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There are vast quantities of diseases that can jeopardize a human being every day, but medical achievements allowed the health care providers to diagnose and treat them accordingly. However, cancerous maladies still horrify one’s consciousness due to the complicated diagnosis and treatment. Medical scientists all over the world keep on searching for effective remedies to […]


According to recent scholarly evidence, dementia is an extensively growing concern in the scope of contemporary healthcare. In particular, today, this disorder affects approximately 35 million people globally, while this number is about to reach around 115 million individuals by 2050 (Fossey et al. 2014, p. 797). The problem is topical and acute not only […]

Alzheimer’s Disease

The main theme of this research project is the analysis of Alzheimer’s disease. This work includes the discussion of the general symptoms and stages of the illness. The topic has been chosen because it is relevant and important to explore. To complete the study only scholarly medical resources have been chosen in order to provide […]

American Amnesia

Jacob Hacker and Paul Pierson provide a leading-edge examination of American political and economic landscape in a topical and timely manner to ascertain the interests of citizens and their businesses in American Amnesia. The authors describe the strategies employed by political elites to exercise, control, and push for plutocracy. In the first two centuries of […]

HIV and the Afro-American Population

This paper uses credible sources to discuss the relationship between HIV and the African American population. It uses statistics to illustrate why the black population has a high prevalence rate in South Florida, USA. Various informative sources show the prevalence rates in distinct years that provide a clue on the relationship between HIV and the […]

The Role of Public Health Nursing

Public health nursing is fundamental to the healthcare system because it ensures the prevention of various diseases. Eventually, it guarantees the reduced patient population in hospitals and the improved quality of care. The Health Care Reform is also a crucial aspect of the healthcare system because it focuses on improving the health of various populations. […]

Selecting and Managing Employees

Human resource management plays a crucial role for an organization’s performance. It begins with recruitment of the first employee and continues practically to the end. People are the main asset of any organization. The ability to employ talented, motivated and professional employee is the huge advantage for an organization in the modern market economy environment. […]

Assistive Technology (Essay)

Assistive technology (AT) is the technology that helps disabled individuals in various ways. The disability could be cognitive or physical in nature. This article focuses on the assistive technology and how students or teachers working with learners with disabilities can use it. I will examine how technology can be used to enhance learning for disabled […]

Nigerian Health Sector

Nigeria is rated as Africa’s most populous black nation. It was amalgamated into a single nation in the year 1914 by the British who have been its colonial masters till the 1st of October 1960 when it gained its independence. Nigeria became a republic in the year 1963. It is the 8th most populous nation […]

Should Sharks Be Protected?

Sharks provoke the feelings of fear and anxiety in many people. “Thanks to sensationalized stories and stereotyping, sharks have become feared rather than revered” (Mosbergen, 2013). It is no coincidence, because they might represent a serious danger to human health and life. Each year, from fifty to eighty attacks of these predators on people are […]

Marketing Management Practices Of Cancer Research In The United Kingdom

The scope of marketing management within the non-profit organizations is a very topical and important issue in the current course of time. It is considered to play a leading role in terms of the process of interaction with the actual, as well as potential customers. Furthermore, the issue of communication with the customers’ audience is […]

Healthcare in Russia

Healthcare is a complex system of diagnosis, possible treatment and effective prevention of diseases, injuries, illnesses and any other mental and physical impairments. As a state body activity, it is targeted to organize and provide all kinds of affordable medical services, support and treatment to population of the country, as well as supporting and improving […]