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Art of Writing a Nursing Scholarship Essay: Get Inspired and Succeed

Writing a Nursing Scholarship Essay: Key Principles

There are numerous nursing programs for those eager to devote their lives to this generous work. A lot of students need scholarships and they strive for receiving them to avoid tuition fees but have access to the education of their dream. By writing a nursing scholarship essay, they can find another way to join the program as taking loans is a financially challenging one. What are you to do to show that you are a candidate they are looking for? They will not pay attention to your financial needs; instead, they will try to see the traits that will make you an outstanding nurse and support you on your way.

Your prospects can be much more promising with the help of a scholarship program, but you have to demonstrate all the benefits it will get from you not the benefits you get from it. You have to indicate what makes you inspired in your ambitious plans and specify the qualities that make you different from other candidates. Your academic performance, experience, background, and personal traits can turn you into a game-changer, but you have to make other people believe that.

A nursing scholarship essay does not have a universal set of requirements to follow for all the programs. For instance, you have to check on the required word count every time you try to apply as it may be from 500 to 1,500 words long. Some of the programs demand including
additional materials and photos. Some are oriented only at foreign students, while others give support only to those from the US or Canada.

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Overall, your essay gives you an opportunity to show that your individuality and skills enable you to give a contribution to a particular program. Are you ready to start? Let us take the first step to your successful future!

How Do You Write a Scholarship Essay for Nursing?

Take your chance to let the scholarship committee present yourself. Help them understand why you deserve this help and what contribution you can make to the field of nursing. Share your accomplishments and let your readers know about your objectives, experience, and talents.

Writing a scholarship essay for nursing, you have to focus on the facts from your life which are related to your dreams, plans for the future, and qualities. You will emphasize the features which helped you become a professional. Do not forget to mention your volunteering experience and focus on those aspects that help you stand out among other candidates.

A lot of students ask what they need to tell about in the essay if they have not got any work experience yet. Yes, you still have a chance to make your essay a winning one. Is there any way you can tell about yourself in the way other candidates cannot? Highlight your passion for nursing or leadership skills. Include all the details about your certificates, awards, and things you are proud of. Probably, you are exactly the kind of candidates this program is oriented at.

Which additional experience can you include?

  • Valuable contributions to communities;
  • Challenges in life which made a difference;
  • Participation in different academic nursing projects;
  • All kinds of nursing training, courses, and practices;
  • Academic performance rate.

Are personal traits important? Yes, they matter a lot. It is recommendable to devote a paragraph or two to your personal traits, including responsibility, compassion, stability, creativity, communication skills, devotion, motivation, and others.

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You have to set an appropriate tone for your essay and sound confident and persuasive. Your solid arguments are to be supported with great evidence. It is not reasonable to make jokes or write too sophisticated sentences.

Nursing Scholarship Essay: Myths and Prejudiced Opinions

You have probably heard a lot of myths related to scholarships and efforts needed to get them. Let us try to dispel at least some typical ones.

Myth No.1: It is always better to include more facts. Applicants try to emphasize the quantity not the quality. So, they mention 30 extracurricular activities instead of focusing on 2 or 3 that really matter. If you show your dedication to work or groups, you will prove that you will take a leadership role in the program as well.

Myth No. 2: Awards are given only to the candidates good at writing. There is a wide scope of criteria for judging an essay for nursing scholarship. The level of writing skills is only one of them.

Myth No. 3: It is better to strive for larger scholarships Some students believe that small awards are not worth the effort. Still, several small scholarships can be more significant than one large.

Myth No. 4: Financial need is what matters for scholarship committees. Actually, high-need students are not a preferable choice for the committees. Instead, they consider the skills, background, and personal traits of the applicants.

Myth No. 5: It is not possible to win. Competition is a must when it goes about awarding scholarships. Still, there is always a winner in that fight. It could be you.

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Valuable Tips for Writing a Nursing Scholarship Essay

What is the most challenging aspect of writing a scholarship essay for nursing school? For sure, it is to start working on it. Get inspired and make use of our expert advice to boost your confidence.

1. Gain an utmost understanding of the criteria

Studying the requirements, you will see whether you meet the minimum demands and suit the program with your qualifications and experience.

2. Write a nice outline

Start with an outline to ensure that you get a story, not a list of facts and figures. In that case, you will get the text which resonates with your audience. Keep your readers engaged, following the structure below:

  • Beginning of the essay: Specify the aspects for discussion and catch the readers’ attention. Give a summary of your motives and reasons why you need this scholarship.
  • Middle of the essay: In a few paragraphs, use your insights, facts, and relevant quotes with explanations and back-up to the statements. Present yourself as an ideal candidate, telling about your experience, skills, and real-life examples.
  • End of the essay: Make a strong conclusion, emphasizing your passion and facts that are memorable for the readers.

This is the stage of a concise summary, not a detailed presentation yet.

3. Study the samples and previous winning essays

Writing a nursing scholarship essay will be easier if you see how other candidates managed to become successful. Study their essays and get an insight into how you can write your own essay and win. Pay attention to such aspects as:

  • Formatting
  • Structure
  • Approach to the description of experience and skills
  • Language
  • Writing style and tone

4. Be precise and clear

A nursing essay for scholarship has restrictions in word count, so you have to be careful with the words you select. Try to avoid the passive voice as it diminishes your confidence and active position. Simple language does wonders.

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5. Be clear in your reasons why you dream about becoming a nurse

You have to:

  • State your motivation and express your emotions related to nursing
  • Indicate the most appealing aspects of the job of a nurse
  • Communicate personal challenges for you to overcome
  • Let the readers know about your goals as a nurse

Evidently, it is a great challenge to show how passionate you are in a paragraph or two, but you have to find your own approach and give only the most important personal detail in your essay.

Writing a nursing scholarship essay, it is fine to get inspired with the examples of other applicants, but no templates can bring you success. Only your personal effort, creativity, sincerity, and genuine emotions will add to the impact of your writing. Do not forget about that.

6. Offer an insight into your plans for the future

Share what you are going to do as a nurse and point out at a long-term commitment you have. It is important to include some words about your aspirations into the essay. It means you can indicate whether you want to be the head of some department, serve some particular area, launch some new initiatives, or specialize in some specific area. You have to let the committee understand what your ultimate aims are.

7. Edit your writing (spelling, grammar, and punctuation)

It is crucial for any field to pay close attention not only to the content but also to professionalism in writing. If you sound professional, while writing a nursing scholarship essay, it will leave a stronger impression.

8. Make your motivation sound strong

Your key to success is a precise description of your factors for inspiration and passion for the nursing profession.

What is to be highlighted?

  • The most attractive aspects of the profession;
  • Your motivation;
  • Challenges to overcome;
  • Positive impact of this scholarship on your ability to reach the goals.

The nursing scholarship essay winners can present their motivation emotionally and in sufficient detail. This section is extremely important as the committee pays close attention to your attitude and plans for the future.

9. Proofread

It is reasonable not to neglect this stage. Ask your tutor or anybody you trust to proofread your writing. We also recommend contacting to make use of our proofreading service by the best experts in scholarship writing with perfect knowledge of style and language.

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Writing a Nursing Scholarship Essay: dos and don’ts


  • Double check the essay requirements.
  • Make notes and start with an outline.
  • Be confident and precise.
  • Share your motives and future aspirations.
  • Do proofreading and editing.


  • Write the essay until you have got an insight into all aspects.
  • Hurry up. Writing without proofreading, editing, and revising makes no sense.
  • Sound too general.
  • Plagiarize. You can use some templates for inspiration, not for copying.

A winning scholarship essay always indicates your devotion to the field and gives sufficient facts that show your experience, background, and intentions. You have to give a unique piece of writing used only for one application. Address specific issues required for a particular program.

Nursing Scholarship Essay Example

Have a look at an effective scholarship essay composed by an expert writer who specializes in getting scholarships. Pay close attention to all techniques and decide which of them you can use on your own essay.

There is no universal reason which makes people get passionate about nursing. It may be your interest in science, willingness to be helpful, or your desire to be a valuable asset to your community. It may be an aspiration to follow the example of your beloved mother or dad. I feel that my personal childhood experience is driving me to my choice and I cannot resist it.Cancer was a reason why I lost my father when I was only five. Although I was little at that time, I have vivid memories of my misery and this feeling of getting alone made me eager to become a part of the support system for the families which have to take the same path full of sufferings and pain.Nursing is a unique field which unites people and implies caring about those you do not know personally. This selfless job of daily care with numerous sensitive moments and huge vulnerability of all involved parties is generous and noble. Missing something in personal lives, nurses try to make it up in their devoted work.

Nursing for me is associated with continuous sacrifice. We keep giving, but there is hardly any taking; however, for a nurse it is absolutely fine. Moreover, we love doing that for other people! That is what makes a difference if you are a nurse. That is what motivates me to be one of them. There are a lot of reasons to choose exactly this profession. I feel that all of them are relevant to me. My personal experience is unique, but my career choice is similar to that of thousands of other students and I highly value that I can study and work in the circle of likeminded people. I will be PROUD to become a nurse!

You can be a crowned beauty queen or one of the most average girls in class, but your desire to lend a helping hand to other people will help you join a group of the noblest people in the world. You will be able to set the right priorities and understand that you are making a difference not with your appearance or glamor, but with the beauty of your heart and professionalism. I feel that it is a great honor to be able to state, “I am a nurse!” I want to be a part of this world for all my life and this calling makes me feel happy.

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