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London Eye

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Introduction to the London Eye

British Airways London Eye (‘London Eye / The Millennium Wheel’) is an amazing piece of industrial work of London, which is offerings an exclusive opportunity for the panoramic view of London. The concept of the wheel was an ideal symbol for London in the Millennium while representing the new coming century.

In order to represent the Millennium, the London Eye was chosen as one of the best projects. It opens daily except on 25th December (Christmas Day) and during a period from 10th until 19th of January. The wheel was an outcome of the efforts of the team comprising of Mace Ltd, Tussauds Group, Marks Barfield (the original conceiver of London Eye), and other specialists from different European nations, who actually created such a work of art.

London Eye was built in 1998. Such a structure is a giant effort that involves hundreds of people of that time. It was constructed within less than seven years and the skills of many people from about five countries. The team of people, who have constructed a masterpiece consists of David Marks and Julia Barfield (who was a husband and wife), Malcolm Cook, Mark Sparrowhawk, Steven Chilton, Frank Anatole, and Nic Bailey has designed the structure. The construction of the observation wheel took over a year and a half to complete.

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An ideal symbol for London during the Millennium period was the concept of a wheel as well as representing the turning of the century, a wheel is a universally recognized symbol of time and regeneration. The London Eye is considered to be a tall British massive 135-meter construction or 443 feet in height Ferris wheel located on the tiers of the Thames River, London. People can see up to 40 kilometers away in all directions from each capsule while traveling in complete safety.

This term paper about the wheel’s work and its features. The wheel’s work is thought in a very interesting way, which is rather convenient for the customers as it turns one time every 30 minutes and makes it easier for the passengers to go on and off the platform. This allows people to see the best views that the wheel could allow them to see.

Fulfillment of the Performance Objectives of the London Eye

From the point of the operational performance or the customers’ requirements, the London Eye has a variety of performance objectives among which there is quality, speed, flexibility, dependability, and cost. The quality of any work is ranked at the most value to any customer worldwide; the same is the performance objective for the London Eye. The quality of services is ranked as the most important and so the people could have fun knowing that they will enjoy every minute that was spent on the London Eye while having pleasure from the marvelous view.

Finally, the cost of the service is very reasonable for the purpose that it offers far more than people could have imagined right before they got on the board of the London Eye. It is fairly reasonable to make people want to visit this place over and over again to make up the mind or simply think of one’s life and what people are wishing for.

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In the modern world, experience is a major factor that allows people to choose a leisure activity to try. With this intention, the London Eye offers its visitors a possibility to have a try first but in 4D involvement. Besides, this service is absolutely free of charge for the potential customers of the Eye.

The effect of 4D power is an outstanding opportunity for the people to experience the real London Eye through the short media, though it has 3D footage, which is above ground of London. In other words, if the customer has purchased a ticket for the London Eye, one will have use of the 4D cinema free of charge as a bonus.

The cinema in the dimensions of the 4D experience is located in the entry of the County Hall of the London Eye, where people can freely buy the tickets and practice the wheel opportunities before the ‘ride’. Such a wonderful possibility is available through the 3D glasses that are offered in front of the cinema.

In addition, there is an opportunity to see the short movie in case there is a turn for the London Eye before the visitors can actually enter the 4D cinema. People say that it is not possible to illustrate the range of opportunities and experience; people just have to try this on their own.

What customer wants is that to actually see what was promised but indeed one gets a lot more from various perspectives. One may know that this is indeed an excellent opportunity to see London in case of the first visit to Great Britain. In fact, when people are approaching the London Eye, they see a lot more and get what they even did not expect, which is the best ever known beauty of London and its views.

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People can also think of the pictures that are offered for the customer on the website and surely they are willing to see them. This is what they get for sure but in fact, this tends to be more every time they come to visit London as whenever they get more out of it. There is surely a negative factor that could spoil the perfection of the London Eye and that is the fact that there is a great number of people willing to see the sights and that takes time to buy the ticket or wait for your order to be delivered.

Capacity Utilization of the London Eye

The capacity of the London Eye is far more challenging than one may think in the very beginning of getting to know it from within. As soon as the British London Eye is the world’s largest watching wheel and at the same time, one of the UK’s most remarkable visitor magnetism, it has 32 passengers’ capsules each hold 25 visitors. The wheel swaps constantly, so the access entails clients to go inside the capsules, which are in fact, stirring at the speed of 0.26 meters per second, which is a quarter of the normal walking speed.

This is one of the highest Ferris wheels in the whole of Europe and one of the most paid tourist attractions in the UK. About 3.5 million people have a particular priority to visit the London Eye every year. It has 32 capsules and carries about 10,000 visitors every day. It is also common to name it a Millennium Wheel or the Merlin Entertainments London Eye is known as British Airways London Eye.

It is also known as “the world’s biggest cantilevered surveillance wheel” for the reason that it is supported by an A-frame, opposite from the Nanchang as well as Singapore wheels. London Eye was made of 1700 tons of steel as the structure and more than 3000 tons of concrete steel were used for its foundation.

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Admission is from 10.00 am to 9.30 pm (for the 9.30 to 10.00 pm slot) in the summer, from the beginning of April to mid-September. For the remaining time of the year, the winter season, admission begins at 10.00 am, and last admissions are for the 5.30 60 6.00 pm slot.

According to statistics, it goes about 12 hours every day with 24 times of wheel rotation. So in the summertime, it could be more than 19 000 people to visit the London Eye. The overall working time for every month is about the same, which is 30 to 31 days, and in the summertime, it is about 170 days.

So, the capacity here is more than 3 million over time. As for winter, it works 8 hours daily, which is 16 rotations in total with the number of people counted around 13 000. In winter the London Eye works up to 200 days per season including Christmas time. The capacity in winter is more than 2, 5 million which is more than 5, 5 million a year. As for the anticipated utilization, it goes about 60 percent in all, which claims that only this percent of the capacity is used per year and surely this could be improved for the better.

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Assessment of the London Eye using the “Balanced Scorecard” concept


London Eye was a capital-intensive project, supported by two international banks. Project budget estimates were made having analyzed the capital investment vis-à-vis breakeven point. Cost deviations had a direct effect on the expected net present value of the London Eye, but in the hierarchy of importance, the cost was only after safety and speed.

The owners of the London Eye, Merlin Entertainments invested about £5 million in the creation of the media to allow the people experience a 4D cinema experience. Thus, they have chosen to increase the value for the investment by means of offering explicit opportunities with experiencing a journey on the London Eye.


London Eye was to be launched by the turn of the millennium and BA’s project commitment in terms of time and image was subject to its safe and timely completion. Any delay in operations would have a knock-on effect on project cost (initial estimate %u20A411 million rose to %u20A475 million), making operating speed an important objective to the project.

London Eye was a high-risk project with BA’s image being at stake till its completion. Hence, the quality was measured in terms of safety, which was the highest concern throughout the operations. Projections of 2.2 million customers in the first year of operation prompted confirmation of quality and/or safety.

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Development of Staff and Staff Turnover

The capsule has comfortable seats and plenty of room for people to get the pleasure of the views. Everything is so neat and gentle, including the board and lodging services as well as food and drinks that are of the highest quality to make the visitors come again and again in the future. Bill Gates has once written a book called “Business at the speed of thought” and this is the approach that is used here to offer customers the best quality services and make them have maximum fun without a need to spend time waiting for the ticket to ride the capsule.

Concerning dependability, people here always have time to go on and off the board to see London in all its perfection from the height of the bird’s flight. So, every single person, who is willing to take a ride, has a scheduled timeline to see the sunset as well as the marvelous views of London.

London Eye was reliable in terms of timely delivery of the project. The people who took an active part in the creation of the London Eye were reliable in terms of the time and material supply of the site. In terms of flexibility, everything is managed in a very professional way. For example, in case people have the ticket scheduled for one time and there is no possibility to make it, people will have the chance to use the same ticket for another time with no further issues.


London Eye was moderately flexible in its operations, including the changes in design and delay in operations. With this, the servicing of people is done in the way when everywhere and every time people are willing to be of the best service to the visitors and their friends or family and this is performed in a very polite way.

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During the day, there are about 160 visitors, who take the opportunities of the 4D cinema. The movie repeats in about 8 minutes, for this reason, there is no need to take long hours before going to the cinema. For a short film before the main attraction, people think they have come for, they will be going to love this free extra.

A journey of half an hour offers a visitor to see the world with wide-ranging 360 degrees. In addition, there is special attention to the process of boarding and landing, which are split into special platforms created to allow the visitors to see the river. The attraction has a ‘timed admissions booking system’ (TABS) for both individual and group bookings. This allocates requests for ‘flights’ on the basis of half-hour time slots.


The quality gaps are the facts that do not match the expectations of the clients and what the company that offers goods or services is offering the right product. There are several things that could be considered. The position of the management expectation’s plan and this is the difference between the need of the customers and the actual perceptions of the quality of the offered service. The same goes for the quality specification gap that is about the quality of the standard offer and the one that a customer is expecting.

The delivery plan, its specification, and quality is another gap that influences the overall performance of the offered service in terms of actual versus delivered. The delivery communication is the next gap on the way to communicate between the customers and managing the promised delivery services. The same counts for the perceived services aimed at the size and direction of the service area as well as the quality in terms of marketing.

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It is important to address revenue management and how this could be used to accomplish the operations of the London Eye. It is important to talk about the yield and profits that address the demand for every season, think of the pricing strategy and the reduction of it as soon as there are more and more people visiting the London Eye every day.

The premises are of the highest quality and that is an advantage but what if people could think of making them even better and attractive. The food and drinks could also be better with the conditions to wait until one side is finished. Maybe some discount coupons for the ride and in case the visitor invites a friend, one can get even more discount as if he is with a group.

There is also a way to use the planned preventing maintenance to perfect the services by means of preservation or a breakdown, and weather conditions. The seasonal demand could be also improved to attract people in the off-season. The dresses of people could also become better to make them feel the London itself. It could be more educated and gentle with theatres and other entertainment companies, etc. Student package and family packages could also become handy.

Now the 4V model which is volume, variety, variation, visibility: people can exceed the number of people visiting the London Eye; the variety could also become more differentiated in terms of the offers to the people; variation could be perfected in terms of the alternatives that are available while waiting and finally, visibility could compound the whole picture to be the best of London Eye.

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