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Best Colors for PowerPoint Presentation

The Best Colors for PowerPoint Presentations: What Choice Should Be Made?

Selecting the best colors for PowerPoint presentation is one of the most important decisions to take even before beginning to work on it. It is worth noting that colors can assist you in communicating your message more efficiently and clearly, and they are capable of evoking numerous and various feelings and emotions in your audiences. Carefully read the following article to find out how to select the best colors for your PowerPoint presentation. In case you experience any difficulties in writing a PowerPoint presentation, consider referring to our professional academic and custom writing company.

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Color Psychology: Essential Aspects

In color psychology, it is of great significance to keep in mind how your audiences perceive colors and how they could be related to the chosen topic you are going to present. For instance, the red color can convey a sense of danger or hatred on the one hand, but on the other hand, it is the symbol of love and passion, depending, of course, on the context and circumstances. Below are some of the well-known connotations that each color has on humans:

  • Red: Evokes love, passion, strength, or danger. It is an intense and energetic color that symbolizes power, determination, or control. It is usually used on brands that are related to gambling, beverages, gaming, etc.
  • Green: Without a doubt, it is the color of life, peace, nature, and calmness. This color usually conveys the sense of balance, stability, or growth. It is very popular among world-known corporations, especially in the tech and energy industries
  • Blue: It conveys the sense of confidence, security, responsibility, calmness, and safety. It is the most frequently used color in the finance and healthcare industries.
  • Yellow: It is the color of light and sun. It is a very stimulating color that always conveys endless energy, raises awareness, and inspires people’s creativity. Yellow is used in the food industry.
  • White: It is regarded as the color of innocence, purity, and divinity. When it comes to evoking optimism, integrity, and simplicity, white is the best. It is used in the healthcare, space, and fashion industries.
  • Black: Even though the black color is associated with strictness and seriousness, it may also convey courage and elegance. Fashion brands, as well as luxury products, have been making good use of the following color.

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Take into account the above-mentioned hints and try to select the color that could best suit your message that you are going to present in your original university or college PowerPoint presentation.

Color Temperature: Key Aspects

Colors may be grouped based on their application in order to select the best colors for PowerPoint presentation, which may be determined by making a comparison of any color in the visible spectrum with the light that any black body could emit when it is heated at a certain temperature –so-called color temperature. Thus, according to the temperature of colors, there are two groups of colors, which may be selected as the best font for PowerPoint presentation. There are two groups as indicated below:

  • Cool colors range from green and blue to violet.
  • Warm colors range from red to yellow. In general, warm colors usually convey optimism and energy. On the other hand, cool ones are associated with confidence and serenity.

Neutral Colors – Black, white, as well as all shades of gray, are regarded as neither cool nor warm. Such colors as brown crème, beige, and others with a high amount of gray are referred to neutral as well.

The above-mentioned colors do not affect others and maybe combined easily with any color. In terms of their meaning, elegance, solemnity, and harmony are pretty much guaranteed, too. Whenever combining different neutral colors, a bright color is oftentimes applied as a contrast in order to highlight specific aspects and bring them to the forefront. Consider that we always are ready to assist you in writing a presentation paper of superb quality only.

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Useful Tips for PowerPoint Presentations

Our experts have prepared a list of practical tips for PowerPoint presentations.

  • Whenever selecting the colors for your future presentation writing task, ensure you consider all the aspects that would give you the full answers to your questions, i.e. how the colors could impact my PowerPoint presentation.
  • Due to numerous reasons, some colors are not to be applied to each other. These colors are orange and blue, red and blue, as well as red and green. The combinations of these may result in a disturbing or unpleasant effect for the viewers and vibrate against each other.
  • In case you want to apply a graphic or pattern in the background of your PP presentation slides, ensure it is subtle. The majority of presenters are eager to make their slides visually very appealing by presenting a graphic or pattern. However, they should be used with caution.
  • According to different studies conducted, various colors show various general feelings in different people. Some colors can be interpreted differently. For instance, blue denotes confidence, purple – wisdom, brown – simplicity, yellow – happiness, green – environment, etc.
  • The biggest error presenters make when making their presentations is not having enough contrast between the chosen colors for the text or visuals and the background. Thus, if you want the audiences to see the graphics or text on the screen in a clear way, ensure that they are in line with the color chosen for the background.
  • In order to select the best color combination, it is recommended to consider the fact how many colors are used by you in every slide and how the contrast between them could be managed. Furthermore, the colors should suit your message intended or your brand is chosen.
  • Finally, avoid overusing very intense colors. Try to utilize them only for specific emphasis. Include different illustrations, pictures, or graphs that work well with the palette chosen.

Nowadays, whenever you browse the internet, you will be capable of coming across a wide scope of tools that could assist you in taking the right decision concerning the best color combination for your PP presentation. Just to name a few, ColourLovers, color.hail.pixel, Brand Colors, Flat UI Colors, and others.


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