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Best Problem Solution Essay Topics

Have a Look at the Best Problem Solution Essay Topics!

The students have already written thousands of essays on standard problem solution essay topics. By choosing a topic that was widely used previously, you will make your essay look similar to many others. However, if you highly value your academic reputation and want to get a good grade for your problem solution essay, you should not hesitate to have a look at our list of topics that will provide you with multiple ideas that will become a source of your inspiration.

Problem Solution Essay Writing: How to Do Everything Right?

But before we provide you with some interesting ideas for problem solution essay writing, let us help you understand what makes this essay different from others. Very often, students fail this assignment because they have no idea about the specific peculiarities of this task. As it is obvious from its title, a problem solution essay aims to inform the intended audience about some important problem, evaluate its significance, as well as suggest one or a couple of handy ways that can be used for solving the problem. To write such an essay at a high level, one should apply his or her best analytical and critical-thinking skills. When analyzing your problem and building arguments, you need to be very careful when suggesting your evidence. Please, note that your evidence should come from credible, authoritative, and peer-reviewed sources. What is more, the solution you provide should be accurate, feasible, and efficient. If you are not sure how your problem solution essay should look like, you are free to have a look at some well-written samples that will help you figure out how such a document should be written, structured, and formatted. Nevertheless, pay attention that if you want your essay to bring you the best grade, you need to make it original and authentic.

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Learn More About Problem Solution Essay Structure

When writing your essay, you will need to pay close attention to problem solution essay structure as it is a very important point in the grading rubric. Below, you will find the main parts of your essay regardless of the topic you work with:

  • In the introductory part of your paper, you should familiarize your reader with the problem chosen. Pay attention that you will need to choose the problem that is bothering some people or the whole community. Make sure to include a hook that will catch your reader’s attention from the very first lines;
  • In the main body of your paper, you will need to introduce several solutions for your problem analyzing the main strengths and weaknesses of all of them, and then choose the most appropriate one. When suggesting one solution to the problem, you need to convince your intended audience that this solution is the best choice. To do it effectively, you will need to use strong arguments;
  • Finally, you will need to include a concluding part in which you will help your reader understand that your solution is feasible and efficient.

One more thing you should know about writing a problem solution essay is that if you suggest more than one solution, you will need to organize them in your main body starting from the most important one. Now, when you know how to write a problem solution essay, let us provide you with some topics that will enable you to not only get a good grade for your essay but also enjoy the writing process.

Problem Solution Essay Topics List

Below, you will find a problem solution essay topics list that will provide you with multiple fresh ideas that can be used for your inspiration.

We know that sometimes, it is better to read a well-written sample instead of studying the confusing guidelines. A well-written sample will help you figure out how to write your essay, how to structure your ideas, how to present the problem and solutions to it, how to support your arguments, and many other important things. However, even if you know how you will write your essay, the topic choice is particularly important. By selecting a boring or shallow topic, you will not be able to create a great essay even if you know how to write it. At the same time, an amazing,
A breathtaking, and captivating topic will help you not only create a worthy essay but also enjoy the writing process.

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All people, including your professor, want to learn new things. You will not be able to engage them with your paper if you choose a problem that is not relevant. At the same time, they will read your solutions to the obesity problem or greenhouse effect. There are plenty of topics for problem solution essays that are more engaging than these two. To sum up, if you want to help your reader enjoy your essay, you will need to make it interesting from the very beginning. Once you manage to do it, a reward is guaranteed to you!

Problem Solution Essay Topics for Middle School

When writing a problem solution essay in a middle school, you should convince your reader that you know how to address the problems that affect different people.

Problem. An increasing number of homeless people.

Solution 1. Put in measures where these people can earn money and provide support for themselves and their families.

Solution 2. Establish emergency shelters for people experiencing a crisis.

Solution 3. Creating a broad range of housing options for homeless people.

Problem. Air pollution. How to convince people to take public transportation?

Solution 1. Increase the number of trains and buses to advocate the efficiency of public transportation.

Solution 2. Convince people that using public transport will enable them to save money on gas and parking.

Solution 3. Provide people with discounts on ticket deals on both daily and annual tickets.

Problem. Single-parent families.
Why It is a Problem? Children need to have a successful model of a family during their formative years. If there is only one parent in a family, the chances are low that the child will receive the necessary family education.

Solution 1. Ensure a significantly greater tax break for two-parent families to enable the couples to reconsider their ideas about divorce;

Solution 2. Convince the couples that they should approach marriage as a duty instead of an act based on love and emotions.

Solution 3. Promote values according to which two-parent families are the most important to society.

Problem. Terrorism.
Why It is a Problem? Terrorism is an act of aggression in which innocent people suffer the most. Those states, which suffered from terrorist attacks, attacked them back. This vicious circle
leads only to more waste and destruction.

Solution 1. Stop funneling money into states that harbor terrorists, as well as stop funding regime change in the Middle East.

Solution 2. Prevent indiscriminating bombing of Arab states.

Solution 3. Begin acting with diplomacy towards countries that are fighting terrorism and reduce the diplomatic connections with the countries that support terrorists.

Problem. Drug abuse.
Why It is a Problem? Heroin, opioids, and many other drugs are taking the lives of many people in the present-day world. Consequently, addiction has reached an epidemic scale. Once addicted, the person will be probably hooked for life.

Solution 1. Start a campaign for the death penalty for drug traffickers if their guilt is proven.

Solution 2. Do not allow pharmaceutical industries to sell powerful opiates.

Solution 3. The drugs that are used for medical purposes should be thoroughly regulated and supervised. The current rules should be reviewed.

Problem. Bullying.
Why It is a Problem? Bullying is one of the major problems in contemporary education. It hurts children’s feelings and emotions (both bullies and their victims). Children are afraid to go to school and some of them even commit suicide.

Solution 1. Establish a criminal punishment for bullies.

Solution 2. Prevent children from social media as it destroys their ability to socialize.

Solution 3. Get parents involved. Very often, parents are not aware of the problem of their children, which greatly affects the self-confidence of their kids.

Problem. DC comics.
Why It is a Problem? The comics make children learn about the surrounding world in an inappropriate way.

Solution 1. Stop treating comics as useful learning tools. They are created just for fun.

Solution 2. Check what comics can be less harmful to children.

Solution 3. Watch films with children to teach them about the good and bad things.

Problem. Internet addiction among children.
Why It is a Problem? The Internet has created a huge gap between people making them lonelier. Consequently, people suffer from various mental problems.

Solution 1. Create communities where people can communicate with each other.

Solution 2. Limit Internet usage for children.

Solution 3. Help children arrange their priorities.

Problem Solution Essay Topics for High School

When it comes to problem solution essays for high-school students, they should not be very complicated. It is better to choose a simple topic but use the best analytical and critical thinking skills for its analysis. What is more, when writing such an essay, you need to know who your target audience is. If you are going to present your topic in front of high school students, you will need to use the appropriate vocabulary avoiding complicated and sophisticated words. What is more, the best topics for high school students should evoke their interest and provoke a discussion.

Problem. Poor student attendance in public school.
Why it is important? Poor school attendance derives from a lack of interest and incentive on the part of students to get an education. Such a huge disconnect between learners and the older generation that expects them to be hard-working and well-educated is a bad signal for the coming era.

Solution 1. Convince students to go to school. Provide them with the opportunities to study so long as they are working towards graduating. Make full-time job offers limited upon graduating.

Solution 2. Education starts in the home; thus it is necessary to get parents involved. Teachers and parents should work together to inform students about the benefits of education.

Solution 3. Tutors should practice home visits. The more visible they are for a student – the more likely school will become significant for a student.

Problem. Cultural fragmentation.
Why it is important? Culture makes people feel a sense of unity as it binds them together. If the culture of society is fragmented, the community cannot grow together. Consequently, it will break apart.

Solution 1. Respect other cultures but do not promote multiculturalism as it stops cultural cohesion.

Solution 2. Identify one culture that is the most authentic and traditional and shape society following its ideals and values.

Solution 3. Limit the extent to which the values and ideas opposing the culture may be permitted in the media.

Problem. Fake news.
Why it is important? Unfortunately, fake news becomes a new reality. Influencing many people, they do not allow them to see the real picture of the surrounding world and make decisions based on it.

Solution 1. Take away the credentials of the most popular spreaders of fake news.

Solution 2. Make a restriction on those, who have the right to publish news.

Solution 3. Popularize the sources of credible and accurate information. Make people think critically.

Problem. Peaceful space exploration.
Why it is important? Space is a global environment, a common heritage of mankind. Testing various weapons can threaten the entire planet at once.

Solution 1. Promote "non-militarization" of outer space.

Solution 2. Ensure cooperation between different states regarding space exploration.

Solution 3. Promote and finance independent programs of space exploration.

Problem. Using the resources of the World Ocean
Why it is important? At all stages of human civilization, the ocean was one of the most valuable sources of maintaining life on Earth. At present, the ocean is not just a single natural space, but also a natural and economic system.

Solution 1. Create a global structure of the marine economy (allocation of oil production zones, fishing, and recreational zones);

Solution 2. Prohibit military testing and disposal of nuclear waste.

Solution 3. Improve the infrastructure of port and industrial complexes.

Solution 4. Protect the waters of the World Ocean from pollution.

Problem. The problem of peace and disarmament.
Why it is important? The problem of preventing a third world war remains the most important problem of mankind. In the second half of the 20 th century, nuclear weapons appeared and they became a real threat of destruction of entire countries and even continents.

Solution 1. Set strict control over nuclear and chemical weapons;

Solution 2. Reduce conventional arms and arms trade;

Solution 3. Reduce military spending, as well as the number of the armed forces.

Problem. Teens are dropping out of school.

Solution 1. Provide one-to-one mentoring that would build a support network for teens.

Solution 2. Convince parents and other family members to actively engage in the situation to get positive effect;

Solution 3. Focus on alternative schooling programs that would match teens’ interests.

Problem. Drinking and driving.
Why it is important? The studies show multiple negative consequences of drinking and driving including deaths and injuries.

Solution 1. Publish the articles with pictures of people, who were engaged in drinking and driving;

Solution 2. Enforce stricter laws to punish people, who drive being drunk;

Solution 3. Place sobriety checkpoints.

Problem Solution Essay Topics for College Students

College students are supposed to work on more serious and sophisticated topics than the students of high school. Therefore, if you are a college student, who needs to write such an essay, you should pick up an adequate topic. Below, you will find some ideas for your problem solving essay.

Problem. Ecological disasters.
Why it is important? Degrading of the global ecological system as a result of irrational use of
natural resources and its pollution with wastes of human activity.

Solution 1. Optimize the use of natural resources in the process of social production;
Solution 2. Protect nature from the negative consequences of human activity;
Solution 3. Ensure environmental safety of the population, as well as create specially protected areas.

Problem. War in the Middle East.
Why it is important? The situation in The Middle East affects the whole world, thus it needs stabilizing.

Solution 1. Stop allowing Saudi Arabia and Israel to support terrorist groups.
Solution 2. Work with Iran and Russia to stop the spread of ISIS.
Solution 3. Withdraw troops from countries where they are not welcomed.

Problem. The national debt.
Why it is important? The greater the national debt grows, the worse it gets for the next generation. Whereas the interest rates start to rise, the payments on the debt will become too significant to bear for a future generation.

Solution 1. Start paying down the debt and stop subsidizing various industries leeching off taxpayers.
Solution 2. Raise interest rates for preventing Congress from issuing new debt.
Solution 3. Reduce the size of the military and do not promise payments to retirees that the government cannot afford.

Problem. Environmental pollution.
Why it is important? The earth is home to not only billions of people but also to animals and plants. The more polluted our planet gets, the less inhabitable it becomes.

Solution 1. Do not allow industrial plants to pollute the environment. If they cannot work without releasing harmful chemicals into the atmosphere, then they should not be allowed to work at all.
Solution 2. Make a clearer focus on renewable energy and use it actively to minimize human environmental footprint.
Solution 3. Monitor the cow situation as these animals are one of the biggest causes of greenhouse gasses.

Problem. Not enough time spent on humanities.
Why it is important? The Humanities should be studied in school because these subjects help people understand what does it mean to be a human.

Solution 1. Spend a more considerable amount of time teaching the Humanities in school.
Solution 2. Promote the humanities in popular culture including social media platforms.
Solution 3. Reward educational institutions and students that do well in the humanities and open pathways for them to take part in leading society.

Problem. Child’s unlimited social media usage.

Solution 1. Educate children about the risks related to Internet safety.
Solution 2. Have open conversations with children about unlimited social media usage and trust that they will make the right decisions.
Solution 3. Install a tracking application that would enable parents to monitor the child’s Internet usage.

Problem. The lack of educational programs for talented and gifted students.

Solution 1. Organize groups, programs, and classes by teaming up with teachers and educators who can make a change.
Solution 2. Raise awareness in schools, colleges, and universities about the significant advantages of providing proper learning opportunities to gifted and talented students.

Problem. Violence and playing video games are connected.

Solution 1. Organize a support group for parents whose kids possess aggressive and angry feelings because of playing violent video games;
Solution 2. Educate children about the negative effects of playing video games.
Solution 3. Engaging children in various programs to develop their skills and spark their interest in other fields.

Problem. The involvement of big money in politics and its influence on the country’s image. Why it is important?

Solution 1. The government should step in and control the amount of money a certain candidate spends on their political campaign.
Solution 2. The laws and regulations of the constitution should be reviewed to address the issue.
Solution 3. A law that should clearly define the amount of money that can be donated to the candidates should be initiated.

Problem Solution Essay Topics for Business

If you are taking a business course and your professor asked you to write a problem solution essay, you will need to pick up a problem that is relevant in the contemporary business environment. All problems appearing within this field are solved very quickly. Your task is to pick up a problem that is not solved yet.

Problem. Marketing.
Why it is important? Advertising in the Digital Age is not as effortless as it was previously. Nowadays, marketing is targeted at things like Big Data to make an impact. To succeed, you need to look for creative ways to market your business.

Solution 1. Use social media as an instrument to market your business. Almost all people in the world are registered on various social media platforms. You need to take advantage of that fact and leave footprints from social media platforms back to your business.
Solution 2. Purchase ad space on Google. When users open their browsers, your company should be the first thing they see.
Solution 3. Try outdoor advertising. You should understand that the more eyes see your advertising, the more likely those eyes will look for your company online.

Problem. Corporate social responsibility.
Why it is important? In the present-day realms, consumers want to know that businesses care for them and will not do good things for the community, as well as for the economy and environment.

Solution 1. Establish a vision that will serve as a platform for your corporate social responsibility. Make sure to focus on charity, sustainability, or significant incentives like educational opportunities for all workers.
Solution 2. Get in touch with stakeholders to figure out what they are looking for and what they expect from the business they invest in.
Solution 3. Learn everything about the market. Make your approach to corporate social responsibility unique by doing something different from what other companies are offering. It would be great if you could make your organization known for a type of good service that no other venture has ever tried to pursue.

Problem. Employee turnover.
Why it is important? It gets harder and harder to retain employees, especially when Millennials start seeking greater job opportunities.

Solution 1. Get your employees to commit long term to your company by ensuring a great workplace culture so that that they could want to be a part of it.
Solution 2. Great pay is one of a few things that make employees happier. If you are paying a competitive wage, you will not experience the turnover problem.
Solution 3. Identify the stressors that make workers leave. Make sure to get rid of them and you will mitigate the risk of employee turnover.

Problem. Finding effective leaders.
Why it is important? No one knows exactly how good leaders are formed. Are they born to lead or whether they develop via a set of circumstances? All we know is that very little gets accomplished without leaders.

Solution 1. Make sure to train leaders internally. Identify the skills and characteristics your company is looking for in an effective leader and then develop your leaders from within.
Solution 2. Get to know leaders in other sectors and industries. The best thing about leadership is that it can translate from one area to another. Make sure to find a great leader in another organization and then bring him or her to your company.
Solution 3. Lead by your example. If you want new leaders to show their best skills and qualities, demonstrate the way forward by your actions.

Problem. The problems with the economy.
Why it is important? Some people opine that the world never really recovered from the 2008 global economic crisis. That is very troublesome for businesses because it means sooner or later the problems will come out.

Solution 1. Get ready for the problems making sure you have everything needed to solve them. Every business cycle comes to an end; thus you need to treat this fake economy like any other business cycle.
Solution 2. Make sure to find out what are the weak spots in your business model and get rid of them. Keep in mind that the stronger your company is, the more likely it will overcome the storm when the economy collapses.
Solution 3. Stay positive. In a world of fake news and economic miracles, you have to stay on your ground.

Problem. Cybersecurity.
Why it is important? Hacking is a great threat in the present-day business establishment. If your business is not protected, the important data could be stolen, misused, or destroyed.

Solution 1. Hire the most skilled cybersecurity software developers and provide them with the appropriate tasks;
Solution 2. Make sure to have a back-up plan in case your data gets hacked.
Solution 3. Feel free to outsource your data-handling needs to a service responsible for keeping information safe and secure.

These are the most relevant problem solution topic ideas for you. However, you should understand that even if you have chosen a great topic, writing a good-looking problem-solving essay requires spending a considerable amount of time and effort. If you are afraid that you will not be able to cope with your project successfully, you should not hesitate to get in touch with our professional writing service and we will provide you with a brilliant paper that will meet and exceed your expectations. For many years, our creative experts have been helping our customers reach their academic success without applying extra effort.

All in all, we assure you that using our good problem solution essay topics will help you succeed in problem solving writing. It does not mean that you need to pick up any of the ideas in our list and develop them in your essay. However, by reading our list, you will be able to figure out what problems are bothering you and why you need to explore them. We assure you that if you choose an interesting topic for your paper, you will get a few bonus points from your tutor. If you are not willing to work on your paper because of any reason, you can always get in touch with our writing service and we will provide you with supreme writing assistance. Use the unique promo code “ewriting20” and get 17% off. We will take good care of your academic performance.


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