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Summary of the Assessment of the Health Needs and Risks of Richmond Community

This paper provides an assessment and diagnosis of the Richmond community. Six tools utilized during the assessment of society have been summarized. They include the population economic status evaluation, community safety inventories, cultural assessment tools, disaster assessment and planning guides, the windshield survey, and the Population Health Scavenger Hunt. The economic status of the Richmond community will be analyzed. One of the findings indicates that 8.6% of people are unemployed. Similarly, the assessment using the safety inventory has found out that the city had various forms of crime. Moreover, this paper provides a summary of culture and disaster management tools finding out diverse cultural practices and emergency preparedness respectively. The windshield survey and the Population Scavenger Hunt will be explained. Further, this paper will interpret the assessment data and provide three problems identified in the Richmond community regarding the goals of Healthy People 2020. The determined issues include the lack of adequate knowledge regarding the hazardous environment, the discrimination against the homeless, and obesity. Then, a nursing diagnosis will be stated. Obesity will be explained together with some available resources in Richmond society to deal with. Finally, the prevention topic of obesity that involves a weight loss, an adequate diet, and proper exercise will be explained.

Nurses use various tools that are inclusive and suitable for assessing the community’s health needs and risks. Some of them include the population economic status assessment, community safety inventory, cultural assessment tools, the disaster evaluation, the planning guide, the windshield survey, and the Population Health Scavenger Hunt. These tools can help in evaluating the Richmond community of Fort Bend County to identify the health needs and develop preventive measures. This paper provides a summary of the health challenges and risks of Richmond society using the tools mentioned above. The essay interprets the information, formulates a nursing diagnosis based on the goals of Healthy People 2020, identifies obesity as a problem among the community dwellers, and finally formulates the primary prevention topic for obesity.

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Population Economic Status Assessment

This tool has been used to assess the economic status of people living in the Richmond community with the help of interviews and searching for data online. The United States Census Bureau (2016) provides statistics, which indicate that Richmond has a population of 12,138 individuals. The (2016) reports that 8.6% of people are unemployed. The estimated median household income is $46,476 while those ones below the federal poverty level of $11,770 are 30.6 % (, 2016, p. 1). Various people are homeless. However, most of them have shelters (Homeless Shelter Directory, 2016). The majority of interviewed people in the community had at least a high school diploma. The poverty rate is 30.6% (, 2016).

Neighborhood/ Community Safety Inventory

This tool has been instrumental in assessing the safety needs by investigating the environmental and psychological health threats among the dwellers of Richmond city. The investigating team has conducted the Focused Group Discussion among the youth. It has elicited responses showing that there was robbery, assaults, and rape encountered by young people in different areas in Richmond. During the assessment, one Superfund site, several tanks and spills have been encountered. The City of Richmond (2016) ascertains that it carries out evaluations with the aim of eradicating various hazards that cause death, injury, or chronic health problems.

Cultural Assessment Tool

The Cultural Assessment Tool has assessed the racial composition of Richmond and various cultural practices. According to the (2016), Hispanics form the largest race followed by whites, African Americans, and Asians. The natives form the smallest group. One native who had lived in Richmond for 32 years said that the diversity of different races in the city resulted in varying cultural practices such as Houston Japan festivals and Katy Brewfest among others.

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Disaster Assessment and Planning Guide

This assessment tool has been applied to identify the disasters being most likely to affect people and the preparedness of the Richmond community to prevent hazards. During the Focused Group Discussion with young people, their responses indicated the following fact. Most of them were aware of disasters such as tornadoes and hurricanes affecting them. They had made the necessary plans including efficient communication strategies with the emergency department of Richmond.

Windshield Survey

During the community assessment, the windshield survey has been useful in analyzing its assets and visiting health centers to gather some information regarding the health status of Richmond people. It has also assessed their health-seeking behavior. While driving along different streets of Richmond, the investigating team identified Jones Creek, Ranch Park. It may be used by the community of the city for some leisure and various recreational activities. The group also visited Berlin Park, a field where children were playing. However, the team identified multiple obese people. They visited West Houston Medical Center to inquire about the issue. One nurse declined to share much information due to the hospital policy of maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of clients. Nevertheless, she said that the hospital had seen many obese patients. The nurse termed obesity as a common problem among middle-aged adults. She also indicated that the compliance of most patients with health advice was not adequate. At least, it was related to those ones who had visited the facility. The State of Obesity (2016, p. 1) indicates that Texas, as well as Richmond, has the adult obesity rate of 32.4%; and the numbers have been rising over the years. It also shows that obesity is a problem among the youth as 22.4% of the persons aged from 18 to 25 years are obese (The State of Obesity, 2016, p. 1).

Population Health Scavenger Hunt

The health scavenger hunt has been used to identify the knowledge of people regarding the resources that they have. The topics during the scavenger hunt have included the health of older adults, the security of the community, contraception use, child abuse, domestic violence, communicable diseases, and child abuse. Everyone was given a topic card and worksheet that could act as a guide during the scavenger hunt. Some of the important sources of information found included the Fort Bend police department, the Human Services Department, the Planned Parenthood office, the Domestic Violence Center, the Substance Abuse Facility, and the Crisis Child Care Center. The information has shown that older adults, children, and women received significant attention regarding their health matters.

Interpretation of the Collected Data

From the data collected, the overall income of $46,476 as a determinant of health is adequate. The federal poverty level is below $11,770. Additionally, the increased number of people with at least a high school diploma and a reduced unemployment rate of 8.6% predict has enhanced health practices among the community dwellers. However, the incidence of poverty of 30.6% raises some concerns about healthcare needs in Richmond. It requires further investigation since poverty has been associated with poor health in the United States (DeNavas-Walt, 2013). The increased rate of obesity, 32.4%, signifies the potentiality of increased prevalence of obesity-related diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and strokes. Consequently, this problem should be a priority concern for community health nurses in Richmond.

Community Diagnosis

Identified Problems Based on the Goals of Healthy People 2020

The goals of Healthy People 2020 (2016) aim at ensuring that people live longer lives while embracing healthy habits. Richmond community has problems that interfere with these aims. These issues include environmental hazards, the lack of proper healthcare access by homeless people, and an increased rate of obesity.

Discussion of the Problems. Healthy People 2020 (2016) has four goals that are necessary for ensuring that individuals live longer and healthier lives. The first and third aims aim at ensuring that persons have a longer life and are being in better environments. These surroundings should be free of disability, injury, premature death, and preventable diseases. When researching the community in Richmond, the investigating team noted that children did not have the proper knowledge regarding the Superfund sites and the dangers associated with them. Similarly, most parents did not have sufficient information on the risks that could be caused by many polluters, Superfund sites, tanks, and spills.

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The second goal of Healthy People 2020 (2016) aims at improving equality in access to health services. The homeless individuals during the survey felt that healthcare providers had discriminated against them when delivering healthcare. They said that when seeking care in various facilities, most of the medical givers did not prioritize them.

Finally, the third goal advocates for promoting good health for all. The survey identified several obese people. The nurse indicated that their compliance with the health advice had been inadequate. Similarly, the State of Obesity (2016, p. 1) has identified the level of obesity as 32.4%. Accordingly, the community nursing diagnosis for these three problems is the deficient society health related to the reduced aggressiveness to seek health promotion services. It was evidenced by various inefficient health promotion indicators such as obesity.


Obesity in Richmond requires further analysis because reports indicate that excess body fats lead to diabetes type 2 and a stroke (National Institute of Diabetes and Kidney Disease, 2016). If the problem is not investigated and addressed, the prevalence of obesity-related diseases can increase. Consequently, the healthcare facilities of Richmond might have a burden of dealing with various illnesses.

Community Resources Available to Deal with Obesity

The first type of resource identified has been related to healthcare facilities. There Richmond residents went for health services such as health consulting on how to manage their health. One nurse in West Houston Medical Center said that they offered the appropriate tips on dieting and exercises to obese people. However, according to her, the compliance was inadequate. The second resource identified has been the clinics that had private obesity therapists being accessible to the community more than the bigger health facilities. However, there are no proper mobilization strategies for people to measure and monitor their weight.

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Primary Prevention Topic: Weight Loss, Diet, and Exercise

The Centers for Disease Control [CDC] (n. d., p. 1) indicate that the BMI of 30 is overweight. In this case, primary prevention can focus on stopping the progression of BMI beyond 30. Accordingly, delivering health messages can be appropriate in this case. First, the topic would focus on the importance of maintaining a BMI of 18.5 to 24.9 since it indicates the normal weight (CDC, n. d., p. 1). Secondly, the messages should focus on helping residents to follow the direction of feeding as per the food pyramid. If it is followed, it ensures adequate nutrients to the body and helps in maintaining a healthy weight. Finally, the topic would encourage community members to create regular exercising schedules as per their individual needs. They would be required to visit an obesity therapist for help in creating exercise programs. These ones can be implemented to maintain a healthy weight.


Utilizing various tools to assess the community problems ensures the collection of comprehensive data that nurses can use in formulating nursing diagnoses. The team that has investigated Richmond society in Fort Bend County noticed various aspects that those people were prepared to address. Further, the group has found out adequate health facilities as the resources to manage their health problems. Moreover, the community has qualified health professionals to handle problems such as obesity. However, they have not used the available resources properly. Therefore, the mobilization of the efficient utilization of resources should be enforced.

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