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How to Write a TOK Essay

How to Write a TOK Essay? Find an Answer Here

Before you figure out how to write a TOK essay, you have to clearly understand the nature of this academic assignment. This essay is a part of the daily routine of all students pursuing their International Baccalaureate Programs. Writing a TOK essay is to be based on four C`s:

  • Content. You have to clearly understand what you are writing about;
  • Creativity. You need to develop your thoughts and insights in a way that will make your essay interesting for your target audience;
  • Clarity. Your ideas are to be maximally clear and developed in a logical way;
  • Critical thinking. You have to provide both arguments and counter-arguments to convince your audience that your viewpoint is accurate.

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What Is the TOK Essay?

So, what is the TOK essay? The International Baccalaureate (IB) Theory of Knowledge essay is a write-up that includes 1200-1600 words. It has to be written on a prescribed topic related to knowledge issues. For instance, you may write your paper about emotions, language, reason, and other areas of knowledge. It is difficult to underestimate the importance of this paper as about two-thirds of your final TOK grade depends on it. In our guide, you will find a lot of efficient practices and suggestions on how to write your paper. Now that you know the answer to the question: “what is the TOK essay?”, you may study our handy suggestions on the writing process.

How to Write a Good TOK Essay?

Do you want to find out how to write a good TOK essay? Keep reading and you will find the information that will become your source of inspiration. By following these rules, you will be able to create a good-looking TOK paper and get a good grade for it.

Below, you will find a step-by-step guide that will help you organize your writing process properly:

1. Understand the topic given. After you received the prompt prescribed, make sure to read it carefully and figure out what is expected from you. The prompt will help you understand how long should the TOK essay be, what formatting style you need to follow, etc. You won`t be able to write a high-quality document if you cannot understand what area of knowledge you need to investigate. If you may choose the topic, make sure to pick up the one you are passionate about. The topic that fits your research interests will enable you to create an engaging and comprehensive write-up;

2. Study the grading criteria. The IB will assess your paper based on several criteria and you have to know everything about them. The four areas of assessment are as follows:

  • Understanding knowledge issues. This means that you need to demonstrate your understanding of knowledge aspects addressed in your paper;
  • Knower`s perspective. You need to convince your educators that you have independent thinking ability. This can be done by providing appropriate evidence and examples;
  • Analytical skills. It is important to analyze the issue in detail demonstrating the insights and justifying the key points;
  • Organization of ideas. Finally, your paper has to be well-structured and factually accurate. All the references used are to be cited in a proper way.

3. Brainstorm your ideas. Brainstorming is a particularly important stage of the writing process as it helps the writer define the way the essay will be written. By taking a few minutes to brainstorm, you will generate many interesting ideas that will turn your essay into a great masterpiece. When brainstorming your ideas, you will need to note down all the insights related to your topic. Then, you will need to pick up the most relevant ideas and create an outline.

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4. Make up an outline. Although many students skip the outlining stage, we want to emphasize its importance. With the help of a good outline, you will understand the way your ideas will be developed in your essay. Consider that your outline has to reflect the TOK essay structure. Most probably, it will include five main paragraphs:

Paragraph 1. Introduction. In the opening paragraph of your essay, it is necessary to present your topic and interpret the title of your work. Also, you may include appropriate background information that will contextualize your topic. Finally, your introduction has to include a central claim, which is called a thesis statement;

Paragraph 2. In the first paragraph of the main body, you need to talk about the first area of knowledge. When making any claims, make sure to support them with appropriate examples;

Paragraph 3. Here, you need to discuss the second area of knowledge. Take into account that this subject has to be closely connected with your thesis statement.

Paragraph 4. The third main body paragraph has to include the third area of knowledge where applicable;

Paragraph 5. The last paragraph of your TOK essay is a conclusion. In the TOK essay conclusion, you have to summarize the main ideas discussed in the essay without introducing new information.

5. Write an essay. As soon as an outline is ready, you need to start working on your essay following the prompt point-by-point. Just expand on your outline adding more detail to each issue. If you are unsure how your project has to be handled, feel free to get in touch with our trustworthy TOK essay writing service and we will provide you with a brilliant paper. Those students, who take care of their academic performance prefer to cooperate with our writing team;

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6. Cite your sources. Once your rough draft is ready, you need to double-check if all of your citations are accurate. This will enable you to avoid plagiarism in your paper and make it absolutely authentic. To bring you a good grade, your essay is to be formatted in accordance with the style indicated in your prompt.

7. Review your essay. After you are done writing your paper, you will need to review it to make sure it is free from logical flaws and inconsistencies. Also, thorough proofreading will help you fix all grammar and punctuation mistakes compromising the paper`s quality.

Now that you know how to write a TOK essay, you won`t experience any problems with this paper. By studying the well-written TOK essay examples available on the web, you will gain more understanding of how such a document has to be structured and formatted. Yet, if you are not ready to spend a few days or even weeks collecting appropriate sources and writing your paper, you have to get in touch with our writing company and we will make your worries disappear. Our team is always ready to give a helping hand to all students looking for professional writing assistance.

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