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Illegal Drug Use, Prostitution and Money Laundering

The essay explores the topics of illegal drug use, illegal prostitution, and money laundering. Drugs can be considered a part of human society since the mid-20th century. Drugs and crime are related since they lead to a mental or physical state of individuals that is conducive for engaging in criminal activities; fuel a pressing need […]

Leonardo Fibonacci

Biography of Leonardo Fibonacci and His Contribution to Mathematics History knows many talented mathematicians that made a notable contribution to the further development of science. One of them is the legendary mathematician of medieval Europe, Leonardo Fibonacci. His biography explains how Leonardo Fibonacci managed to develop his theories that brought mathematics to the new level […]

Aviation Security

Overall Analysis of Technological Expansion of Aviation Technology is an important element of the contemporary society. Lack of technological advancement can lead to the difficulties in achieving various engineering goals, which are essential in aviation and architecture. Furthermore, the power of technology can be employed in entertainment, transportation, education, communication, and even travelling. Technology has […]

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence: Risk Group, Consequences, Challenges, Communities and Systems that can be Involved As it is known, domestic violence is a heterogeneous problem that remains topical and urgent in today’s world. It a composed issue, because many individuals of different demographics (age, sex, level of education and income, disabilities, dependency, etc.) can become the victims […]

The Fashion Industry

The Industry The fashion industry is considered to be one of the modern industries that continue to establish a place for themselves in the international community. Before the 1850s, most people had their clothes custom-made, and thus the fashion industry was still in its initial stages of development (Runfola & Guercini 2013). However, now the […]

The Evolution of Tesla

Tesla Motors Essay Tesla Motors is an outstanding American electric automobile enterprise. The company manufactures and sells electric vehicles, superchargers, home and workplace battery chargers, and electric-powered items across Europe, Asia, and North America. Its shares are traded on the NASDAQ stock exchange. TSLA is the mark of the enterprise’s public offering. The organization has […]


Recruitment is one of the most significant parts of any company’s performance. The segment of education has a high level of responsibility regarding the process of bringing up the younger generation. It means that it is important to consider the creation of appropriate rules and standards penetrating the performance of the educational institutions, aimed to […]

The Leading Role of the Counselor

The damages caused as a result of disasters are significant, but the moral injuries are way worse and need immediate reaction of an emergency rescuing team. As members of emergency aid teams, counselors are the leading representatives that can contribute their power and knowledge in order to help in such cases. The counselors are trained […]

San Diego Automotive Museum

San Diego Automotive Museum Analysis With only ten dollars, Mike wondered where to visit as he roamed in the lovely Balboa Park in San Diego, California. As a lover of cars and motorcycles, he still had not decided on his destination, he noticed a huge and magnificent building next to the Aerospace Museum. The signboard […]

Barriers to My Critical Thinking

According to ADEA (2014), critical thinking is defined as intellectually engaged, responsible, as well as skilful thinking that enhances good judgment. Critical thinking implies application of competence, assumptions, knowledge, as well as the ability to challenge an one’s own thinking. Barriers to Critical Thinking In order to think critically, one has to develop cognitive and […]

Wine Tasting

Wine tasting is the evaluation and sensory examination of wine. Wine tasting is done to determine the quality of wine and its benefit to users. Most wine producing companies have their employed wine tasting professionals who help determine the quality of wine being produced. Sensory examination and evaluation of wine entails the use of sensory […]

William Jennings Bryan’s Last Campaign by Stephen Jay Gould

Stephen Jay Gould thinks that the end of the Arkansas court case regarding the science of creation marked the ultimate end of the controversy that surrounded evolution vs. creation. During the ruling, the Supreme Court voted 7-2 in favor of evolution. According to him, the ruling was the long waited legal tussle, and a victory […]

Turning Negotiation into a Corporate Capability

Question 1. Can the way you negotiate really make a difference if the other side is more powerful? How do you enhance your negotiating power? What do I need to do develop a good Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement or BATNA? A good bottom line? Explain the BATNA concept. Answer 1: Every kind of […]

Organization Theory and Development

Question 1 Continuous change is an antipode of episodic change and one of the two basic models of change used to restructure an organization. Continuous development is not necessarily a bad or undesired phenomenon, although an organization does need to meet particular requirements and parameters for such a change to be effective and for an […]

London Eye

Introduction to the London Eye British Airways London Eye (‘London Eye / The Millennium Wheel’) is an amazing piece of industrial work of London, which is offerings an exclusive opportunity for the panoramic view of London. The concept of the wheel was an ideal symbol for London in the Millennium while representing the new coming […]

Heaven’s Gate

Heaven’s gate came into existence after Bonnie Nettles and Marshal Applewhite met during the counterculture years, back in 1972. They believed that they were witnesses for the end time who have been mentioned in Revelations 11. This religious grouping believed that a UFO would come so as to help them achieve higher levels of existence […]

Cool Hand Luke

Cool Hand Luke is a film acted in America and produced by Stuart Rosenberg. It is a story of an American prisoner, Luke, who is arrested for vandalizing the municipal property while drunk. Luke is arrested by the police for breaking the parking meters and taken to the prison. In the prison, the victim interacts […]

Ceramic Making Art in China

Ceramic making together with the craft of making clay objects and vessels is recorded as the oldest arts done by man. In pottery making, the clay is cooked at extremely high temperatures in order to harden it. This results into ceramics and other intended objects where painting is finally done to make it attractive. These […]

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