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Nursing Theory Analysis Paper

Peplau`s Nursing Theory on Interpersonal Relation The nursing theory provides an avenue for the nursing to reference, thus improving the art of caregiving through the improved informed decision-making. The theory also promotes self-reliance through enhanced creativity since the nurses have a better understanding of various conditions. In the same appreciation, this paper focuses on the […]

Pressure Ulcers in Elderly Patients

Pressure Ulcers Analysis An increase in the utilization of technical conditions necessary for the existence of modern people leads to an increase in the absolute number of man-caused accidents and diseases. In this regard, it is associated with multiple injuries and prolonged stay of the patient in the intensive care unit. Characteristic conditions that include […]

Diabetes Type II

Considering the increase in the incidence of diabetes type II among adolescents and youth, it is crucial to focus on the new efficient intervention practices and management programs. In recent decades, the threats of acquisition of the diabetes type II were relatively low, especially among the young generation. However, the new socio-economic conditions and ecological […]

Viruses, Viroids and Prions

Scientists have engaged themselves in deep study and research on the disease causing organisms. In the beginning of 17th century, a group of scientists made a huge step in analyzing some of the disease causing micro organisms in both animals and human body. Research carried out gave the discovery of the major disease causing organisms […]

Maternal Mortality In Nigeria

Introductions The research for this paper addresses the issues with the maternal mortality in Nigeria and North West zone of the country. According to the findings of the Nigeria Demographic Health Survey (2008), the childhood mortality is decreasing with about 75% children for every thousand newly born babies, who die before they are turned one […]

How to lead people if you work in healthcare services

The paper is about the position of leadership in health care organizations that are addressed through the experience and self-engagement in terms of the nursing practice and leadership approaches. The aspects that are going to be covered are the importance of leadership in terms of becoming a true professional nurse. It also addresses personal background […]

Issues Affecting Healthcare Facilities

The major issues of concern to health care providers are not unique to the US but applicable in many parts across the globe. In their endeavor to not only lower the cost of health care services but also provide value to the system, health care providers encounter a variety of challenges. These issues include physicians, […]

Health Information Management of Electronic Health Records (EHR)

This research paper is going to address the Electronic Health Records (EHR) as well as the argument whether the PCEHR (Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record) is being instituted, should be an opted out system. In other words, this paper is going to critically assess the intervention on using the Health Information Management (HIM) on the […]

Drug Abuse

Causes of Drug Abuse Among Youth Drug is any substance taken to relieve or bring change in the normal body function of the human beings. There are two types of drugs; soft and hard drugs. Drugs are mostly abused by the youths who are mostly after getting some certain effects in their bodies such as […]

A Patient Experience from Secondary Care Attachments

Patient Experience During the practice in secondary care clinics, I have visited Dermatology, Gastro, and Renal departments. The practice was valuable as I have learned a lot about the medical consultation, including differences in taking a history, making the clinical interview, and doing the examination in different departments. However, the acquaintance with a Vitiligo patient […]