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50 IB Extended Essay Topics

Marvelous IB Extended Essay Topics

Choosing a great subject among a large variety of IB extended essay topics is one of the main keys to successful writing. At the same time, this is one of the toughest stages of the entire procedure. It is impossible to disagree that creating a paper about the matter you are keen on is an assignment that not everyone can handle. Sometimes, you may feel that there is not enough space for developing your ideas and expressing your thoughts. We offer you to read the material presented below. It will help you pick the right subject and prepare a good piece of IB extended essay writing.

Definition and Main Functions of an IB Extended Essay

An IB extended essay is a writing project that has to be produced by the students enrolled in the IB program. According to the requirements, it should be 4000 words in length, but 3500 words is also considered acceptable. Those who get an “E” in this paper lose the right to get a diploma. On the contrary, excellent scores influence students’ overall grades which increases the chances of being accepted at the chosen college.

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The deadlines for submitting such essays are imposed by the IB committee, but the educational establishments that have IB programs may impose their own internal time frames. The preparation process is rather a length and may last several terms. When working on IB extended essays, students need to select the topic, submit a proposal, designate a supervisor, collect material, create a draft, get feedback from the supervisor, etc.

Process of Picking an IB Extended Essay Topic

When pondering over an IB extended essay topic, students have to mind the disciplines they are studying. Additionally, the selected subject matter has to be related to one of the following categories:

  • Category 1. Subjects related to literature and languages.
  • Category 2. Language acquisition that includes an extra language.
  • Category 3. Individuals and society that include both humanities and social sciences.
  • Category 4. Experimental sciences, Physics, etc.
  • Category 5. Mathematics-related academic disciplines.
  • Category 6. Subjects related to Arts, e.g. Theatre, Music, etc.

Bear in mind that you should choose the IB extended essay topic which you find engaging. You may also pick the subject which you have never dealt with, but make sure it is worth taking such a risk. When picking the topic, ensure it is narrow enough to be discussed in 4000 words. Note that meeting the mentioned word count requirements can be hard if the topic is too broad.

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In order to select an appealing theme, you should brainstorm ideas and surf the Net as well as other resources that can be helpful in finding an awesome subject. When browsing the sites offering the lists of topics, you may come across the one (topic) which will generate your interest.

Down below, there are several lists of interesting topics for writing an IB extended essay. Perhaps they will help you detect the matter you would like to cover when producing your extended essay for an IB program.

Professional IB Extended Essay Help with Selecting the Topic

With the professional IB extended essay help which we offer, it will be easier for you to pick a fantastic topic for your paper.

Here is the list of subjects in Literature:

  1. How is the capitalist society depicted in modern literature?
  2. How is the family relationship highlighted in literature?
  3. Similar and different points between the literary works created by J.K. Rowling.
  4. Peculiarities of the writing style of G. G. Marquez.
  5. Postmodernism in “Slaughterhouse-Five” written by Kurt Vonnegut.
  6. The damage caused to nature by the instruments that hint at the arms sector of the USA. Analyzing the work of Cormac McCarthy called “The Road”.
  7. Early modernism in the literary works written by W. Faulkner.
  8. What is the major function of women’s beauty? Should women be educated and why? Examining the novel “Pride and Prejudice”.
  9. What message does the majority of poems created in the period of classicism convey?
  10. The importance of novels in the period of post classicism. What phenomena are they focused on?

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Topics Related to History

  1. Roosevelt’s speech concerning the involvement in World War II with the purpose of fighting Nazism.
  2. The invasions carried out by Germany in 1939.
  3. Are there are any similar features between Hitler’s and Mussolini’s regimes? What are they?
  4. Were the reforms implemented by Tsar Alexander II of Russia successful?
  5. Are there any facts justifying the bombing of some cities in Germany in 1945?
  6. Describe the property rights of black people during the period of Reconstruction that followed the Civil War.
  7. The 13th amendment, deception, and corruption. Establishing the connection between the mentioned items.

Topics Related to Biology

  1. Reconstructing the DNA in the future: myth or reality?
  2. Are there any tools that can fight to age? Have scientists achieved success in inventing such tools?
  3. Stem cells as an effective instrument for curing different kinds of diseases.
  4. Human genetics and peculiarities of its evolution.
  5. This means of preserving biodiversity in a specific area.
  6. Endosymbiotic theory as proof of the transformation of ancient bacteria into mitochondria and other eukaryotic cell organelles.
  7. Similar features between fungi and animals.
  8. Identifying the relationship between the density of the population of a specific country and its size.
  9. Analyzing the way in which recent adaptive features of people changed in.
  10. Human DNA: identifying the traces of Neanderthals.

Topics Related to Psychology

  1. How can people cope with anxiety with the help of mindfulness?
  2. Treating emotional disorders with the help of drug therapy. How effective it is?
  3. Post-traumatic stress: comparing elephants with people.
  4. The role of repetition in learning. Can it (repetition) be considered an effective tool for boosting productivity?
  5. Kinds of modes of thinking. Highlighting the difference between diffuse and focused modes?
  6. Exploring eating disorders in juveniles. What are they caused by? Express your opinion.
  7. Determining the key reasons for depression?
  8. Why do people addicted to online games often commit suicide? How do online games affect people’s psychology?
  9. Is there any connection between obesity and schizophrenia? What place does mental confusion take in terms of the mentioned disorders?
  10. The nature of physical violence. Its connection with confusion and other psychological problems an individual may have.

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IB Extended Paper Topics Related to Geography

  1. Highlighting the difference between the lifestyle, culture, and cuisine of people living in different countries. The role of geography.
  2. What are the efficient means of saving ocean life? Can the studies on the ocean and the reduction of pollution help?
  3. The impact of weather on nature. Exploring the ecosystems with extrinsic types of plants the appearance of which is caused by different natural phenomena that are not typical for a specific area.
  4. Protecting ecosystems from pollution. What steps can be taken?
  5. The importance of keeping the quality of water high in a particular area/city/country.
  6. The connection between urban development and human thermal comfort level. How the former has affected the latter? Examining the country that is characterized by rapid development.
  7. Drastic changes in climate and their effect on the environment.
  8. The connection between economic resources and the environment. Can excessive use of the former damage the latter? How?
  9. The importance of physical topography for the development of industry in different countries.
  10. Expected consequences of climate change for oceanic currents.

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We believe that the topics highlighted above will help you understand what phenomena you are interested in and would like to explore.

It goes without saying that the topics listed above will give you some inspiration. However, you should not forget that you have an opportunity to entrust your writing project to our trained specialists.

Our writers, who are experienced and talented experts, can create a topic for your paper on their own, if needed, or research the one which you submit. They know how to do a proper investigation of the subject to achieve the best outcome, i.e. a perfectly created piece of writing. In case you find some points of the delivered essay covered incompletely, you may request a revision. We will do our best to provide you with the complete IB extended essay meeting your demands. Thus, do not hesitate to turn to our team of skilled specialists if you need valuable assistance with your pieces of writing.

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