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How to Create a Post on a Discussion Board


Many people often need to publish a message on the discussion board. These are special internet communities, where people can ask different questions and share useful information. All message boards are built in almost the same way. At these sites, as a rule, there are several sections with topics. They contain answers, questions and users’ messages. You can participate in the discussion of various themes, where you will be answered by other members. There is a search form on each discussion board, with the help of which you can find the word or phrase you need. Users list contains nicknames of all members of the site. In some message boards, participants are grouped together. Most often, these are groups of administrators, moderators, users, guests, etc. Almost all discussion boards have a registration form. As a rule, in order not only to read other people’s messages but also to participate in communication, you must register on the site. The registration process is usually simple and standard. It is required to enter the login, the password, and your email. After registration, you should receive confirmation that you are accepted as a participant of the message board. In many cases, you will receive a link to activation. You need to go through it to complete the registration. You should read different examples of discussion board responses and follow some recommendations to create a good post.


After registration, you can set your profile in the personal section. A profile is a page with your data. Here you can write your name (real or fictitious) or a nickname, add a small picture that will be your “visiting card” on the site. It can be changed anytime; you can just choose a new one from the gallery of pictures, which is available on almost every message boards or put your own picture (from the Internet or from your computer). In addition, you can insert a signature in the messages that will be present in every post you sent.


Each site has its own rules. If you want to communicate on the discussion board, you must comply with them; otherwise, you will not be allowed to communicate with it. To avoid this situation, you need:

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Read the rules of the messages board, which are usually written as a separate topic. The names of topics should be informative. Do not forget that everything you write on the site becomes public. Therefore, if you do not want to hear negative answers, do not share your personal information with strangers. Be correct and polite. If you are rude, people will not be kind to you. Do not create cloned accounts. Very often, the participant, forgetting the password, prefers to create a new profile. This is not welcomed. Write to the administrator, and he or she will solve your problem by sending you a new password.

Moderators and administrators are people who are controlling the process of communication on the board. They have the opportunity to edit any messages, move and delete them. As a rule, the actions of moderators and administrators are not discussed. You just need to learn board’s rules well to avoid unpleasant situations.


Before you start to create your message, you should study different examples of discussion board responses. Try to formulate your title briefly to reflect the main idea of the whole message. Very often people write the following: “Help,” “Urgent! Need help,” “Give me advice,” etc. However, such text is unclear. After all, in order to answer the question, a person should know that this can be determined immediately by the title. Therefore, try to write headers like “Which function is responsible for deleting the file” immediately. Such questions are acceptable for a particular category or discussion boards.


The actual text of the message is the most important part of the post. After all, it contains the whole meaning of what you want to find out. First, one must be able to write simple sentences. This is usually taught at school. If you want to be answered, think about what you want to ask, about the purpose of the question. Try to ask at once and in essence, and not to tell different backgrounds, as it often happens.

On the discussion board, you can not only ask different questions but express your opinion about important things. When you learn how to express your idea correctly, more and more people will listen to it. You must follow the proper structure of your post. The title should be clear to help people understand what you are going to speak about. Write an attention grabber. In one sentence, tell what will be discussed in the whole article. The review of different opinions will show readers the existing thoughts about the issue. Create formulation; in this part of the text, you must formulate your opinion. This is a short paragraph, but it is very important. You should show your competence in issue and prove your position by using arguments.

Before you begin to present your position, study the situation. If you want to be considered with your ideas, learn to respect thoughts of others. Naturally, other people have already spoken on the topic you are discussing. They had done it before you. Then you need learn different opinions.Why is the title so important? Because in each text it has an important role – to attract the attention of the target audience and interest in further reading.

Your further task is to demonstrate your competence on the issue of your consideration. If you do not argue your point of view, it has no right to exist. If you want your position to deserve its place and receive respect – give its justification with the help of specific arguments. Here are two very important points:

  • write your own arguments;
  • express your thoughts clearly and disclose all aspects of the issue.


Using these recommendations and reading different discussion board examples, you can create a proper post.

  • It is not correct to use the given freedom of speech for insulting interlocutors and violating topics at the discussion board.
  • It is better to talk with your own name and surname.
  • Setting out a personal point of view, refrain from categorical and instructive tone towards other participants.
  • When writing a response to an existing topic read its title again and make sure that you do not deviate from it in your message.
  • Create new topics only in thematic boards. If this is a site about design, you do not have to ask questions about health.
  • Do not repeat the message on the same topic several times in a row for a short period (about one week). If you did not get the answer to your message, try to reformulate it.
  • The discussion board does not accept advertising.
  • The discussion about spelling and punctuation errors of the authors of messages is not welcome at such sites. It is better to inform such things personally to the person and ask him or her to fix them.
Wish you all the best! Good luck!

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