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Toys are items of play mainly for the young ones. The toys are made of different materials with most of them being made of plastics for the safety of users. Toys are of vital use to the young ones because they help them exercise their mind and in the decoration of their living places. According to Wilcox (2009), toys help the children in learning of the surrounding and some common sounds. Through interactions with the different colors on the toys, the children sight is enhanced and they can be able to distinguish the common different colors. On the other hand, toys are a source of revenue for many countries when exported. There are several toy manufacturing industries in Europe and United States. From the sale of these toys internally together with the exportation, the countries get huge revenues.

Toy manufacturing companies should be highly supported because of the many advantages associated with the toys. These merits range from the intellectual benefits to the child or the user to the economic advantages like the earning of revenue. The manufacturing of toys has several benefits to the child hence the companies making these items should be morally and financially supported (Jenkinson, 200l p. 12-17). Toys have physical benefits to the children as they use them for play. One of the physical benefits that toys have is the strengthening a child’s finger and hands. The eye-hand coordination is also improved as the child plays with the toy. As the child tries to differentiate the different colors, sizes and shapes, the intellectual capability of the mind of the child is made to develop.

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The toy manufactured will also have social benefits to the child as it encourages interaction among children. The child is also able to make friends as they play with others. Through interaction and sharing of objects, the child’s mind is broadened. The other importance the toy will bring is the intellectual benefits to the child. The child is able to identify different shapes, sizes and colors and through this their vocabularies develop. Creativity is also enhanced as the child try to make their own designs and arrangement of the objects. As the child interacts with others, the issue of relationship and making friends is encouraged. This is seen in the sharing of the toy objects and the combined play with the toys.

The toy manufactured may also have a benefit to the society as it can be used to address a social issue. The toys can have some writings or drawings on their external surfaces that can be used to convey a certain message to the people. The toy can be used to address some common issues affecting the society like the pollution by having some writing criticizing the pollution caused by man. The toy manufacture should therefore be encouraged and toy manufacturing companies should be persuaded to manufacture the play objects.

In conclusion, toy manufacturing has several benefits and should therefore be encouraged. The children benefit in several ways as they use the toys in their play. The other major benefit is seen in the economic growth. The toy manufacturing industries are of important use to the growth of a country economically. In the developed nations like the United States, toy manufacturing industries offer employment opportunities to millions of people. Toy manufacturing has a vital use to both the user and the country and therefore should be encouraged.

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