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What Is a Discussion Board Post

What Is a Discussion Board Post? Get Answers and Boost Your Writing Talent!

Before you figure out how to write a great discussion board post, you will need to understand what is a discussion board. In accordance with a common discussion board definition, it is an online platform where students and professors communicate with each other, sharing their ideas about the course’s theories and concepts. In our guide, we attempt to help you understand all the characteristic features of a successful discussion board post. In particular, you will understand the importance of this task, as well as master some instruments for making your discussion post great.

A discussion board post is one of many academic assignments that aim to show the students’ awareness of the subject matter, as well as their writing and analytical skills. The best discussion board post includes strong arguments that are supported with solid evidence. Although a discussion post is rather short, it should be treated in a professional way because it takes a great part of the overall grade. One cannot write a discussion post based on their personal perception of the topic, but they should research the topic thoroughly, studying the findings of the reputed scholars.

A discussion board post is a unique academic assignment that provides “space” for discussions. Even those students, who feel uncomfortable sharing their ideas with others, enjoy doing this task. This assignment enables students to communicate their ideas online in a written format and promotes distant collaboration. As for the main functions of good discussion board posts, they are as follows:

  • They allow students to discuss thought-provoking and controversial topics with their fellow students;
  • Online discussions help students cope with their home assignments;
  • Discussions allow students to apply the theoretical material learned during classes;
  • In discussions, students obtain the necessary communication skills;
  • Online discussions familiarize students with the complex terms and concepts learned in a specific class.
  • When a professor asks you to suggest a topic for the next discussion, you can show your creativity;
  • Active participation in an online discussion will help you earn points for your studying course.

As you can see, a discussion board post assignment is very important, thus you should not compromise this task by treating it carelessly. Every time you receive such an assignment, you should get prepared for it. If you think that you can do it at the last moment, you are mistaken. The process of creating a college discussion board online requires a considerable amount of time during the planning, research, writing, and editing stages. If you have never worked on such an assignment before, you should have a look at some handy tips and suggestions that we have prepared for you.

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Writing a Good Discussion Board Post: How to Do It Right?

If you want to succeed in writing a good discussion board post, you should study our suggestions thoroughly. The tips collected by seasoned academic writers will help you generate an engaging post that will help you impress the most demanding audience.

How to Write a Discussion Board Post: Common Discussion Board Rules

There are few steps in the process of developing a winning discussion board post:

  1. Understand the purpose of this assignment;
  2. Organize the writing process;
  3. Read the directions;
  4. Carry out preliminary research;
  5. Think about the central point of your post;
  6. Collect supporting facts;
  7. Write your post;
  8. Proofread it;
  9. Post your assignment on time.

Now, let’s discuss the writing process in detail.

1. First, you should understand why you are writing this post and what your professor expects to see in it. Once you figure it out, you can begin the preparation;

2. Organizing the writing process is very important as you need to give yourself enough time on all the stages of the writing process. In particular, you will need to have enough time for brainstorming, making up an outline, researching, writing, and editing. So, get rid of all the
distractors and get to work

3. Before you start working on your discussion board post, you need to study the prompt carefully. Make sure to consider the following aspects:

  • What questions you are supposed to answer?
  • What is the required word count? When your task is due? How many sources you should use?
  • What is the type of your response? Do you need to reflect on your personal experience, make an argument, or compare several ideas?
  • What formatting style do you need to follow? If your tutor didn’t specify the format, you can use APA style;
  • How will your discussion post be evaluated? Feel free to consult with your instructor.

4. When you are done with all the organizational aspects, you will need to carry out preliminary research that will help you formulate a strong argument. You can go to a library or visit an online database and study some credible sources related to your topic;

5. As soon as you are done with researching, you will need to formulate a thesis statement that will structure your post around. Pay attention that this idea should be fresh and thought-provoking;

6. Once the main idea for your post is chosen, you will need to collect supporting evidence that will help you explain your argument to your peers. You are free to include in-text citations to support your assertions;

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7. As soon as you are done with all preparation stages, you will need to write your post following the latest academic standards. Although it is not necessary to follow the traditional essay structure, you will need to put your ideas in a logical way to make them easy to follow. Also, do not forget to use smooth transitions. In a discussion post, you can combine the data obtained from research with your personal experience. Remember that you will be able to impress your audience only if you manage to suggest a unique perspective on the topic being discussed.

8. When you are done with writing your discussion post, you need to edit it making sure it is free from any mistakes compromising its quality. Even if the content of your paper is just great, you won’t be able to get a good score if it is full of mistakes. When reviewing your post,
you need to ask yourself:

  • Is my central idea clear and relevant to the subject of discussion?
  • Does my post include sufficient evidence?
  • Have I suggested a unique perspective that can impress my classmates?
  • Did I support my claims with appropriate evidence?
  • Have I used a scholarly tone?
  • Is my post free from grammatical, stylistic, and formatting flaws?

9. Finally, you will need to submit your post. Pay attention that meeting the deadline is one of the most important requirements. If you miss the deadline, the chances are high that you wont have an opportunity to resubmit it.

A great tip for writing a discussion board post is to make your readers want more. You can do it by adding value to your work. The best discussion board posts remain in the minds of the readers for a long time. So, after your post is written, ask yourself “Did I add any value to the conversation?” After submitting the post, you need to wait for feedback from your classmates.

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Main dos and don’ts:


  • Make sure to log in to the portal regularly, not only on the date of submitting the post. This way, you will be able to stay informed about all the important aspects of the class material;
  • Use the information learned in class to support your points;
  • Paraphrase instead of using direct quotes;
  • Cite all sources used for writing your post;
  • Refer to the words of reputed scholars specializing in your research field;
  • Use subject lines in a strategic way. It will help you develop your arguments in a clear and concise way;
  • Read your post aloud before submitting it. It will help you fix all mistakes that may undermine its quality.


  • Don’t use clichés such as “I agree” or “Great point.” If you agree with the arguments suggested by your classmates, you need to explain your words;
  • Don’t make all your postings at once. Many posts will get your readers confused;
  • Don’t respond emotionally to your classmates’ posts. Even if you do not agree with their claims, you need to use appropriate wording and language to back up your arguments.

Most probably, you will be provided with clear guidelines on how to create a discussion board post, and your task is to follow these instructions. If the prompt asks you to write 400 words, you should stick to this limit. At the same time, professors like extra effort
and always reward them. If you need to write two responses to your peers, you can write three.

We do hope that our tips for discussion board posts will help you create great papers and get not only good grades but also respect from your peers.

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Tips for Acing Your Next Discussion Post

  1. Read the discussion posts presented previously and reflect on them thoroughly. This approach will help you polish your writing skills and succeed with every new task;
  2. Always refer to the course syllabus and grading rubric that will help you figure out how your post will be evaluated;
  3. In case of having any questions about the task, make sure to e-mail your instructor and ask for clarifications;
  4. Forget about procrastination;
  5. Make sure your post is well-organized and logically developed;
  6. Integrate previous readings into your post;
  7. Avoid colloquial language. Although you need to participate in an online discussion, it is different from chatting on other online forums. Make sure to use a formal tone and academic style;
  8. Incorporate your own experience;
  9. Provide fact-based sources to support your opinion;
  10. Build your post in an insightful way to make an impact on your target audience;
  11. Always be polite when responding to the posts of your classmates;
  12. Participate in all discussions;
  13. Show your respect to the opinions of other people;
  14. Don’t use exclamation marks, emojis, and contractions;
  15. Review your spelling and punctuation before submitting the post.

Discussion Board Post Examples


Analyze the current preoccupation with TV reality shows. In what way do these shows represent racial and gender stereotypes?


Reality shows are a widespread phenomenon, yet one cannot underestimate their negative effect related to their wrong values and harmful stereotypes. TV shows appeared and developed in the new millennium. The first shows, such as Big Brother or Survivor, demonstrate the relationships between the characters in a competitive context. In the present-day realms, TV shows aim to show the day-to-day lives of ordinary people. At the same time, they are exaggerating the qualities and personality traits of the characters to enlarge the target audience. I would like to discuss the current dilemma related to the latter type of TV shows taking Jersey Shore as an example. This show appeared in 2009 on MTV. First, I watched this TV show after the suggestion of my roommate. Later, I noticed that the cast was present on many mainstream media sites and gossip magazines. Thus, it was unavoidable. As well as many critics, I noticed many problems in the show. First, I was negatively impressed by their representation of Italian-Americans from New Jersey. Also, I do not agree with their portrayal of the life of young Americas. Finally, I found many gender stereotypes in the show.

When discussing Jersey Shore TV Show, Adam K. Raymond from the New York Magazine claims that it has infuriated Italian-Americans. The president of UNICO requested MTV to cease the show since it showed young Italian men as mindless creatures having more hair gel than brain cells.

Jersey Shore is indeed showing male characters, who are engaged in debauchery and interested in the gym, tan, and laundry. The female characters are also represented in a negative way. They are heavily tanned. Also, they wear too provocative clothing. The fourth season shows the cast in Italy where the characters are only fighting and partying. The thing is that only two characters are from New Jersey, whereas not all of the characters are ethnically Italian. Nevertheless, wrong characters` portrayal results in developing stereotypes.

My question is: are all TV shows having harmful effects on the audience? Are there any ways to decrease these effects?

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