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Poem and Play Analysis

Free Literature Essays Personification is the way a poet gives an object human-like traits or characteristics. Personification helps the reader to connect the objects with his or her emotions bringing the object into the living world. Through personification, the reader is able to interact with the object being described since the object is made to posses human characters. The poet gives the urn human characters where it is said to be the “bride of quietness”. The poet says that the urn is a foster child of silence and though made of stone its beauty is seen by everyone. The urn is also described as a major source of stories because it is able to produce stories for generations. Its beauty has also been described thereby giving the urn human characters of beauty. In the third stanza, the poet also uses personification when speaking to a tree. The poet says that the tree is able to hold its leaves in spring. The ability to speak to the tree shows personification because the poet is able to talk to the tree. Quotes have been used by the poet to connect the ideas developing in the poem. For example, “Beauty is truth, truth is beauty”. This is describing his lover and how he perceives her beauty.

Imagery is mostly used by poets to bring a deeper connection and make the reader get the deeper meaning of the poem. In the poem “My Papa’s Waltz”, imagery has been used where the author is describing how he is clinging on the memories of his dead father. The author is connecting the present world with the life he lived with his father who he lost at the age of fifteen. The poet says, “But I hand on like death”. In this line, the author is using imagery to describe how his mind got tied up and always thinking of how they lived with his father before he passed away.

The play “Antigone” takes place in the Roman Empire in the ancient city of Thebes. In the city is a government controlled by a King who fully exercises his powers and mistreats his people by the name King Creon. In an indirect way, the King dictates what pleases him and want the people to act as he says without questioning. In the misuse of power, the King causes misery to the people in his empire. One of the ways the author shows the misuse of power by the king is in the way he treats Antigone, a young girl in the city. The King makes laws that go against proper burial rights. The King also expects his son Haemon to follow his laws and act as his father.

Major theme

Sisters’ Rivalry

There is intense rivalry between Antigone and her sister Ismene. Antigone acts jealously towards her sister because Ismene has been given good attributes by the community. Ismene is described as timid, obedient and beautiful. Everyone who comes across her describes Ismene as a good girl. On the other, hand Antigone is described as moody, thin and impulsive. This creates tension and hatred between the two sisters because Ismene is more liked by the people than her sister Antigone. The good characters given to Ismene are the major source of rivalry between the two girls.

The political powers exercised by the king seem to be the source of tension in the play. The subjects are always complaining of how the king causes misery in their lives by dictating his commands without considering peoples’ welfare. In the same way, Antigone is complaining that the king has denied his two brothers a rightful burial. Antigone is complaining to the King to be allowed to give his two brothers a decent burial. The Excessive powers exercised by the king are the major source of conflict in the play.

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