuking Martin […]

Science and Religion

Hardly anyone would argue with the fact that science now occupies a special place in society. This is evident from a great number of facts, among which is the dependence of modern production on the science, representation of science in the education system, and its penetration into the daily life of almost everyone. It serves […]

Stephen Law’s “The evil-god challenge”

It seems that none of the existing topics cause more stirs than politics and religion. Those who believe in God are ready to defend their positions by all means. In turn, atheists also do a lot to refute the argumentation of theists and prove that there is no Creator. Meanwhile, some philosophers concentrate more on […]

Essay about Own Food Culture

It is well known that cultural background of any nation consists of world view, language, religion, and traditions. Traditions include rituals and ceremonies as well as behavioral peculiarities and cuisine. Usually each family has special meals being made for everyday nutrition and some special food cooked for holidays. Eating habits originate from religion, nation, and […]

The Bahraini Uprising

Bahrain is a country in the Persian Gulf which has had political instability for the last three decades. This is because the country is a monarchy under the rule of a king who takes up all the country’s resources and wealth. There have been protests in the country, which led to the uprising of 2011 […]

Geoengineering – The Nascent Promethean Answer To Climate Change

The phrase ‘global warming’ has become familiar to many people today. Almost every day people witness how new hypotheses regarding this phenomenon are refuted by the old ones. Many statements and articles are contradictory to each other, thus making the reader misled or unconcerned on this matter. Common in these different beliefs, all the same, […]

Singapore Currency Report

Singapore is an island nation and global city-state situated in Southeast Asia. As a nation, Singapore is cosmopolitan and culturally diverse and is home to 5.5 million residents. Singapore is a global hub for financial services (including equity, bond and foreign exchange markets). Singapore is also a leading center for oil refining, IT products, consumer […]

Why Plagiarism is Wrong?

Plagiarism is the act of copying or impersonating the work of another person and making others believe to be original content. There are several instances where plagiarism can occur. First, when a person takes written work by another parson and using it as their own without proper permissions or acknowledging the work of the original […]

Drug Testing in the Workplace

Employee Drug Testing in Business Organizations This paper focuses on the explication of the debate on employee drug testing within business organizations. The trend has become common as most organizations look forward to ensure they have employees who exhibit professionalism and effective performance in their organizations. The findings of the paper include the positions held […]

Organizational Development and Change Management

Introduction In recent times, companies have been closing shop all over the world. Management structure and policies of the companies are cited as the reasons as to why the companies closed down. This has led to many companies doubting the long acknowledged processes and policies on management. One of the policies questioned is the effectiveness […]

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