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Leonardo Fibonacci

Biography of Leonardo Fibonacci and His Contribution to Mathematics History knows many talented mathematicians that made a notable contribution to the further development of science. One of them is the legendary mathematician of medieval Europe, Leonardo Fibonacci. His biography explains how Leonardo Fibonacci managed to develop his theories that brought mathematics to the new level […]

Software Firewalls

Software Firewalls. Which One Is the Best to Choose? Since computer networks began to unite in global remote connections thus building the Internet, the problem of local networks protection, assumed to be secure and trusted, arises from an external intrusion. Both the problem and first solutions were developed by the end of 1980s. In today’s […]

Judaism and Abortion Law

Jewish Laws in Regards to Abortion This paper explicates the Jewish law and the views it holds on rape, deformities, contraceptives, and incest in regards to abortion. The research also goes further to discuss the Ashkenazi Jews and Sephardic Jews regarding their nature and position. Accordingly, the paper presents the view that the Jewish law, […]

Aviation Security

Overall Analysis of Technological Expansion of Aviation Technology is an important element of the contemporary society. Lack of technological advancement can lead to the difficulties in achieving various engineering goals, which are essential in aviation and architecture. Furthermore, the power of technology can be employed in entertainment, transportation, education, communication, and even travelling. Technology has […]

Technologically Advanced Aircraft Instruments

Aircraft Instruments Aircraft instrumentation system is categorized into sensing and display mechanisms. Information to the plane’s indictors is passed from the aircraft sensors with the help of electric means. The instruments in the aircraft are grouped according to the tasks they perform and are classified into flight instrument, engine, and navigation. The large and complex […]

Unmanned Aircraft Laws in Jordan

The Airspace of Jordan Innovations affect every sphere of human life, even the way of regulating the armed conflicts or the style of warfare. Thus, armed forces of many countries buy more and more unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), preferring the fight between machines to the fight between people. There is the significant difference between the […]

Aviation Security Program

Aviation Security General The Overseas Territories Aviation Circulars are usually issued to airports and airstrips to give counsel about the security of an airport or an airfield (Elias, 2009). The Overseas Territories Aviation Circulars are also responsible to provide direction and data on benchmarks, practices, and systems essential to bolster Overseas Territory Aviation Requirements (Sweet, […]

Rock ‘n’ Roll

Rock and Roll Music Rock and roll characterizes the most common music style during the 50’s. However, as rock and roll music took the center stage, there was a need to develop it to the “new rock”. This emerged as song artists desired to distinguish the “new rock” from other music styles. Therefore, different rock […]

The Six Possible Extrasolar Planets for Life

Six Possible Extrasolar Planets for Human’s Life The idea of the existence of planets around other stars of the solar type has excited the minds of the humankind for at least four centuries. The discovery of the first extrasolar planet (or exoplanet) in 1995 created a new area of research and raised many issues within […]

The “Rosetta” Comet Mission

“Rosetta” Mission The exploration of space allows people to find out more about the origin of the universe and the Earth. There is a theory, according to which the Earth was previously a comet, which traveled through the outer space until it gained the necessary weight for staying in the solar system. Therefore, people should […]

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence: Risk Group, Consequences, Challenges, Communities and Systems that can be Involved As it is known, domestic violence is a heterogeneous problem that remains topical and urgent in today’s world. It a composed issue, because many individuals of different demographics (age, sex, level of education and income, disabilities, dependency, etc.) can become the victims […]

The Fashion Industry

The Industry The fashion industry is considered to be one of the modern industries that continue to establish a place for themselves in the international community. Before the 1850s, most people had their clothes custom-made, and thus the fashion industry was still in its initial stages of development (Runfola & Guercini 2013). However, now the […]

Information Security

The aggravation of information onslaught, the latest manifestations of international terrorism, and the dictatorship and authoritarian trends in a number of states have increased the relevance of information security. The intensive introduction of information technologies, together with the growth of the share of information security in the field of national security, has led to the […]

The Link between Drugs and Music

Drugs and Music Music has always been a way to express one’s social voice. Changes in society have caused changes in music genres because many vital issues of each generation find their expression in song lyrics and melodies. As the events happening in the world and people’s attitudes toward them influence music, the greatest change […]

Murder Prevention in the USA

Murder Prevention The paper reports on the fact that the murder rates in the USA are extremely high. It determines the necessity of creating a versatile approach in order to solve this problem. The paper considers the general background of the criminal law system of the USA from the point of view of murders and […]

The Evolution of Tesla

Tesla Motors Essay Tesla Motors is an outstanding American electric automobile enterprise. The company manufactures and sells electric vehicles, superchargers, home and workplace battery chargers, and electric-powered items across Europe, Asia, and North America. Its shares are traded on the NASDAQ stock exchange. TSLA is the mark of the enterprise’s public offering. The organization has […]

Music of Native Americans

Review of Native American Music Native American music first appeared thousands of years ago. As a result, it differs greatly from the European music styles. Besides, there are many music types that can be traced back to the geographical locations of the American tribes. The main purpose of the Native American music was to serve […]

San Diego Weather and Climate

San Diego County, California is a popular geographic location in the United States. The properties of the physical geography of this area create favorable opportunities for economic growth. At the same time, this region possesses a number of environmental threats that need to be addressed to ensure a favorable environment for humans, flora, and fauna. […]


Recruitment is one of the most significant parts of any company’s performance. The segment of education has a high level of responsibility regarding the process of bringing up the younger generation. It means that it is important to consider the creation of appropriate rules and standards penetrating the performance of the educational institutions, aimed to […]

The Leading Role of the Counselor

The damages caused as a result of disasters are significant, but the moral injuries are way worse and need immediate reaction of an emergency rescuing team. As members of emergency aid teams, counselors are the leading representatives that can contribute their power and knowledge in order to help in such cases. The counselors are trained […]

San Diego Automotive Museum

San Diego Automotive Museum Analysis With only ten dollars, Mike wondered where to visit as he roamed in the lovely Balboa Park in San Diego, California. As a lover of cars and motorcycles, he still had not decided on his destination, he noticed a huge and magnificent building next to the Aerospace Museum. The signboard […]

Barriers to My Critical Thinking

According to ADEA (2014), critical thinking is defined as intellectually engaged, responsible, as well as skilful thinking that enhances good judgment. Critical thinking implies application of competence, assumptions, knowledge, as well as the ability to challenge an one’s own thinking. Barriers to Critical Thinking In order to think critically, one has to develop cognitive and […]

Wine Tasting

Wine tasting is the evaluation and sensory examination of wine. Wine tasting is done to determine the quality of wine and its benefit to users. Most wine producing companies have their employed wine tasting professionals who help determine the quality of wine being produced. Sensory examination and evaluation of wine entails the use of sensory […]

William Jennings Bryan’s Last Campaign by Stephen Jay Gould

Stephen Jay Gould thinks that the end of the Arkansas court case regarding the science of creation marked the ultimate end of the controversy that surrounded evolution vs. creation. During the ruling, the Supreme Court voted 7-2 in favor of evolution. According to him, the ruling was the long waited legal tussle, and a victory […]

Turning Negotiation into a Corporate Capability

Question 1. Can the way you negotiate really make a difference if the other side is more powerful? How do you enhance your negotiating power? What do I need to do develop a good Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement or BATNA? A good bottom line? Explain the BATNA concept. Answer 1: Every kind of […]

The Pursuit of my American Dream

American Dream The American dream is a popular idea that represents freedom and equal opportunities. This belief has become the driving force of many Americans’ lives as most of us have a faith in the popular cliché: “In America, you can be whoever you want.” The American Dream allows U.S. citizens to achieve prosperity or […]

Self-Preflective Report

Introduction The research deals with the retailing approaches along with the learning theories of retailing. Therefore, it addresses the aspects of personal reflection towards the following factors of concern. The focus of the research goes towards the world of retailing, including all the fields of application towards the input, process and output. Alternatively, the research […]

Organization Theory and Development

Question 1 Continuous change is an antipode of episodic change and one of the two basic models of change used to restructure an organization. Continuous development is not necessarily a bad or undesired phenomenon, although an organization does need to meet particular requirements and parameters for such a change to be effective and for an […]

London Eye

Introduction to the London Eye British Airways London Eye (‘London Eye / The Millennium Wheel’) is an amazing piece of industrial work of London, which is offerings an exclusive opportunity for the panoramic view of London. The concept of the wheel was an ideal symbol for London in the Millennium while representing the new coming […]

Heaven’s Gate

Heaven’s gate came into existence after Bonnie Nettles and Marshal Applewhite met during the counterculture years, back in 1972. They believed that they were witnesses for the end time who have been mentioned in Revelations 11. This religious grouping believed that a UFO would come so as to help them achieve higher levels of existence […]

Does God Really Exist?

Sometimes it is hard to understand the difference between the “imagination” and “reality” but at the same time the perception of these terms is different for the vast majority of people. In fact, what is real for some people is imitation for others. Considering the passage: Look around the world: Contemplate the whole and every […]

Cool Hand Luke

Cool Hand Luke is a film acted in America and produced by Stuart Rosenberg. It is a story of an American prisoner, Luke, who is arrested for vandalizing the municipal property while drunk. Luke is arrested by the police for breaking the parking meters and taken to the prison. In the prison, the victim interacts […]

Ceramic Making Art in China

Ceramic making together with the craft of making clay objects and vessels is recorded as the oldest arts done by man. In pottery making, the clay is cooked at extremely high temperatures in order to harden it. This results into ceramics and other intended objects where painting is finally done to make it attractive. These […]

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