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History Essay Topics for an Outstanding Essay

No matter how tedious your history course might seem to you, you are about to write an essay on history. You cannot avoid writing, so just come to terms with this situation. Notwithstanding the fact that in most cases your instructor gives a topic for writing, at some point you will be allowed to choose a topic which appeals to you. Without a doubt, you will be bewildered to receive such an assignment, but there is no need to hit the panic button. This article presents to your attention 40 history essay topics that will leave none indifferent.

Remark: before picking one of the topics listed in the article, read all of them, brainstorm, and scan the history essay prompts. What is more, you are strongly advised to skim at least two history essay examples (the more, the better). Jot down each and every topic that springs to mind to compile your personal list. Only then you can opt for a topic that will satisfy your instructor. Kick off this process by eliminating inappropriate ones and continue your choice considering how much valid data you can find on the chosen topic. Bear in mind that your essay should not be an incoherent stream of consciousness but rather a well-structured exposition of thoughts. In addition, you can use Wikipedia to learn more about the historical events you are not well familiar with. Nonetheless, do not even dare to use Wikipedia as a source for your writing! The use of primary sources for carrying out the research is the only possible option. Last but not least, create an outline to ease the writing process.

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Outstanding History Essay Topics

  1. America’s Foreign Policy

    Pick any provocative topic that in your opinion, speaks volumes – the growth of terrorism after the invasion of Iraq, the US military bases, the military dictators, which were supported by the USA.

  2. American Revolution

    It had a great impact on the following events. While exploring this topic, you can concentrate on the prominent figures of those times, who later took part in compiling important documents of the US.

  3. Before and After Invention of Photography

    Cutting a long story short, earlier it took hours to make a picture or a portrait and now that is the matter of a second.

  4. British music

    Research how British music invaded the US market and how much it affected American music.

  5. British Rule in India

    Research positive and negative effects, which the British rule had on this country, and how it defined the further history.

  6. Civil Rights Movement

    Briefly summarize the events and pay closer attention to their consequences.

  7. Cold War

    Despite being formidable opponents in the Cold War, America and the USSR are rooted in American Revolution and Bolshevik Revolution respectively. These revolutions have a great deal in common.

  8. Collapse of Empires

    Both bygone and modern eras have the examples of the empires’ implosions. Undertake the extensive research on the reasons for their ascending and fall.

  9. Crusades

    The invasion of the Holy Land is considered to be one of the most violent periods in the history of humanity. The European nobility pillaged a stupendous amount of artifacts related to their Christian faith.

  10. Fashion in the 20th Century

    No one can argue that fashion underwent drastic changes during the previous century. Dedicate some time to clearing the air on this topic.

  11. Flight Engineering

    Carry out the research on the evolution of flight and engineering approach in the timeline.

  12. French Revolution vs. American Revolution

    Despite the fact that both revolutions were aimed at overthrowing a monarch, they differ. Making a notable example, you can call attention to the imprisonments, trials, and capital punishment, which were a part and parcel of French Revolution.

  13. History of Rock Music

    This topic will unequivocally capture your readers’ attention.

  14. Industrial Revolution in England

    Besides critically analyzing the revolution itself, explain to your audience the effects it had.

  15. Industrial Revolution in Europe

    Conduct a comparative research on the differences between the industrialization of various European countries.

  16. Iran and Iraq

    Draw your audience’s attention to the proxy war between these two countries.

  17. Karl Marx

    I bet you will hardly name another person, who had the same or almost the same influence on the society. Focus your writing on the abuse of the essence of his works in communist parties, nations, uprisings, and movements.

  18. Martin Luther King

    Concentrate on how this undoubtedly powerful man shaped the attitude towards race, social justice, and nonviolent protest. Furthermore, opt for an eloquent speech delivered by this key historical figure and start analyzing! Beware: if you choose “I Have a Dream”, make sure your essay will drastically differ from the common analyses made on this speech.

  19. Medicine

    Explore bizarre facts about medicine in the bygone era and kill two birds with one stone – find information for your writing and information for raising your eyebrows.

  20. Middle Ages and Renaissance Education

    In the latter option, education existed and boomed.

  21. Music during Ancient Times

    Dedicate your essay to the music of ancient civilizations in order to learn more about the prehistoric culture.

  22. Music

    Do not call attention to the music itself but find out some pieces of music created for political causes.

  23. Nuclear Bombs

    Define which events caused the drop of nuclear bombs during World War II. Moreover, you can justify this controversial decision.

  24. Person Who Greatly Influenced American Revolution

    Choose a prominent person of those times and prove why you consider him to be influential.

  25. Piracy

    The history is full of examples of piracy and famous pirates. Dig deeper to realize that it was not that romantic as the cinematography shows.

  26. Post-World War II 1950s

    Evolve your essay around the growth and prosperity America had and the terrible Cold War with the USSR.

  27. Predicted History

    One of the most outstanding topics will be the historical events, which were foreseen by fiction writers in their magnum opuses.

  28. Renaissance Architecture

    Let your imagination decide what will be the focal point of your investigation. The Renaissance period is full of vivid examples, which show the differences between the eras.

  29. Renaissance Humanism

    Right after the crusades, human beings started to think more deeply about their human nature. The most famous works of fine art, as well as paintings and sculptures, which resembled the reality, were produced.

  30. Roman and British Empires

    Besides researching the implosion of these empires, make a compare and contrast analysis. Without a doubt, you will be delighted with its results!

  31. Roman culture

    Narrow down this theme to Roman graffiti – one of the least discussed topics in Roman history.

  32. The Abolition of Slavery

    Slavery was not an isolated case in the world history. Narrow down this topic to one country or make a comparison between the forms slavery took worldwide.

  33. The Battle of Hastings

    This decisive for the Norman Conquest battle occurred in 1066 and shaped the whole English history for the following four hundred years.

  34. The Carnation Revolution of 1974

    This bloodless yet successful coup is a notable example of peaceful transitions to democracy.

  35. The Great Disappointment

    This undoubtedly riveting topic will allow you to find out why the Millerite movement believed that the world would die on the 22nd of October 1844.

  36. The War of 1812

    Explore the early American history by finding out the roots of the American Revolutionary War in the conflict between Britain and America.

  37. The Yalta Conference

    Also known as the Argonaut Conference, this meeting of the USA, the UK, and the USSR heads of government was held with the purpose of the discussion of the post-war years and reorganizations. It marked the nigh end of World War II.

  38. Which Events Brought About the Worst Wars in the History?

    Compare and contrast different wars in order to extract general causes and effects.

  39. World after WW I & WW II

    Define how the causes and effects of these wars led to the economic instability of Europe and further conflicts.

  40. World War I & II

    Use a human approach investigating these wars. Find out more about the soldiers, who took part in them, and their plight.

Leaving no stone unturned, remember that each and every history essay is pretty subjective. If you are uncertain which side to choose, take a look at your topic from the perspective of your instructor.

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