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120 Argumentative Essay Topics

Topics for Argumentative Essays

What does the success of your argumentative essay depend on? While the answers may differ from one student to another including such responses as analytical thinking skills, the consistent content of an essay, or the mastery of a student, there is a single common key recipe to develop a really outstanding essay, which is choosing a gripping debatable topic. If your instructor has ever left the right to choose a topic for you, you might have found it to be the most confusing task. Though we agree with the fact that this task may be quite embarrassing, we also find it to be a great opportunity to demonstrate your interests and knowledge in a particular field. Among the variety of interesting argumentative essay topics, your duty is to pick up the one you feel strong resemblance with, curiosity about, connection with, interest in.

To your attention, the list of the topics for argumentative essays, any of which, will help you to convert a simple but urgent issue into an intriguingly disputable paper.

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Topics for Family Issue Essays

Topics for family issue essays have always helped to discuss and reveal the problems between different generations, issues between parents and children and look for the ways of their solutions.

  1. Teenage pregnancy: Reasons vs. Solutions.
  2. How to combat generation gap between parents and children?
  3. Who comes first: the birth order of children in one family does influence their personalities!
  4. “Paternity or maternity leave?” that is the question.
  5. The division of the choirs between spouses.
  6. How does the divorce influence the offspring?
  7. Family relationships in terms of digital society.
  8. Why is it important to be a role model for your child?
  9. How to make distance relationships last?
  10. Should we overload our children with extracurricular activities?
  11. How to maintain your marriage?
  12. Married life: expectations vs. reality.
  13. Is it possible to get out from a “friend zone”?
  14. What is the best age to give birth to a child?
  15. Why teens’ depression can result in lethal consequences?
  16. Don’t keep silent about domestic violence.
  17. How to bring up twins?
  18. Breastfeeding controversies.
  19. What role do grandparents play in a child’s development?
  20. Family sport. Is it a good idea?

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Topics for Argumentative Essays Connected with Religion

Topics for argumentative essays connected with religion are not less debatable topics than family issues essays and often deal with philosophical points of views of different people.

  1. Should we believe in God?
  2. The church as a mean of political influence.
  3. Why don’t religious institutions pay taxes?
  4. Is religion the opiate or the remedy for the masses?
  5. Food choice dictated by religion.
  6. Is being religious a sign of weakness or strength?
  7. Don’t go to church. Don’t claim you are religious.
  8. Were we born to suffer or enjoy life?
  9. Is it a sin to change your religion?
  10. What should we call Islam: a religion or terrorism?
  11. The attitude of the church to the gender/sexual orientation.
  12. Religion in the center of major historical conflicts.
  13. Religion is determined by faith, not by the church you attend.
  14. Pray or medicine: what helps more?
  15. The religious point of view on scientific research.
  16. Is the Bible a fiction or a book based on real events?
  17. Same-sex marriage from the point of Christianity.
  18. Are modern people more agnostics or believers?
  19. What makes people want to change their religion?
  20. Has the role of priests changed with the span of time?

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Topics for Argumentative Essays Based on Educational Issues

Topics for argumentative essays based on educational issues are a good ground for contemplation about the ways of improvement of the educational system.

  1. Is there any use of single-sex schools?
  2. The necessity to intersperse academics with sports.
  3. Why is sports a compulsory discipline at educational establishments?
  4. Uniforms at schools: the path to self-discipline or the destruction of a good taste?
  5. The reasons of students’ poor academic success.
  6. Students’ attitude to a teacher depends on what he or she wears.
  7. Should the government ban give homework on the weekends?
  8. The importance of free attendance at colleges and universities.
  9. What if everyone had a free access to education?
  10. Student’s loan and its lifelong burden.
  11. What is more important: grades or knowledge?
  12. The problem of alcohol and smoking addiction among students.
  13. Student stress can be reduced with the help of effective classroom management.
  14. Exploring the dilemmas of information overload during the studying process.
  15. Is there necessity in parental involvement at colleges and universities?
  16. Best techniques and strategies for students’ evaluation.
  17. Why do students cheat?
  18. The difference between visual literacy and visual communication.
  19. The benefits of taking part in exchange programs.
  20. Is it necessary to learn first aid instructions and CPR at educational establishments?

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Health Care Argumentative Essay Topics

The ideas for health care argumentative essay topics discuss the importance of taking care of both your physical and mental health as well as the necessity to find the equilibrium.

  1. The role of breastfeeding in children’s state of well being.
  2. Health benefits of organic food.
  3. How to stop consuming poisonous chemicals?
  4. Alcohol, drug, and smoking addictions are diseases in need of the cure.
  5. Self-treatment can be dangerous.
  6. Go into sports to live a longer and happier life.
  7. Why is it Important to take care of your mental health?
  8. How should we perceive marijuana: as a drug or medicine?
  9. What should we know about mother’s milk and breastfeeding?
  10. Medical treatment has to be affordable.
  11. The controversy over the vaccine issue.
  12. Do we need to possess a medicine chest at home?
  13. The risks of going on a diet.
  14. The consumption of dairy products and meet: a whim or vital necessity?
  15. The influence of positive thinking on our skills, brainwork, and health.

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Top 15 Argumentative Essay Topics on Moral-Related Issues

Top 15 argumentative essay topics on moral-related issues will help you to choose a topic related to quite controversial issues of our life.

  1. Should we be prosecuted for abortion?
  2. Do you think that lie can be justified if it is done with good intentions?
  3. Is it moral to hide the truth from a terminally ill patient?
  4. Do you consider that modern society is morally sick?
  5. What do we mean by using words “right” and “wrong”?
  6. What do you think about the death penalty in terms of morality?
  7. What is love for you?
  8. The road to piece: how does it look like?
  9. What are the modern believes of the modern world?
  10. Do you think there is a certain pattern of a moral behavior that everyone has to follow?
  11. Can science answer moral questions?
  12. Is it moral to kill for the sake of?
  13. Does a person have a right to commit the suicide?
  14. Should animals be used for experiments?
  15. Our moral values determine our lifestyle.
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Topics on Nature and Environment Issues

To your attention, there is also a list of topics on nature and environment issues you can use for your argumentative essay:

  1. “Green” way thinking is crucial for building the effective society.
  2. Effects of deforestation on the environments.
  3. What steps should be taken for environmental conservation?
  4. Humans are responsible for pollution.
  5. Population explosion and its negative effect on the Earth.
  6. Consumption of resources vs. Global crisis of waste disposal.
  7. Why is it important to develop the recycling system both in big and small cities?
  8. What are the remedial measures aimed at preventing depletion of ozone layer?
  9. Policy vulnerabilities that are the cause of climate changes.
  10. Rivers can tell us a lot about the Earth’s history of formation.
  11. Current environmental problems vs. Public health.
  12. Is it still possible to drink clean water?
  13. Is it possible to find a sustainable alternative to oil?
  14. How to protect our planet without spending spree?
  15. Thoughtful ways of protecting the planet we live in.
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Argumentative Essay Topics on the Technological Progress

Find even more interesting argumentative essay topics on the technological progress and its influence on the humans’ existence.

  1. Has the life become easier with the development of the technologies?
  2. Smartphone applications help us manage our life.
  3. Virtual life vs. Reality.
  4. How the Internet shortens the distance between people?
  5. The profession of a blogger in terms of the technological development.
  6. The impact of the Internet on the growing generation.
  7. Technological addiction is a disease that has to be cured.
  8. The Internet steals our private space.
  9. Should cameral be installed in public places?
  10. Why parents have to set limits on time their children can spend on the Internet?
  11. Online interaction impairs our skills of face-to-face communication.
  12. Will robots steal out job places in the future?
  13. Why phones can’t be used during the studying process?
  14. Unlimited Internet access harms our state of mind.
  15. The Internet: Positive influence vs. Negative influence.

The huge number of topics suggested above serves as a perfect example of the diversity of the world we live in and our tight connection with each aspect of life. More than 100 topics were designed in order to show you different approaches to the field you’d like to discuss. Moreover, our aim is to provide you with the wide range of amazing topics that would help you to define your interests and at least make it easier for you to work on a paper or even work on it with pleasure. Pick up one of the topics related to family, religion, environment, healthcare, technology, education or moral issues to share your ideas concerning certain sphere and impress your professor with your knowledge and awareness of the topic. We want to keep you inspired!

Wish you all the best! Good luck!

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