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Extraordinary Diversity of Business Essay Subjects

When dealing with a business essay is it sometimes very hard to pick an interesting subject. However, this is the major step in writing a quality topic essay. Thus, do your best to decide what matter to examine when creating your topic paper.

Papers can be produced in various topics business areas. When writing business essays, students need to set a particular objective and try to achieve it when researching the issue. While working on your paper, remember to define its type first, i.e. whether it is an argumentative, narrative, classification or any other work. Note that you can always contact our write company and order business topic essays. Check the business managing topics indicated below.

Feel free to enter the research topics in the filed below to find the required sample paper. If no suitable topics essay is found, press the “Order” tab to buy a good customized work produced by our trained expert. Timely delivery is guaranteed!

Decision-Making Process of Madison PLC

Decision-Making Process of Madison PLC in Regard to its Potential Investments and Present Financial Capacities Nowadays, it becomes increasingly difficult to ignore the fact that making an appropriate investment decision can influence the entire success of a business. This decision may work in both ways: positive as well as negative. That is why companies, which […]

Annotated Bibliography-Trista

Energy Saving and Conservation in the Company Decathlon is a reputable organization that gives professional advice on sports and culture. The company also promotes the development and economic sustainability and advocates the use of fewer vehicles and reducing energy consumption in its production process. However, a lot of energy goes to waste due to the […]

Dreamworld Analysis Report

Dreamworld Business Analysis Dreamland is currently the largest theme park in Australia, located in Gold Coast Queensland. The park was opened in 1981, on an 85 hectares piece of land, by John Longhurst. The park has undergone various renovations until it reached its current state. The park is divided into several areas including Corroboree, Tiger […]

IAASBs Suggestions to Improve Auditor Reporting

IAASBs Suggestions Auditing plays an imperative role in evaluating business enterprise operations, internal control over financial reporting and governance. Auditing involves both internal and external audit, where the internal audit is performed by an internal auditor in an organization. On the other hand, external auditing is performed by external auditors, who may be from accounting […]

Innovation Hotel Marketing Plan

Innovation Hotel in Las Vegas Marketing Plan Las Vegas hospitality industry is rich and diverse due to numerous tourists and visitors who are interested in casinos and entertainment. However, it has many challenges related to convenience, quick access to services, and security because of constant crowdedness. Innovation Hotel in Las Vegas is a new and […]

Islamic Finance in Africa

African Economies and Views on Islamic Financing Islamic finance in Africa is rapidly spreading to counter already dominant Western and European financial systems. These forms of funding indicate that organizations need to change focus from traditionally used banking systems and incorporate or consider the Islamic ones. Notably, the Islamic funding system is based on ethical […]

Capital Market and Derivatives

The Capital Market Innovation is a driving force of the development. In the capital market, such innovations are derivatives. Every day they become more and more popular. Derivatives help not only to make profit but also to insure business. However, in spite of many benefits, there are also risks associated with derivatives. The capital market […]

The US Corporate Bond Market

Financial System of the United States The topic of the current paper is the US corporate bond market. It is highly important to study the role of bonds in the financial system of the United States as these days bonds are extremely popular in the country. It is associated with the fact that it is […]

Financial Reporting Disclosures in the “Technology One”

The report provides an overview of the disclosures on income tax in an Australia-based corporation that traded in ASX 200. In order to inform about the importance of financial information, first, the report reviews the general objective and qualitative characteristics of financial data. Further, a detailed analysis of compliance of the notes published by Technology […]

Islamic Bank Research

Due to its influence and the services it offers, the size of Islamic finance in the UAE market is significant. Serious prospects for financial growth and a poverty decline have made Islamic finance attract international market players, whether independent or profit-making organizations. Market suppliers and national authorities have the right to use opportunities of the […]

The Law of Contracts

Business law comprises of various areas, which are studied in business schools and law schools curricula. Business law rules the issues that affect business operations. Also, it addresses the establishment of new businesses as well as the aspects that arise as the existing business interacts with other companies, the government, as well as the public. […]

To What Extent can Communication be Used as a Tool for Organizational Change?

In modern world, organizational structure is a well-planned system, and there are many elements which contribute to the development of this system. Together with the expansion of multinational companies worldwide and the increasing importance of globalization, organizational structure and the management of all the processes related to it are becoming more significant. In order to […]

The Science of Shopping (Malcolm Gladwell)

“Human beings walk the way they drive” (Gladwell 1), with this phrase Malcolm Gladwell started his influential article on shopper’s behavior. Malcolm Gladwell, a journalist for The New Yorker and the author of an article “The Science of Shopping” explains in his article the phenomenon of shopping impulses and, by doing so, he is referring […]

The Importance of Building a Brand

The 2013 global most famous brand is Apple showing 28% of brand’s value growth this year, while Nokia, which is well-known for its seemingly quality goods, demonstrates -65% value loss and has the 57th position in 2013 as compared to the 19th in 2012 (Best global brands 2013). Therefore, for any brand, being recognizable is […]

Strategic Information System Planning

Strategic information systems planning have always been considered as an important topic both in information system professionalism and the business community. In any organization, planning plays an important role in achieving a competitive advantage. Today, information systems are critical in enhancing many organizational transformations thereby increasing their ability to benefit from the information system investment. […]

International Business and E-commerce

E-commerce is one of the means of economy’s globalization. However, this is not traditional marketing. The organization should understand that E-commerce goes about the automating business process. On the one hand, it helps to speed up the transactions and cooperation with customers, but on the other hand, it might cause problems with the security of […]


The business environment continues to change in order to embrace the newest concepts and ideas that make it easier to enhance communication in the business world. This is an aspect of innovation in the ever changing business dynamics. Two main theories have been proposed to explain innovation in Business Communication. These are disruptive information and […]

Globalization of the Pharmaceutical Industry and the Growing Dependency

The pharmaceutical industry has been affected by rapid globalization and modernization throughout history. As one of the most profitable enterprises, it has involved many players of the industry merge in order to increase their profitability. The industry players are merging to cut costs and increase profits. Pharmaceutical industry growth concentrates on production, research, development, and […]

Advantages and Disadvantages for Opening the Business in Sweden

These days, Scandinavian countries are considered among the most promising in terms of business. People can implement the most incredible startups there. Sweden is one of the most successful countries in Europe. It is part of the European Union and the zone of the Schengen Agreement. Stable living standards, the maximum performance of the economy, […]

Using Green Logistics

With the serious impacts on the environment, logistical procedures are shifting to cleaner fuels other than gasoline and diesel. There is a growing need for cargo shippers to change their logistical activities to the use of electric trucks and rails. The impacts of using gasoline and diesel are far reaching. Whereas the cost of diesel […]

Analysis Of ‘Share A Coke’ Ad Campaigh

Coca-Cola is a brand name of a carbonated soft drink that is being sold all over the world. It is a refreshment drink produced by the Coca-Cola Company. Most people refer to it simply as coke. The manufacturing is done in a few steps. The Coca-Cola Company produces the drink in concentrated form to the […]

Interoperability as a Key Component of Modern Enterprise Networks

Interoperability is the linking of systems or products together with the other products and systems with no participation of a customer or user. For example, for an electric power system to effectively operate, its consisting components, such as electric utilities and generators, should work together. These components should depend and rely on each other for […]

Analysis of Starbucks’ Supply Chain Management

The Starbucks Corporation is a company which is engaged in the coffee retail trade in 60 countries. Starbucks purchases, roasts and sells coffee, tea and other drinks, as well as a variety of fresh food items through its network of stores. Today, the corporation not only offers coffee, tea and coffee roasting equipment to its […]

Encouraging Small Business

Small businesses are private owned corporations, which are ascribed to little or no governmental support. The nature of such businesses is also determined by the number of employees. For instance, the United States categorizes all enterprises that have fewer than five hundred employees as small businesses. The ownership of these enterprises can also be either […]

The Companies are Adelaide Brighton Ltd and CSR Ltd

Adelaide Brighton Limited An industry is a general term that refers to firms operating in the same market. For instance, the automobile market brings together companies involved in the sale of automobile. It is the collection of firms contributing to the demand and supply of a commodity in the economy. An industry is made of […]

Managing a Growing Business: Kronos Inc.

All organizations have goals and objectives to grow and become bigger, earn more profit and increase their influence in the industry they operate. Startup organizations face many challenges as they grow, and not all of them achieve the goals of their founders. It occurs due to the fact that as they grow, there are increased […]

What Is Project Management?

General Notions and Methodologies Being an expert in the area of project management is rather complicated. In order to run the project properly, one should be aware of the main stages of the process, i.e. brainstorming, planning, implementing ideas, supervising, and project completion. Moreover, it is necessary to organize a strong team able to attain […]

10 Areas of Management

Identifying the Key Features of 10 Areas of Management Modern project managers will hardly achieve success if they count on different methods and approaches only. They need to possess a much broader range of skills. If you are looking for a new job or personal development, you should be aware of 10 main fields of […]

Sustainable Supply Chain Management of H&M

H&M or alternatively Hennes & Mauritz is known all over the world as a Swedish international company, which offers a wide range of retail fashion clothes for ladies, men, and kids of different ages. H&M has 2 800 stores in 49 markets all over the world. The overall “H&M Group comprises of H&M and H&M […]

International Business & Strategy

Russia – Potential Target Market Strategy Carrefour is one of the most leading retailing companies that have its subsidiaries in about 30 countries. They operate by means of contributing their knowledge, skills and experience as well as the strong power of the company towards the improvements of the habits that can help boost sales and […]

UAE Exchange Center Business Excellence

Critical Analysis of the UAE Exchange Center Operations The project idea is to understand the aspects that can bring the most value to the customers worldwide. The key characteristics of the UAE Exchange Center are aimed at the improvement of the business processes that are controlling the business process in order to advance the current […]

Outsourcing Prevalence Today

The importance of outsourcing is a very intriguing as well as a challenging nowadays. The reasons are different but the fact of a constantly growing potential of human resource outsourcing is inevitable. This research report will cover a variety of aspects of why millions of companies all over the world consider the human resourcing as […]

International Business Analysis

1. How have changes in technology contributed towards the globalization of markets and of production? Would the globalization of production and markets have been possible without these technological changes? Changes in technology have considerably contributed to the globalization. Theodore Levitt, one of the first academics to write about globalization, stated that technology is the driving […]

International Business

Analysis of International Business People learn throughout the lifetime by means of evaluating the information, understanding the mistakes and making the right decisions so all of our findings since when people were born till their end days reflect the ability to think critically about different situations in life and respond accordingly in the most effective […]

History of Cash Reserves

Large companies hold cash which they value as an important asset in the running of their daily activities. There are varied rreasons that drive large organizations to hold huge amnounts of cash got from their business transactions. According to Leky (2003), the major reason for holding cash is to help companies keep running in difficult […]

Globalization, Economy, Society, and Business in the UAE

The Global Social and Economic Changes in the UAE Widely it is accepted that sustainability of the economic in any country, its communities should move from small scale subsistence activities towards industrialization and increased productivity. This results in economic and social changes, which bring about good business atmosphere. Since the United Arab Emirates was established, […]

ESOP – Employee Stock Ownership Plans

Introduction to the Issue Based on the employee stock ownership plans, there are many companies in the world that use this model in order to remain sustainable on the market. The ESOP approach to the management of the company is based on the business assessment towards the competitive market demand. In all, there are still […]

Discussion Project Management

The application of management in all meanings is the act of gathering people in order to manage the required tasks and reach the desired goals on the road to mission, vision and objectives of any company. “Managing people in a business and organizational setting could be positive only if the manager tends to use all […]

How do Team Leaders Make Their Decisions?

It is essential that those entrusted with leading group activities look at their colleagues as committed and valued partners. This is especially beneficial when it comes to evaluating and deciding what is best for everyone especially in cases where restructuring is required. One method I can use in leading efforts to make a list of […]


The use of E-marketing is a preferred business technique in many companies today. Companies that have followed this approach can confirm that there is a reduction in the operating costs, increased connection with clients, and improvement in annual revenues. The technique also has some disadvantages that have made other marketing strategies like direct marketing or […]

Business Manifesto

Manifesto A manifesto is a published document containing views and intentions of a political party or the government. Political parties running for the leadership of the country come up with their own manifestos as way of speaking their ambition to the citizens. In coming up with a manifesto, the parties collect views from the people […]

Business Field Study – Starbuck’s Coffee / Business Operation Management

Facility Overview The Starbucks Corporation is known as an American Company that is famous worldwide for its perfect coffee, as well as the outstanding services of the company. The company has received such a reputation due to the special approach to the customers and a thoroughly created supply chain management structure. The headquarters of the […]

Business Environment HND / Marketing HND

Business Environment HND The value of the HSBC brand, along with the overall company performance, speaks about a descent leadership practice, as well as a withstanding approach to the decision making process. The company deals specifically with international markets and performs effectively in the global competitive environment, one of which is based in the United […]

Business Analysis of the Hybrid Cars in UK Market

Hybrid Cars in UK Market In the world of today it is very important to understand the significance of the effective transportation not only from the position of convenience but for the sake of effectiveness of the transport sector. Besides, the improvements in such an area will have positive consequences on both the economic and […]

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