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Plastic Surgery

The quest for eternal youth and beauty became a real mania for many women. Every woman knows how to care for her body, face, and hair but rarely reflects on the necessity to use specific techniques in life. Sometimes, it is impossible to completely change appearance only with the help of makeup and a skillful choice of clothes. That is why even quite pretty women use the services of plastic surgeons. Although many people are having plastic surgery to improve their appearance and increase self-confidence, it should not be so readily available since it involves many risks to physical and psychological health.

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The first and most important cause of plastic surgery is the desire of every person to correct defects and start a new life without complexes. Plastic operations are aesthetic and reconstructive. The former are carried out to improve appearance. However, not always people are enlisted to the help of a plastic surgeon to improve their appearance. Unfortunately, the consequences of diseases and accidents can be harmful to the body. Therefore, reconstructive plastic operations are performed to eliminate deformations and defects. They are usually carried out after injuries or for the elimination of inborn physical defects. Plastic surgery is an excellent option to correct facial features, scars and other body defects.

There are specific advantages of plastic operations. The first one is the achievement in the field of plastic surgery. Modern effective techniques and medical equipment are the most important factors because the success of an operation depends not only on the professionalism of the surgeon. Today, the number of unsuccessful plastic operations is minimal due to modern new technologies and products as well as high-quality tools and equipment.

Other advantages of plastic surgery are the ability to preserve youth and beauty and improve psychological health condition. Since ancient times, women have strived to look younger in order to be more beautiful, desirable and attractive. In recent years, plastic surgery has become popular among men because they also want to change their appearance and preserve youth for years. Most plastic operations are performed primarily to preserve natural beauty. Certainly, some women and men want to make unnatural lips or breast size. Nevertheless, most clients of plastic surgery clinics want to maintain their youth and enhance beauty. Moreover, plastic surgery improves psychological well-being. After plastic surgery, the patient can feel more confident. Plastic surgery operations may increase self-esteem and make people more sexually attractive. Thus, even small changes in appearance can make a huge difference for a person.

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However, there are certain negative sides of plastic surgery as well. Over the past decade, plastic surgery has become a highly advanced branch of medicine, and surgeons have accumulated a significant experience. However, such operations (as well as any surgical intervention) cannot be considered completely safe. During the work with soft tissues of face and skin, a surgeon needs a steady hand, a great experience and really pinpoint accuracy. Primarily, risks in plastic surgery depend on the surgeon’s skills. An inexperienced specialist, even using the most advanced technology and equipment, will hardly be able to prevent and identify all possible risks. In contrast, a surgeon who is familiar with the latest innovations and has already performed a number of operations will be able to handle even the worst situation. Choosing a qualified doctor significantly reduces risks but does not eliminate them completely.

Plastic surgery can negatively affect patient’s health. The slightest mistake can lead to disastrous results. A particular problem is post-surgical scars, which are sometimes unavoidable despite the efforts of doctors (Campbell, 2011). Moreover, there is a possibility of the development of complications such as malignant tumors, purulent inflammations and other diseases (Campbell, 2011). Other negative aspects of plastic surgery include the cases of rejection of the implant. Moreover, Goudreau (2011) indicates that “liposuction may slim one problem area while creating another”. Therefore, plastic surgery does not ensure a long-term effect.

Another disadvantage is psychological effects. The greatest impact of plastic surgery is related to young people since there is an increased use of the services of plastic surgeons among them. “In 2003, more than 223,000 cosmetic procedures were performed on patients 18 years of age or younger” (Zuckerman, 2005). Girls want to eliminate aesthetic defects that become the cause of psychological complexes and self-doubt. Therefore, they do not think about the possibility of postoperative complications. Plastic surgery can also lead to stress, which refers both to the human body and the central nervous system. Thus, there is a possibility of depression after the operation. As a result of plastic surgery, subjective or objective dependence develops. Usually, having fixed something with the help of a plastic surgery, one begins to consider it the best solution to all problems. A person starts to notice some other minor flaws and considers plastic medicine the only way to correct them. This condition is called body dysmorhic disorder (Diller, 2012). Plastic surgery on patients with this diagnosis can lead to exacerbation of symptoms, causing depression and mania.

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I think that plastic surgery should not be used so widely used. No matter how much a person is rejuvenated after doing plastic surgery, he or she cannot deceive the nature. The services of plastic surgeons should be used only by people who have significant defects in appearance. Other people have to learn to accept their natural beauty.

Plastic surgery is a key to youth and beauty as well as the way to correct scars or defects that result from certain accidents. However, all surgical operations, whether they are simple or complex, involve a certain degree of risk for life. People who decide to make fundamental changes to their body must remember that an operation is always a trauma. It is stressful to the body and may subsequently reduce life expectancy. Therefore, one should choose safer methods to solve problems that are related to appearance.

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