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The Civil Rights Movement and Contribution of Malcolm X

Introduction The Civil Rights Movement was a massive social grouping of the black American citizens and the white activists that supported them in the fight against racial discrimination in the 1950s – 1960s and beyond (Wilson, 2013). In the southern region of the United States, a century of slavery and decades of segregation created a […]

Time Management

Time Management for Students Time management is a very essential tool to achieve success, but it remains hard for many people to practice. Many individuals, especially trainees and students, tend to waste their time on non-priority issues, and this prepares the ground for their failure. It is essential to have a set of priorities and […]

Marketing Research “Starbucks”

“Starbucks” The contemporary business environment includes a myriad of companies, which have successfully obtained leading positions in the fields of their performance. One of the companies which became world-famous is Starbucks. Howard Schultz, the Starbucks CEO, believes that the secret of the company’s success lies in its openness, transparency, and readiness to fulfill customers’ needs […]

Death and Hypocrisy in Victorian Literature

Literature has undergone immense changes from the earliest period until nowadays. The two eras during which British literature altered significantly are the Victorian and Modern periods. The Victorian period lasted from 1837 to 1901 and was characterized by a change in social and economic life given that it was the onset of the industrial revolution. […]


Conflicts are inevitable in any country and if they are not dealt with in the most democratic manner, they may lead to a war that may threaten the stability of the state. Due to the fear of the instability of the country, the neighboring nations will seek ways of helping the affected state to regain […]

Sustainable Building Practices (Innovations) in Canada

Sustainable Building is also called Green Building; this term has been used to imply practices that are carried out in ensuring that structures that are being erected adhere to environmentally friendly regulations. Other than the building itself, the practices also lay emphasis on the process of constructing those structures to last longer. It pays attention […]

The Development and Implementation of a New Curriculum

The development of a new curriculum for schools requires coordination between relevant people to identify the needs and allocate the resources for specific activities. Thus, cooperation with the school administration contributes to the fast and easy process of developing and implementing a new curriculum. However, there is a need to identify the objectives that the […]

The Chief of Police: James Craig

The police forces have been developing for over the centuries. The main aspect of its evolution includes Police management process, the elaboration of core strategy for providing the value for community. The position of police chief has always been an ambitious job, which requires the full use of abilities. The chief should know how to […]

Examining Engineering Students Attitudes towards Plagiarism

The experiment has an independent variable, that is achievement goal orientation, and the dependent variable is the plagiarism rates. It was used to find out if there are any differences among the population means. Goal orientations are reasons for students to engage in achievement-directed behavior and take two angles, namely performance and mastery goal orientation. […]


The 1997 Kyoto Protocol sought to limit emissions of fossil fuels. The Japan-negotiated agreement sought to limit emissions of greenhouse gases by affluent and wealthy countries. However, the less affluent countries were left to make voluntary contributions as to the greenhouse gases limit. Towards this end, India and China as well as other less affluent […]

The Ohio State

Ohio has been experiencing the need for fire fighters due to frequent fires over the years. In the past, most of the fires were put out by volunteers who hardly outnumbered thirty people. However, retiring of most of these volunteers, as well as moving of younger people to larger cities has caused a great decrease […]

Rainforest or Hothouse?

Quanta research institute is a company that has been dealing with PCs from its inception. This means that it has been able to compete with such companies as Merck, Oracle Corporation and Supplying notebook computers to companies such as Apple and Toshiba, Quanta became one of the most successful companies in Taiwan, due to […]

Social Group Identities

Gender and racial identities affect the relationship of individuals in all aspects of mass education. This is especially evident in the factors such as adjustment, self-esteem, and well-being of students. Social Group identities can be used to determine why some students succeed at school, while others do not. Educators, parents, potential employers, and even students […]

Advanced Theories of Intervention in Human Services

The overall objective of KAM 6 is to provide a critical review and assessment of advanced theories about the interventions used in human services by looking at the social systems theories of Merton (1967), Trevino (2008), Parsons (2012), and Weber (1964). In addition, the breadth will describe how research into the literature reveals the ways […]

Public Broadcasting

Public television stations play very important role in the current society, ranging from educating to informing, and even entertaining the public free of charge. The stations also play a crucial role in advertisement and are therefore important in building the corporate world. Public television stations are structured into departments that work together towards ensuring that […]

Measurement in the Methodology of Educational Research Studies

Measurement should be considered a key aspect of research method in education. As it was noted by Towne and Shavelson (2002), when variables or research concepts are poorly measured, even the best research methods would not be able to provide support for scientific inferences. Education, in particular, has provided multiple concepts and variables that serve […]

Teaching, Learning and the Geographies of Education

With the increasing of drawing the world together by modern technologies, geography not only keeps its positions but also raises its importance. Geography has been changing and evolving over years in order to meeting the interests of upcoming generations. Understanding the history of geography helps to sharpen the understanding of perspectives of the development of […]

The Aftermath of Misinformation

Life daily brings new discoveries. These discoveries are then respectively shared with large scales of people. Acquisition of this knowledge, in its turn, elicits certain actions and reactions of the public. Like everything else, this happens on both a small as well as a large scale. Therefore, the effects bear the same magnitude as the […]

Pros and Cons of Migrant Labor

Migrant labor is a term used in the United States to refer to the laborers who travel from one place to another to find an employment, for instance, to harvest crops that need picking immediately after the crops ripen. Migrant laborers are a common phenomenon in the United States, even though it has also picked […]

How Can Geography Affect Culture?

Culture refers to a broad spectrum of learned human behavior patterns and perceptions. Culture is a way of living of a group of individuals. It includes knowledge, art, law, shared customs, beliefs, morals, and other habits which man acquires being a member of society. Culture is a strong tool for human survival. It experiences constant […]

Obama’s Foreign Policy: Continuity or Change?

In the world practice, a new president continues the foreign policy of the predecessors, keeping country’s image on the political arena. However, Obama’s foreign policy has been different in many spheres. He has made many reforms, but his foreign policy has been very different from that of his predecessor. Obama has received much criticism of […]

BPCS Students E- Service

Web applications are very important in terms of improving the quality of services for organizations. Albaha Private College of Science (BPCS) is planning to improve their website to make better access for their students. Currently students have to ask for a hard copy of their documents such as schedules, transcript and exam grades. Therefore, students […]

Game Art & Design

Game designing is the art of creating game programs that arouse strong emotions in computer players through fantasy. Normally, game designers strive to present a set of sensory experiences to game players to stimulate in them fantasies that are commonly shared. It generates emotions and sometimes triggers in players or the audience the feeling of […]

The Effect of Movie Subtitles on English Language Acquisition among Secondary Students in Taif

The study will involve sixty participants randomly selected from the Al Hada International School. Students will be randomly placed into three groups based on the subtitle options, with each group consisting of twenty students. The Oxford Proficiency Test will be used in ensuring the sample homogeneity. Moreover, a pre-test using twenty target words derived from […]

Zarin Patel Interview (BBC Financial Manager)

Financial matters are at the root of any business entity. An organization must have clear budgetary planning process as it aids in making both short- and long-term decisions. Inevitably, a business entity ought to be aware of the financial implications of any decision before engaging in any operations. In an organization, financial management is concern […]

Should Students Take a Year off after High School before They Go into College?

Chapter 1: Introduction The topic of the research addresses the evaluation of the question of whether students should take a year off after high school before they go into college. In other words, the research finds it significant to understand the benefits and / or the drawbacks of taking a year off after students have […]

Security Personnel in Norfolk International Airport

The Norfolk international airport, according to Sharkey (2013), is a public-owned facility the ownership of which falls under the city of Norfolk. Although run by the Norfolk airport authority, it is a part of the Norfolk municipality. Being the third largest and busiest airport in Virginia, Sharkey (2013) observes that it has over eighty flights […]

The Need for Informed Consent for the Use of Human Cells

Water snails are predominantly herbivores that feed on the naturally growing algae in water (Galli, 1956). Most of the shallow-water corals are a zooxanthellate, i.e. their tissues contain numerous algae called zooxanthallae. These algae are photosynthetic and produce nutrients, which are utilized by these corals. Presence of herbivorous snail that may feed on these algae […]

Tunisian Arabs (Thesis Statement)

Joshua Project shows that in the world today there are about 16,601 people groups among whom Christian teaching has not been preached; thus, they have not been reached by Christian faith. Most of these people are found in countries dominated by Muslims. While there are 9000 of them who have strong faith in Christianity and […]

Learning and Teaching Strategies in Saudi Arabia

A research into the topic “Learning and Teaching Strategies in Saudi Arabia” will follow a coherent plan that is meant to introduce the problem statement, background information, literature review, methodology of research, results and analysis of research, and reflection of the entire research. It has become evident that Saudi Ministry is concerned with education aimed […]

What Effect can the Use of Virtualization have on IT Intensive Organizations?

What is Virtualization? Virtualization is a technique that attempts to reduce costs on hardware by minimizing the quantity of physical machines in a way of creating the virtualized environment. For practical purposes, there is no difference whether the server is physical or virtual, as the same services are used, and information is shared within the […]

Why They Kill

Violent offenders have given varied responses on the motives for their crimes. In most cases, the violent offenders are driven by external forces to commit crimes in public. Most of these crimes relates to theft and killings. Among the major motives driving violent offenders into criminal activities is the urge to gain in plenty. According […]

Toy Manufacturing Companies

Toys are items of play mainly for the young ones. The toys are made of different materials with most of them being made of plastics for the safety of users. Toys are of vital use to the young ones because they help them exercise their mind and in the decoration of their living places. According […]

Topas Walsall Cleaning Service

Udergrowth in Topas Walsall Cleaning Service is one of the problems that affect its performance. The purpose of this project is to look at the causes and effect of the undergrowth in Topas Walsall Cleaning Service. Qualitative analysis was done using multiple theories of business effectiveness in order to achieve the desired objectives towards the […]

Testing Herzberg’s Job Enrichment Theory

Step 1: Match Reasons to Herzberg’s Factors In any contemporary organization there is one huge problem that defines revenue and that is the motivation of employees. The idea is that the aspects of motivation are related to any business setting, which could be justified by means of valuable changes in any company if the employees […]

Renaissance vs Baroque

Sculpturing is one of the oldest works of art that were use to convey or to express the ideas in an artist’s mind. When trying to compare different works of sculpture done by different artists in different times a lot of similarities are noted in the way the sculpture was done. There are also some […]

Punishment and Discipline

There are several techniques, which those in authority or power can employ so as to maintain discipline. In schools, corporal punishment has been a controversial method of ensuring that students toe the line (Shapiro, 2000). On the other hand, spanking of children is widely used by parents to ensure discipline. However, in the job market, […]

Leadership Research

Leadership styles Everything matters! Leadership role is the core quality of every manager within any organization or a company as it has a direct impact on the employees and a project you lead with the philosophy to gently assess all the sources available by both the authorities and subordinates for the life project. In case […]

History Of Chinese Arts

Introduction Any kind of art represents a history of traditions that were enrolled in the lives of humans for many centuries. The same is legible for the Chinese arts and their philosophy. Traditionally, the Chinese approach to art is defined through the major art systems that are distinguished in the world vision of life and […]

Significance of Gun Control in the United States

Opinions are divided on whether or not gun control should be approved in the United States. The opponents of the significance of gun control have argued against any legislation targeting gun access and use in the United States. The issue of gun control has thus attracted discursive and policy significance because it has succeeded to […]

Facilitating Learning and Assessment in Practice

Introduction According to the words of Lao-Tzu, “It is wisdom to know others. It is enlightenment to know one’s self”. People learn throughout the lifetime by means of evaluating information, understanding the mistakes and making the right decisions so all of the findings from when people were born till their end days reflect the ability […]

Discussion on Strategic Team of Mindvalley

There is a gap in theory and practice of what it actually means to be a strategic team. One of the best examples of such a team would be the Foundation called Mindvalley, which is the leader in terms of marketing for the innovative educational and cultural programs in the world. The team of Mindvalley […]

Discussion about the TerraCog Case

How do the insights from specific course readings help you understand why meetings at TerraCog are so dysfunctional? Every business meeting should be held in a specific procedure in case the business really wants to be growing in the future. Based on the case study of the TerraCog as well as the additional reading materials, […]

Leadership. Great Leaders example

Introduction From the position of common people, the main task of leadership is communicating and leading people towards their goal, as well as motivating them for the future achievements. The overall role of a leader is to manage community while adhering to the shared vision. Such an approach defines the mission concerning the target audience, […]