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Book review

“The Prince” Is Machiavelli an Immoralist?

An immoralist is generally considered a person, who advocates for habits that can be viewed by society as those going against the accepted way of human beings’ actions towards one another or handling certain issues. Most of the ideas of Nicolo Machiavelli described in his book The Prince portray the author as an unscrupulous, scheming […]

Book “Letters Across the Divide”

In their book Letters Across the Divide, Anderson and Zuercher (2001) observe, “There are three kinds of racism: individual, institutional, and indirect” (p. 10). The authors examine each type of racism and share their viewpoints through a series of letters written to each other. This earnest and affectionate correspondence illustrate the differences in perception between […]

Hebrew Bible: King David

Hebrew Bible or the Old Testament is a part of the Holy Bible that shows the history of the Jewish people before coming of Christ. The books of the Old Testament are full of enthralling stories and exciting adventures. The reader comes across many characters on the pages of the Hebrew Bible: prophets and kings, […]

Post-Colonial Culture and Studies

The first reading to be discussed in this paper is “Heroic Ethnocentrism: The Idea of Universality in Literature” by Charles Larson. It is about the idea of universality in literature. In this passage, the author talks about the differences in interpretations of literature concepts in different cultures. He shares his experience about African understanding of […]

Summary of the Articles

In her critical essay “The Semantics of Passion in Shakespeare’s Comedies: An Interdisciplinary Study,” Biewer analyzes how Shakespeare transmits love and passions in his plays, in particular in Twelfth Night. According to Biewer, the main theme of Twelfth Night is the search for true love. Hereby, throughout the play, Shakespearian characters try to understand what […]

Our Time by John Edgar Wideman

In his book “Our Time”, John Edgar Wideman tries to show that there is more in the world than what can be seen. It is not in order to look only at people’s problems or just focus on our own hardships. Wideman tries to understand what his brother, Robby, tries to say to him. His […]

How “Our Time” Works as an Autoethnographic and Transcultural Text

Auto ethnography is a type of writing and self-reflection, which analyzes the experiences of a person or a researcher and connects them with the wider cultural, social, and political understandings and meanings (Sikes 20). However, this definition seems to differ with that of Mary Louise Pratt, introduced in her book “Arts of the Contact Zone,” […]

Analysis of “The Obligation to Endure”

Rachel Louise Carson, the author of the essay “The Obligation to Endure”, was a professor. Apart from that, she was involved in the fields of editorial work, writing, and aquatic biology. She was awarded several prizes, like Science Writing Award and National Book Award, for her work. Some of her most famous creations are “The […]

The Goal: A Process of Ongoing Improvement

Goldratt’s The Goal is a book that approaches cost account from a management oriented view. The book puts an emphasis on the goal of making money in business production. In order to develop his theory of constraints, Goldratt uses the Layman’s language to bring out business concepts. The constraints theory advanced in this book has […]

The Catcher in the Rye Research on Adolescence and Adulthood

J.D. Salinger presented a vivid example of a ripening young man in his novel The Catcher in the Rye. The book was published in 1951 and won the first place in the list of American bestsellers. The military forces mobilized the author in 1940 and he served in American Army in the war time. Salinger […]

Silence by Shusaku Endo

Shusaku Endo is an outstanding Japanese writer. Silence (1966) and Deep River (1990) are two the most famous his works, which were translated into English and are well known to Western readers. The first novel was written in the beginning of his life and the second was completed closer to the end of his life. […]

Play Analysis – Bicycle By Oh Tae-Seok

“Bicycle” by Oh Tae-Seok, the current leading and most innovative playwright in Korea, is a play about Korea, its tragic history, the suffering of its people and its relations with other Asian countries. In his work, produced in 2007, Oh Tae-Seok incorporates visual imagery, historical themes, mysterious plot and vivid narration. The scenes seem to […]

In The Footsteps of Mr. Kurtz

As one reads the book, one notices the period Sese Seko had ruled the country. He had ruled for thirty two years without any break. The current president in Congo Brazzaville has ruled for a total of thirty years. Denis Sassou-Nguesso first ruled from 1979 to 1992. He then came back to power in 1997, […]