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Dreamworld Analysis Report

Dreamworld Business Analysis

Dreamland is currently the largest theme park in Australia, located in Gold Coast Queensland. The park was opened in 1981, on an 85 hectares piece of land, by John Longhurst. The park has undergone various renovations until it reached its current state. The park is divided into several areas including Corroboree, Tiger Island, ABC Kids World and Dreamworks Experience (Bloomberg,2017). This paper will focus on the Dreamworks Experience section of the theme park for analysis and recommendations.

There are various reasons affecting ticket sales at Dreamworld. One of the reasons is high ticket prices. The Dreamworld theme park’s one day ticket goes for $74.99, whereas the ticket to WhiteWater Word theme park goes for $39.99 (Thompson, 2017). This difference is huge which might propel middle-class persons (which is the majority in Australia) to visit WhiteWater park instead of Dreamworks Experience. The other factor is the accident that caused the death of four people. This could have scared people away from the park (Couriermail,2017). These two factors could be the major reason for low ticket sales.

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Dreamworks Experience has a total of 13 attractions sites including 1 roller coaster, 7 rides and 1 show. The 13 attractions in this site includes Escape from Madagascar, King Julien’s Theatre in the Wild, MAD Jungle Jam, Madagascar Cargo Hold, Dronkey Flayers, Forever After’s, Gingy’s Glider, Puss in Boots Sword Swing, Skadoosh, Pandamonium, Shrek’s Ogres-Go-Round and Shrek’s Treat (Royal Caribbean Cruises, 2017).

The four major environmental trends affecting businesses in the modern world include carbon emission, need to use renewable energy resources, need to comply with environmental laws and standards, and sustainability. Since Dreamworks Experience is part of the modern business, it also has to follow these trends. One of the trends significantly affecting Dreamworks Experience is use of energy. Environmental standards are moving towards the use of sustainable energy as well as renewable energy such as solar and wind. Almost 100% of energy that is used in Dreamworks Experience is electrical energy. This type of energy is said to be neither sustainable nor renewable.

However, the park has several strengths and opportunities as indicated in the table below. Nevertheless, just like any other business, Dreamworks Experience faces some weaknesses and threats as shown below


  • The largest theme park in Australia
  • Innovative management
  • Numerous activities in a single park

  • Kids themes attraction only
  • Themes keep in changing
  • Poor safety management standards

  • Adding adult shows and activities
  • Offer meals


  • Stiff competition from other parks
  • Modern restaurants offering roller coaster and shows

Site Analysis

Exterior Appearance

All the scenes in the Dreamworks Experience are created to completely symbolize television animations. The images in this park are made to characterize the heroes of the kid’s movies. In short, the external appearance is made to bring the television characters into reality. All the areas are colored to rhyme with the idea of the park. For instance, the MAD Jungle Jam contains green Rainforest-like trees that make the areas look like a jungle or a forest (Robertson, 2017). Furthermore, the Skadoosh ride contains bumper cars to resemble those that are found in the cartoons. (Royal Caribbean Cruises, 2017) Additionally, all the pictures in Dreamworks Experience are animation-like pictures that resemble those in television.


It is true to say that the management has maintained high level of cleanliness at Dreamworks Experience Park. For instance, the eating areas have dustbins that are well labeled. Furthermore, there are signs that read “Do Not Litter Around”, which is aimed at ensuring that clients place their waste in the right place (Dreamworld, 2017). During the tour, I also noted that employees would collect dirt and swipe around the park several times. The toilets have clean water with places for washing hands. The streams of water have clean running water without litter inside. Finally, the park prohibits smoking and alcohol. This is aimed at avoiding cigarette butts as well as alcohol containers thus maintaining the cleanliness of the park.


As mentioned in the cleanliness sections, the park has provided recycle bins and trash containers that can handle all the waste of the day. They are located strategically in the park such as near eating areas and washrooms. There were also posts such as “Please Help Keep Our Park Clean: Recycle” and “DO not litter around” (Dreamworld, 2017).


The atmosphere in the park is clean and fresh. This is achieved due to many trees that introduce breeze to the area. The cooking areas have chimneys to direct smoke into the sky so as to avoid stuffy environments.

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Most of the employees at Dreamworks Experience wear clothes that resemble animation actors. Others have uniforms which include white shirts with gray trousers. This makes it easy for customers to spot them in case of any question. When it comes to environmental protection, the employees act as the custodians of the park. They are actively involved in cleaning and collecting litter around the park. They are also responsible of the streams of water by ensuring that they are always clean and running. Indeed, the employees have achieved in taking care of environment.

Target Audience

The target audience of Dreamworks Experience is the children and young people. The external appearance of Dreamworks Experience communicates the image of the park. The children identify the images of the animation heroes seen on the TV as the same with those in the park. The park has achieved its dream of making children experience realistic. The guests are made to feel and enjoy the park as though they were watching the movies. This is made possible by various live shows and activities in the park.

Sales Promotion Tactics

The best tactics that Dreamworks Experience Park can use to increase its sales is by use of online or social media sales promotion. There has been an increase in the usage of social medial or online platforms by the young people. Since the target of Dreamworks Experience includes the young people, the platform can be useful to get more customers thus increasing the sales. There are several ways how Dreamworks Experience can promote itself online. One way is by creating a custom landing page on Facebook (Cudmore & Patton, 2007). This will ensure that Facebook users can see and like the business page. As the page becomes popular, it will gain a lot of members hence reaching many people. The page should be updated every time making sure that it shows current events and activities. The other way is by creating conversations around (Cudmore & Patton, 2007). This is mostly applicable in Tweeter where management can have active officials on to keep the conversation about Dreamworks Experience going on. The more tweets, retweets and mentions the page will have, the more followers and the more the number of customers will be reached.

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The third online/social media method the company can apply is using personalized messages (Cudmore& Patton, 2007). If the company finds that people are talking about the park on the online platforms, the other strategy is to send people direct messages. In addition, the messages may find themselves on people who had not visited the online platforms, but they are likely to visit the sites. Lastly, the company can start social media contests. For instance, it can ask a question like “when was Dreamworks Experience Park started?” then quote that the first 10 people to answer will get free tickets to the park. This will create online conversations, and the information will be shared among many people (Cudmore & Patton,2007). This will increase the traffic on the online sites thus attracting people to know about Dreamworks Experience.

There are several advantages that Dreamworks Experience will gain from the online sales promotions. This includes convenience (Roberts, 2003). Customers will learn about the park any time and place without limitations of space. Secondly, the company will reach many people because an online sales promotion overcomes distance barriers (Roberts,2003). Dreamworks Experience will be able to promote its services to many countries without necessarily having physical promotion agents in those countries. Thirdly, the management will not need a lot of cash for the activity as it would be required in physical sales promotions (Roberts, 2003). Lastly, since most of the social media users are the young people, the management will have achieved getting the attention of its target group.

The objective of online communication would be to increase the number of Dreamworks Experience’s visitors by 10% by the end of December 2017. The message would be designed to indicate the activities and service that are offered at Dreamworks Experience. This would mostly be in form of pictures of Dreamworks Experience and people engaged in different activities at the park. The administration would communicate the information both personally, by sending messages, and through non-personal communication channel via tweets and Facebook pages. To measure the effectiveness of the massage all visitors will be asked to fill a small questionnaire. One of the questions in the questionnaire would ask how the visitor has learnt about Dreamworks Experience.

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The following are the recommendations to the Dreamworks Experience’s management:

  • Increase activities and shows that would target the adults and not only children and young people alone
  • Reduce the cost of tickets in order to compete with other parks that have lower prices
  • Improve customer’s experience by having more offers such as free tickets during holidays.

To sum up, Dreamworks Experience theme park is one of a kind park in Australia with such sections as: Escape from Madagascar, King Julien’s Theatre in the Wild, MAD Jungle Jam, Madagascar Cargo Hold, Dronkey Flayers, Forever After’s, Gingy’s Glider, Puss in Boots Sword Swing, Skadoosh, Pandamonium, Shrek’s Ogres-Go-Round and Shrek’s Treat. The park has been experiencing challenges of ticket sale which may be attributed by high price tickets and an accident that scared customers away. It is, therefore, recommended that the organization reduces ticket prices, have more adult activities and have customer incentives such as a number of free tickets during peak seasons.


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