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Winning Stanford Supplemental Essay

writing winning Stanford essays
Winning Stanford Supplemental Essay

Write a Brilliant Stanford Supplemental Essay and Achieve Your Goals! Stanford is one of the most prestigious universities in the present-day academic establishment. Many students from different countries are dreaming about getting an education there because it means that they will find it easier to reach their career goals. If you manage to become a […]

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Problem Solution Essay Topics
Best Problem Solution Essay Topics

Have a Look at the Best Problem Solution Essay Topics! The students have already written thousands of essays on standard problem solution essay topics. By choosing a topic that was widely used previously, you will make your essay look similar to many others. However, if you highly value your academic reputation and want to get […]

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best colors for PowerPoint presentation
Best Colors for PowerPoint Presentation

The Best Colors for PowerPoint Presentations: What Choice Should Be Made? Selecting the best colors for PowerPoint presentation is one of the most important decisions to take even before beginning to work on it. It is worth noting that colors can assist you in communicating your message more efficiently and clearly, and they are capable […]

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Capstone Project Ideas
Capstone Project Ideas

Capstone Project Ideas from Expert Writers Since a capstone project is a decisive paper that impacts your academic performance, you need to come up with original and interesting capstone project ideas for writing. The main purpose of this academic writing assignment is to let students demonstrate what skills and knowledge you have acquired over the […]

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IB Extended Essay Topics
50 IB Extended Essay Topics

Marvelous IB Extended Essay Topics Choosing a great subject among a large variety of IB extended essay topics is one of the main keys to successful writing. At the same time, this is one of the toughest stages of the entire procedure. It is impossible to disagree that creating a paper about the matter you […]

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Check Out Our Case Study Writing Guide
Case Study Writing Guide

Follow Our Case Study Writing Guide and Boost Your Academic Results! Our case study writing guide will be truly helpful for those students, who want to improve their case study writing skills. If you are tired from struggling with challenging instructions, then studying our manual is just the right choice since it offers several handy […]

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How to Write a Film Review Essay
Advice on How to Write a Film Review Essay

How to Write a Film Review Essay: Expert Suggestions If you are not sure how to write a film review essay, you are not alone. A lot of students struggle with writing a good film review, especially when they do not have much experience with this type of assignment. Just because you enjoy watching movies, […]

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Writing a Cover Letter
Writing a Cover Letter

Writing a Cover Letter: Everything You Wanted to Know Writing a cover letter is a very challenging and effort-consuming process for those, who do not have excellent writing skills and experience. However, you should understand that a cover letter is your chance to show to your potential employer that you are a good fit for […]

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Memo Parts
Memo Parts

From Memo Parts to Tone: All You Should Know about Writing Memos Why do you have to know memo parts? Suppose you are a group leader and you were given the responsibility to organize a business trip to another city. What will you do first? If you have good planning skills, you will probably start […]

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Best Social Justice Topics 2020
Best Social Justice Topics 2020

Find the Best Social Justice Topics 2020! Are you looking for impressive social justice topics 2020? If yes, then you are just in the right place. We have created a list of ideas that will help you write a winning essay. But what is social justice? Social justice is a sophisticated concept explaining fair relations […]

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Types of Expository Essay Writing
Types of Expository Essay Writing

Different Types of Expository Essay Writing When you are to write an expository essay, distinguishing between different types of expository essay writing is one of the first and most difficult tasks. How do you do it? At this point, you should start with a brief review of expository essay writing, because you need to understand […]

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Useful Tips on How to Write Article Reviews

What is an article review and how can we write it? In some cases, students may be asked not to use any article as a primary source. A teacher may only ask their students to prepare a good review on certain academic, scientific, or scholarly articles. The purpose of such tasks is to assess students’ […]

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types of essay
Four Types of Essay: Expository, Persuasive, Analytical, and Argumentative

The purpose of this article is to tell you about four essay types. They are analytical, argumentative, persuasive, and expository.

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how to write a term paper
How to Write a Term Paper

Find out about a term paper outline, term paper structure, and term paper format following these three straightforward steps.

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case study design
Case Study: the Most Significant Items

This article provides you with a clear understanding of case study design.

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History essay topics
History Essay Topics for an Outstanding Essay

No matter how tedious your history course might seem to you, you are about to write an essay on history. You cannot avoid writing, so just come to terms with this situation.

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How to Answer Essay Questions
How to Answer Essay Questions with Excellence

Don’t know how to answer essay questions? Here are some tips for you!

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How to Create a Post on a Discussion Board

Many people often need to publish a message on the discussion board. These are special internet communities, where people can ask different questions and share useful information. All message boards are built in almost the same way.

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Argumentative Essay Topics
120 Argumentative Essay Topics

To your attention, the list of the topics for argumentative essays, any of which, will help you to convert a simple but urgent issue into an intriguingly disputable paper.

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Tips on Book Report Writing

Book report writing is not easy, but it provides students with comprehensive understanding of a literary work and the motives that the author had before writing it.

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Great Instruction on Research Paper Writing

When a student has to analyze and interpret his/her findings on a certain topic, he/she completes a research. Such kind of academic work can have different names.

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Study Habits for College Students
A Secret Guide on How to Study Effectively

Student life is not as cloudless as it may seem. On the one hand, you have to attend lectures, complete various assignments, and prepare to the finals, and the other hand, there are work and extracurricular activities.

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ToK Essay
Write Your Brilliant Essay with This Practical Tok Essay Guide

If you are an IB student, you probably find the preparation of IB Theory of Knowledge Essay one of the most challenging assignments.

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5 Hooks for Essays

Majority of articles that give tips on writing a good essay will say that the most important sentence is the thesis statement.

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Everything You Should Know about Ghostwriting

The world is full of unfair things and disgusting deceptions.

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Martin Luther King
Letter from Birmingham Jail Summary

Letter from Birmingham Jail was composed by Martin Luther King, Jr. in 1963 during his time in Birmingham, Alabama prison

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How to Avoid Plagiarism in Research Papers

There is an abundance of knowledgeable articles and essays that can help you write a valuable research paper, but can you analyze and then use this information without plagiarizing it?

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Guidelines for Writing a Letter of Recommendation for an Employee

Letters of recommendation are peculiar pathways to job seekers’ success because they are aimed to reveal the best skills and strong points of an individual.

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Barcelona Spain
Tips for Learning Spanish From Polyglots

Spanish is among the most popular languages in the World.

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The Basic English Grammar Rules

Even though the rules of grammar may seem to be a very puzzling topic, you should dig dipper to make sense in the question.

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students, graduation, college
8 Curious Facts about College

Statistics can make any numbers into useful information and overall picture of anything.

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people, woman, coffee, meeting, study
How to Improve Your Studying Process

Are you aiming to do your best this studying year?

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Jobs for students
A Few Part-time Jobs with High Payments for College Students

Mostly all students prefer waiting until they have a degree that will allow them some time later to get a job in order to pay off their college debts.

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students cars, student
Which Car Is The Best For A Student? 8 Different Variants

Most students are very limited in their expenses, but sometimes, cars are just impossible to replace.

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manage your time. clocks
Recommendations How to Manage Your Time

Cultivating time management skills is very important for every one of us.

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How to write more effectively
How to Become an Effective Writer?

There is no such thing as a good or bad writer. You cannot do something great unless you face a number of failures.

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what is plagiarism
Defining and Avoiding Plagiarism

When you are given a writing assignment, you’ll most likely be warned that your essay will be checked for plagiarism.

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how to write a good essay
Tips on Writing a Great Essay

Writing your essay is usually accompanied by stress, isn’t it? It is typically the most time-consuming task!

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How to end a letter
How to End a Business Letter

In a letter closing use an appropriate word or phrase, which should have a relevant degree of familiarity and warmth according to how well you know the person you’re writing to.

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Correct punctuation
Top Punctuation Tips

Our writing tips will help you focus on the most confusing aspects while completing your paper.

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Become a better writer
Helpful Tips on how to Become a perfect Writer

What would your reaction be, if I stated that with this sense of well-being you’re going to become a better writer and improve your good writing skills?

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