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Implementation of the IOM Future of Nursing Report

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The IOM Future of Nursing Report

The Work of the Committee of Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Initiative

The Committee of Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Initiative performed significant work that led to the IOM report. The work of the committee was to review the innovative models of nursing care and education that would lead to the development of a transformational report on the future of nursing. According to the Institute of Medicine (2010), this report was targeted at offering solutions that nursing can provide to improve patient outcomes and effective cost control. The committee was to first review the most crucial areas of innovation that would lead to the transformation of nurses in the US. Notably, in the process of reviewing the innovation model of nursing care, the committee was to consider the roles, education, and working environment of nurses in order to come up with effective proposals that would help improve the future of nursing. This was done in line with the understanding that nurses work in different environments including schools, homes, battlefields, and the community. Additionally, the community worked in line with the understanding that nurses have different levels of education and competencies.

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Importance of the IOM Report

The IOM report related to the nursing workforce was extremely important in various ways. Firstly, the report was important for as it urged all states in the US to utilize the full potential of nurses by ensuring they work to the full extent of their education and nursing. This is vital in ensuring that the full potential of nurses is utilized in the delivery of the necessary services to patients, hence improving patient outcomes. Secondly, the report was important as it proposed a more improved system of education that would improve the training of nurses in the US. Education and training are important in boosting the performance of nurses operations and the report proposes enhanced education focused on improving the outcomes of nurses all over the US. Thirdly, the report was important as it urges the development of leadership among nurses. The development of leadership in the nursing profession would play a critical role in ensuring that doctors and nurses work in collaboration toward improving the outcomes of patients in the US. Additionally, the importance of the IOM report is exhibited with the emphasis it places on planning for improved delivery of health care services in the US. The report brings out the view that the betterment in the infrastructure used for data collection would help improve planning in the nursing practice.

Intent of the Future Nursing: Campaign for Action

Rosseter (2010) affirmed that the campaign of the future of nursing was aimed at transforming the nursing profession to ensure that it meets the challenges of the changing health care environment. This intent would be achieved through effective review of the nursing practice and any improvements that could help move it to the greater heights. Notably, the intent to transform the nursing profession led to the formulation of important recommendations such as ensuring that the full education and training of nurses are utilized through effective recruitment strategies. The matching of the education and training level would ensure that nurses deliver the required quality of services. More so, the campaign was intended to transform the nursing profession by ensuring that nurses are in the position to get access to education and training that will enable them to deliver the required standards of healthcare. Therefore, the campaign was aimed at pointing out some areas of weaknesses in the nursing profession to make certain that everything was moving in the required direction. The straightforward direction to transforming nursing was crucial in ensuring that there is success in the nursing practice.

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Rationale for State-Based Action Coalitions

The rationale behind state-based action coalitions is fundamental because of the fact that the state is committed to a wide array of state activities towards the public and apropos of the nurses. The government plays a vitally important role in certifying their eligibility in providing competent services to the public, education programs, provision of scope of nursing practices with regard to rules and regulations, and other state laws regarding the practice of nurses. Per se, the government needs to take an active role in ensuring that nurses are well prepared and equipped with a vast knowledge in their line of work to enhance efficiency and competency of their practice. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (2011) reiterated that without the government involvement in promoting the efficiency of the institute of medicine in the US, mass malpractices are bound to erupt and thus compromising with the effectiveness of this field. In collaboration with the relevant bodies, the state will be able to initiate and develop great changes that greatly influence the field of medicine. Therefore, it is idyllic to consider the role of the state in partnership with other pertinent authorities in spearheading a campaign for a perfect nursing practice in the United States.

State-Based Action Coalition

The state has collaborated with the various private organizations to address the issue of nurse shortages as well as nurse educators. As such, the state has involved itself in various initiatives for the sake of ensuring that the number of nurses increases as well as availing the necessary resources and facilities to support these initiatives. For instance, the state has thrown in a whole investment of $750,000 to critically address the issue of nurse shortages and forge the way ahead in making certain schools hire nurse faculty as well as educating more nursing students in a bid to curb these shortages in the future. In addition, the government in collaboration with other private investors have availed loan facilities as well as grants to second degree nursing students in the endeavors to increase the level of knowledge and expertise among nurses and thus brightening the future of nursing in the United States. These efforts clearly depict that certainly, state-based action coalitions have an imperative role to play for the sake of a more advanced nursing practices that could make a greater impact on the lives of all Americans.


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