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Utilitarianism, as a philosophical doctrine of ethics, holds that an idea or a course of action is morally worthwhile to the extent of its contribution to the overall utility in maximization of pleasure or happiness in the view of a majority of the people. Utilitarianism is that belief by people that the right course of […]

Plastic Surgery

The quest for eternal youth and beauty became a real mania for many women. Every woman knows how to care for her body, face, and hair but rarely reflects on the necessity to use specific techniques in life. Sometimes, it is impossible to completely change appearance only with the help of makeup and a skillful […]

Stress Management

Comprehensive Stress Management Programmes Organisations all over the globe are always focused on managing stress among their employees to maintain a high level of productivity and competitiveness. In most instances, work psychologists and human resource managers develop policies and programmes that aim at alleviating stress emanating from factors unique to the job, career growth, and […]

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism Without a doubt, autism spectrum disorder has become a rather widespread disease in recent years. There are 3 million individuals who suffer from this malady only in the United States of America. Certainly, the whole picture may be softened to some extent due to the altered data and unrevealing cases of autism. However, it […]


Disease Epilepsy Epilepsy has been known since ancient times. It is a chronic non-infectious disorder of brain functions that impacts humans of all ages. In the developing world, a vast majority of people, who suffer from this disease, do not receive appropriate treatment. In a great number of states, such individuals, as well as their […]

Community Health Assessment

Summary of the Assessment of the Health Needs and Risks of Richmond Community This paper provides an assessment and diagnosis of the Richmond community. Six tools utilized during the assessment of society have been summarized. They include the population economic status evaluation, community safety inventories, cultural assessment tools, disaster assessment and planning guides, the windshield […]

Leukemia and the Ways of Treatment

Symptoms and Treatment of Leukemia There are vast quantities of diseases that can jeopardize a human being every day, but medical achievements allowed the health care providers to diagnose and treat them accordingly. However, cancerous maladies still horrify one’s consciousness due to the complicated diagnosis and treatment. Medical scientists all over the world keep on […]


According to recent scholarly evidence, dementia is an extensively growing concern in the scope of contemporary healthcare. In particular, today, this disorder affects approximately 35 million people globally, while this number is about to reach around 115 million individuals by 2050 (Fossey et al. 2014, p. 797). The problem is topical and acute not only […]

American Amnesia

Jacob Hacker and Paul Pierson provide a leading-edge examination of American political and economic landscape in a topical and timely manner to ascertain the interests of citizens and their businesses in American Amnesia. The authors describe the strategies employed by political elites to exercise, control, and push for plutocracy. In the first two centuries of […]

Assistive Technology (Essay)

Assistive technology (AT) is the technology that helps disabled individuals in various ways. The disability could be cognitive or physical in nature. This article focuses on the assistive technology and how students or teachers working with learners with disabilities can use it. I will examine how technology can be used to enhance learning for disabled […]

Should Sharks Be Protected?

Sharks provoke the feelings of fear and anxiety in many people. “Thanks to sensationalized stories and stereotyping, sharks have become feared rather than revered” (Mosbergen, 2013). It is no coincidence, because they might represent a serious danger to human health and life. Each year, from fifty to eighty attacks of these predators on people are […]

Healthcare in Russia

Healthcare is a complex system of diagnosis, possible treatment and effective prevention of diseases, injuries, illnesses and any other mental and physical impairments. As a state body activity, it is targeted to organize and provide all kinds of affordable medical services, support and treatment to population of the country, as well as supporting and improving […]

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