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Great Topics to Debate

Great Topics to Debate That Will Help Your Get Inspired

What Is Debate?

In its essence, a debate is a formal discussion on a controversial topic, which assumes presenting two or more opposing opinions. Debates usually follow a certain pattern: each side has a limited period of time to present its viewpoint and support it with solid evidence.

In high school or college, students often participate in debates as it helps them strengthen their analytical, critical thinking, and communication skills. By suggesting your opinion and supporting it with appropriate evidence, you learn how to develop your arguments, which will greatly benefit your future life. The skills obtained during the debates will help you succeed at different stages of your life from a personal conversation to a job interview.

When it comes to debates, choosing a good topic is particularly important. In our guide, we are going to help you figure out how to choose an appropriate subject for your speech. Besides, we will provide you with a list of great topics to debate that will enable you to understand what issues are the most intriguing, relevant, and thought-provoking.

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The debate can be of several types. Each type has its specific features, which ought to be considered by every individual, who is going to participate in debates. All the debate types have different purposes; thus, students need to conduct them in different ways. The four main types of debate are as follows:

  • Rebuttal;
  • Lincoln-Douglass;
  • One-rebuttal;
  • Oregon-Oxford.

Great Debate Topics for College Students

No matter what kind of debate you have to participate in, you need to study the subjectthoroughly and get prepared for a rigorous discussion. Your topic has to be engaging, clear, and interesting to your target audience. You will be able to convince the opposing side, as well as your audience, only if you provide strong and accurate arguments. Since there are various types of debates, their topics also differ. Below, you will find the common types of great topics to debate:

  • Public forum debate. This form requires the provision of a series of speeches. In particular, it includes a constructive speech, a rebuttal speech, a summary speech, and finally a focus speech from each side. The parties have limited time for providing their speeches and every round is punctuated by a crossfire argument;
  • Parliamentary debate. This form of debate requires defending a thesis in a series of speeches. Impartial or unbiased judges typically evaluate the speeches presented. The team that gets more points wins. This debate is often used in government legislatures. Also, it can be used in high schools and colleges as a part of the studying process;
  • Spontaneous argumentation. In the previous two types, the topics are provided to both teams prior to debates, which allow them to prepare. Yet, during the spontaneous argumentation, the topics are provided only when the parties meet each other. Thus, they have a very limited time for developing their arguments.

Now, when you know the common types of debate topics, let us help you select a perfect subject for your debate speech.

How to Choose a Good Debate Topic?

A perfect debate topic is the one that enables both the participants and the audience to study more aspects related to the topic. When choosing a subject for a debate, you need to consider the following points:

  • Interest. First and foremost, you need to choose the topic you are interested in. If you are interested in a subject, the chances are high that you will make it interesting for your fellow students. What is more, by studying an interesting topic in detail, you will be able to enjoy the process of preparation;
  • Argument potential. We highly recommend you choose the topic that has a high argument potential. In case your topic is lacking argument potential, you will find it too challenging to figure out several central claims for your debates;
  • Data potential. This means that you have to be able to find enough data to back up your arguments. If there is not enough background information, you need to consider changing the topic.

If you have enough time for choosing the topic for a debate, make sure to use it wisely and pick up the subject you are passionate about. As soon as the topic is selected, you need to proceed in the same way as you usually do when working on a research paper. First, you need to develop a central claim of your work and formulate a couple of strong arguments related to it. Also, you need to think about the possible counter-arguments, as well as a refutation to them. When you are preparing for debates, you need to try to guess which arguments your opponents may suggest and know how to react to them. Make sure to collect enough credible data to support your claims. Otherwise, your opponents will question the accuracy of your arguments. Once you are done with the preparation stage, you need to think about how to make your introductory part look engaging. You will succeed in debates only if you manage to spark the interest in your audience and convince them that your opinion is right.

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Now, when you know how to select an appropriate topic for debates, let us provide you with a list of ideas you can use for getting inspired.

Funny Debate Topics

There are a lot of funny great topics to debate. Yet, not all of them are appropriate. Let us provide you with some ideas collected by our creative writers:

1. Choosing the best pizza topping. Can it be both tasty and healthy?

2. Are bad words really bad?

3. Are social media platforms really making people stupid?

4. Who are better chiefs? Men or women?

5. Is it too boring to live for many ages? What would you do if you had such an opportunity?

6. Money can really make people happy. Agree or disagree;

7. Pluto is a planet;

8. Modern music is better than classical music in many ways;

9. What is better: to be able to turn invisible or have wings and fly?

10. What part of the year is better?

11. In what way fairytales can change the child`s reality perception?

12. Students should get some money for going to school. Discuss the main pros and cons of this claim;

13. The tap water vs. bottled one. What would you prefer?

14. Should adolescents be allowed to smoke cigarettes?

15. Is McDonald`s the best restaurant?

16. The way of thinking of men and women. What makes us different?

17. Dreaming at night vs. day-dreaming. Which is better?

18. Children under 16 should have the right to vote. Do you agree with this statement?

19. TV stars are appropriate role models for teenagers;

20. Going back to in-person learning after the COVID 19 pandemic. Is it safe?

21. Should students wear the clothes they want in high school? Can clothes represent our personality?

22. Are violent movies too harmful?

23. Is there too much pressure on students in the present-day academic environment?

24. Students should reach the age of 18 to use cell phones. Do you agree?

25. Lord of the Rings vs. Harry Potter. Which book is better?

26. Why cheerleading cannot be considered a sport?

27. Reading should become significant for every student. Agree or disagree;

28. Amusement parks: main benefits and shortcomings;

29. Is Barbie a good role model for immature girls?

30. Is a good sense of humor really necessary for building a career?

31. Who would be a better President: The Rock or Kanye West?

32. Who are more successful: extroverts or introverts?

33. Fruits can be considered a dessert;

34. Nursery rhymes are too boring. What can be an alternative?

35. Women have a much less complicated nature than men;

36. Milk chocolate is better than dark chocolate;

37. Should children learn the truth about Santa Claus?

38. Would you become a ninja?

39. X-Factor vs. American Idol;

40. Friends vs. the Big Bang Theory.

Science Debate Topics

Science topics vary depending on the discipline you are studying. For instance, you may try to answer the question “Is there life on other planets” or “Is abortion legal?” The topic you choose for a science debate needs to be interesting and engaging. Besides, it ought to have enough research potential. If you are lacking the great topics to debate on science-related issues, feel free to check the ones provided below:

1. Is pedigree breeding an unethical practice? Explain your position;

2. Will reincarnation ever be possible?

3. Can the child living in an incomplete family be happy in the future?

4. Genetically modified organisms bring more benefit than harm. Agree or disagree with this statement;

5. Should an individual own his or her own DNA?

6. Is the use of gene editing justified when it comes to guaranteeing health?

7. Society should make immunization mandatory. Agree or disagree with this claim;

8. Is human behavior defined by genes?

9. Should animal testing be allowed?

10. What are the proofs of life on other planets?

11. Is vaccination too risky for children?

12. Alternative remedies do much more harm than good;

13. Should we legalize human cloning?

14. Can fast-food restaurants be blamed for obesity?

15. Are antidepressants really effective?

16. Do you agree that abiogenesis is falsifiable?

17. Should we try to revive extinct creatures?

18. Stem cell research: common pros and cons;

19. Organ procurement from a deceased person should be allowed without consent;

20. Is the problem of autism too exaggerated?

21. Intelligence depends on genes, not the surroundings;

22. Animal extinction. Is it a part of evolution or a negative result of human activity?

23. How can society accept transgender people?

24. Is evolution a fact or just a theory?

25. Can reincarnation be possible?

26. Should nutrition classes be included in elementary school?

27. How will the world end?

28. Is animal experimentation justifiable for the sake of medical advancement?

29. Should marijuana be legalized?

30. Homeopathic medicine: main pros and cons.

Technology Debate Topics

When you are going to participate in a technology debate, then you need to pick up the topic that is relevant and up-to-date as this field is developing with incredible speed. Here are some fascinating ideas that can be used for your speech:

1. What are the reasons behind Apple`s success?

2. Artificial intelligence can help humanity in many ways. Explain them;

3. Do people still have complete control over technology?

4. Why should business pay additional attention to cybersecurity?

5. Can technology be utilized in preventing crimes?

6. Android vs. Apple;

7. Why do people spend so much money on apps?

8. Should parents control the time of their children?

9. In what way does classroom technology boost learning progress?

10. Is it legal for companies to collect and store information about their users?

11. In-person education vs. online education;

12. Instagram stories do not reflect real life. Agree or disagree with this claim;

13. People should not pay much attention to what they see on social media platforms;

14. Should we provide robots with more rights?

15. People all over the world should have access to high-speed internet;

16. Can the technology advancement become a reason for the Third World War?

17. Why do students prefer using printed versions of the books instead of e-versions?

18. Should schools provide online tutoring for students, who need it?

19. High school students should study the essentials of Internet literacy;

20. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies should be banned;

21. Each company should have a website. Agree or disagree with this statement;

22. Technology is an efficient instrument to decrease the level of crimes;

23. Is the Internet a curse or blessing?

24. People should own their DNA;

25. Alternative energy resources. Should governments invest in them?

26. Why is there a necessity to colonize other planets?

27. Can cell phone radiation harm the human body?

28. Is cyberbullying a problem?

29. Why do so many young people prefer Androids?

30. The internet makes us lonelier. Do you agree with it?

31. How has e-mail improved human communication?

32. Can we trust the anti-surveillance software?

33. Is artificial intelligence dangerous?

34. Should people buy more electric cars?

35. Will people colonize other planets in the nearest future?

36. How does modern technology isolate individuals from each other?

37. Is digital mapping beneficial or harmful?

38. Why did cryptocurrencies become incredibly popular recently?

39. How do technological advancements benefit our everyday life?

40. Is technology making people smarter?

Environment Debate Topics

Nowadays, there are many debates about climate change and many other problems. This is because our future depends on the changes and improvements we are taking now. In addition to climate change, there are many other themes you may uncover in your debates. For instance, you may talk about plastic waste, organic farming, energy-saving appliances, and other subjects. Let us have a closer look at great topics to debate on environmental issues:

1. Is overpopulation dangerous for Earth?

2. Should people stop selling and wearing fur?

3. What are the main benefits and shortcomings of the energy-saving life bulbs?

4. Can the mining ban benefit environmental protection?

5. In what way can clean energy drive the world`s economy to recovery?

6. Should companies be taxed on carbon emissions?

7. What will the big cities look like in a century?

8. In what way do environmental changes affect the ozone layer?

9. Is climate change irreversible?

10. Discuss the role of organic farming in agriculture’s future;

11. Do you agree with the statement that technological advancement is the primary reason behind global climate change?

12. Can all people become vegetarian?

13. Is nuclear energy the best solution to human problems? What is the role of nuclear energy in global warming?

14. Why should people create national parks?

15. Gasoline prices should be higher to encourage people to shift to energy-efficient cars;

16. Should governments invest more in reducing carbon emissions?

17. Was the Basel Convention effective in preventing hazardous waste exportation?

18. Can electric cars solve global warming problems?

19. People, who plant more trees, should be paid for that;

20. Is green tourism beneficial to the environment?

21. Three main measures that can help save the environment;

22. Visiting zoos: main pros and cons;

23. Is organic farming an appropriate method of food production?

24. People should quit using bonfires in the gardens;

25. Vehicle fuel economy. Should the standards be reviewed?

26. High rate of air pollution. How to make it lower?

27. What are the best solutions to the problem of global warming?

28. Should the export of exotic animals be prohibited?

29. People should ban using plastic bags and packaging;

30. Can genetically modified food be beneficial?

Social Media Debate Topics

All the social media topics are attention-grabbing as we are living in new realms. Below, you will find some ideas that can be developed into convincing speeches:

1. In what way did social media improve human communication?

2. Can social media make people more intelligent?

3. Does media make people immature?

4. Is social media a serious threat to democracy?

5. Should social media platforms be banned if they spread misinformation?

6. Should social media be under government control?

7. Is it appropriate to state your position through social media platforms?

8. Should employers check the accounts of their potential employees?

9. Is social media making people stupid?

10. Should children be allowed to create many social media profiles?

11. Is the deviant behavior related to the active use of social media?

12. Is social media addiction more dangerous than drug addiction?

13. What role does media play in business development?

14. Should schools block social media sites on computers?

15. Does social media spoil the life of teenagers?

16. Should social media profiles be considered in police investigations?

17. Should social media limit free speech?

18. Can we trust everything we see on social media?

19. When it is appropriate to ban people from social media?

20. Should social media limit advertisements?

21. Facebook vs. Instagram;

22. Facebook becomes Meta: what are the key reasons behind it?

23. Is social media a good or a bad force?

24. Should people be punished for spreading fake news on social media?

25. Is social media affecting creativity in a negative way?

26. Social media as a powerful instrument in political games;

27. Is social media affecting society?

28. Why are the Instagram models considered fake?

29. Parents should limit the time their children spend on social media;

30. The role of social media during the recent pandemic.

Sports Debate Topics

If you are going to participate in sports debates, you will definitely take advantage of the topics suggested below:

1. Sports athletes can impact social change. Do you agree with this claim?

2. Can athletes motivate adolescents by their example?

3. Is it safe to trust NFL game predictions?

4. Professional athletes should be punished for using steroids;

5. Mixed martial arts and typical misconceptions;

6. Why do professional athletes receive incredibly high salaries?

7. Why students should go in for sports?

8. The best diet for losing weight;

9. How to choose a professional coach?

10. Should physical education become a compulsory discipline?

11. College athletes should receive obligatory medical insurance;

12. Is paintball a sport?

13. Are the popular sports stars paid too much?

14. Is it appropriate to have sports in the school curriculum?

15. Can bodybuilders be called athletes?

16. Why is not soccer that popular in Canada?

17. Are all the football players spoiled?

18. What is the main difference between statistical analysis and scouting?

19. Why are the Olympics important?

20. Can the athletes initiate changes in society?

21. Why do athletes prefer cooperating with foreign trainers?

22. Sports stars should not be paid too much;

23. What are the common differences between American football and soccer?

24. Hockey vs. cricket;

25. The phenomenon of Lionel Messi;

26. Which sport is the most dangerous?

27. What are the main instruments for popularizing a healthy lifestyle;

28. Are the Olympic games worth the money spent?

29. Why should sports become a part of the curriculum of every student?

30. Is it necessary to ban animal usage in entertainment and sports?

31. Competitive sports: main benefits and shortcomings;

32. The phenomenon of Michael Jordan;

33. Success in sport: is it talent or hard work?

34. What are the main advantages and disadvantages of going to a gym?

35. In what way do the physical exercises benefit the student`s academic performance?

US National Debate Topics

Below, you will find the political topics related to the US and its policies. No doubt, the US is a global power with enormous influence all over the globe. Thus, some topics can provoke active debates:

1. Why should the President not be allowed to serve for two terms?

2. Do you agree with the claim that Blection day should become an official bank holiday in the United States?

3. In what way can the US government prevent shootings?

4. Discuss the role of private military companies in reaching the US goals;

5. What are the main reasons for the President`s impeachment?

6. Equality in the US: is it a truth or a myth?

7. Private citizens should not be allowed to buy automatic weapons. Do you agree with it?

8. Is the wall along the US-Mexico border is a good instrument for preventing illegal immigration?

9. Gun ownership and its regulation;

10. Electoral College. Should it be abolished?

11. What are the primary responsibilities of the First US Lady?

12. Should there be any limits for Supreme Court Justices?

13. In what cases should the US withhold humanitarian aid to foreign countries?

14. What limit should be established for US senators’ terms?

15. What is the most possible security threat for the US?

Relationship Debate Topics

The topics about relationships are always sensitive. If you are lacking ideas for your debates on relationships, use some ideas indicated below:

1. In what way can money affect the human relationship?

2. What are the reasons behind the betrayal in a couple?

3. Is it dangerous to live with the abuser? How to break the circle?

4. Is love a distraction to reaching one`s goals?

5. Co-sex education vs. single-sex education;

6. Should parents talk with their children about sex-related issues?

7. What are the main differences in the education of boys and girls?

8. Why is it dangerous to stay in long unhealthy relationships?

9. What are the main principles of present-day feminism?

10. Can parents prioritize some of their children?

11. Is the love caused by specific chemical reactions?

12. Do you agree with the statement that the authoritative relationships between the boss and the employee lead to lower productivity?

13. Jealousy can destroy even the best relationships;

14. The importance of dreaming for adults;

15. What are the effects of a divorce on children?

16. Is it appropriate to have secrets from your partner?

17. Should parents live together for some time before they get married?

18. Is a happy marriage the next step to romantic love?

19. Can online dating help find a good partner?

20. Are long-distance relationships doomed?

21. What parenting advice would you give to your children?

22. Should couples continue living together because of their children?

23. Is the marriage outdated?

24. Do you agree that monogamy is unnatural?

25. Can a woman have both a successful career and a happy marriage?

Health Debate Topics

Of course, most of the up-to-date health-related topics are about COVID-19. In the list provided below, we will provide you with these and many other interesting ideas:

1. Should the government ban e-cigarettes and vaping?

2. Is Coronavirus a real threat?

3. The drinking age should be lowered to 18;

4. How should drug addicts be punished?

5. Should health insurance cover beauty procedures?

6. Is bad parenting a primary reason behind childhood obesity?

7. Euthanasia should be banned;

8. People should try to become vegetarians;

9. Are all the alternative medicines harmful?

10. Should healthcare be free?

11. Should the government ban smoking in public places?

12. Is sexual orientation defined at birth?

13. Is obesity a medical problem?

14. Should some products such as snack foods, sodas, etc. come with warning labels?

15. Can happiness cure diseases?

16. Is drug abuse a physical or a mental problem?

17. Cardio is a more effective method of weight loss than weightlifting;

18. The sale of human organs and common controversies related to it;

19. What measures should be taken against the COVID 19 pandemic?

20. How to deal with the growing problem of obesity?

21. Self-medication should be punished;

22. Is it legal to use animals for medical testing?

23. How to recognize the typical signs of heart attacks?

24. Children vaccination should be compulsory;

25. Should the developed countries provide health insurance for homeless people?

26. Vaping should be banned;

27. Childhood obesity becomes an epidemic. How to combat the problem?

28. What are the best ways to help people with eating disorders?

29. Should teens be provided with contraceptives along with instructions on diseases?

30. What are the main benefits of the vaccination against COVID 19?

Education Debate Topics

The topics on education debates are not always boring. Some of them can significantly benefit the studying process. Now, let`s have a closer look at some intriguing topics for educational debates:

1. Should students wear school uniforms?

2. A proper curriculum always leads to successful performance;

3. Students should be engaged in extracurricular activities;

4. College athletes should be tested for drugs;

5. Can the online education diploma be equal to the diploma given after full-time studies?

6. What measures can prevent bullying in high school?

7. Student loans are too high. How to lower them?

8. There should be at least two professors of the same discipline to exclude the personalized perception of the information;

9. Are the scholarships for foreign students high enough?

10. In what way can the government ensure safety for college students?

11. Studying languages is less important than studying math. Do you agree with this claim?

12. Do you opine that sexual education should be mandatory in elementary school?

13. College education should not be compulsory;

14. Should college students be obliged to know at least one foreign language?

15. A high school should be free from religious disciplines;

16. All schools should be private;

17. Students should choose their specialization according to aptitude tests;

18. Should parents help children with their tasks and projects?

19. Can computer games be useful during the studying process?

20. Should children practice calligraphy?

21. Students should have an opportunity to choose the courses themselves;

22. Colleges should quit using standardized testing;

23. Can college students be authorized to participate in political debates?

24. Do you agree that homework is unnecessary in the present-day academic environment?

25. Public prayer should not be allowed in school.

Political Debate Topics

There are a lot of debatable topics in politics. Very often, politicians manipulate important subjects to get more votes. If you find it too difficult to select a topic for a political debate, make sure to check some ideas provided below:

1. In the US, there should be a monarch system;

2. Is democracy really the most appropriate government form?

3. Political campaigns should not be sponsored by private people;

4. What are the best ways to overcome dictatorship?

5. What are the most potential risks for national security?

6. Who is the main competitor of the US in the global arena?

7. Is the US Constitution flawless?

8. What was the real purpose behind building the wall between the US and Mexico;

9. Should the President be allowed to lead for more than two terms?

10. Political leaders should be active in media platforms;

11. Was it a good idea for the UK to leave the EU?

12. Should religious organizations pay taxes?

13. Globalization is better than nationalism. Do you agree with it?

14. Monarchy should be abolished;

15. Big corporations are supposed to pay more taxes;

16. Should we accept more refugees?

17. Owning an automatic weapon should be justified. Are there any exceptions?

18. Drug addicts should be able to go to rehab centers for free;

19. What is the value of a single vote?

20. Why is it necessary to protect authorship rights?

21. What is the impact of financial problems on the economy?

22. The problems related to the Guantanamo prison;

23. Morning prayers should be forbidden in schools;

24. Should internships be paid?

25. What are the main instruments for reducing poverty?

26. Discuss the role of the cryptocurrency for the world`s economy;

27. Why is it important to maintain close relationships with neighboring countries?

28. Who can be considered the best President of the US? Why?

29. Should the public protests influence the decisions of the government?

30. Is terrorism an important political instrument?

31. Illegal immigrants are criminals. Do you agree with this claim?

32. Is it important to allow freedom of speech in society? Can it be dangerous?

33. Should political leaders explain their decisions?

34. What is the best voting age?

35. Political instability in a country is the result of the refuge crisis.

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