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Managing Workplace Diversity in the IT Department

Managing Workplace Diversity in the It Department: a Case Study on Fujitsu Company Current report is focused on establishing whether workplace diversity in the IT department contributes to the success of the organization. To do this, the study examines literature from previous studies, which sought to answer the same question from a general perspective. Fujitsu […]

A Sustainable Business Model for USPS

Analysis Sustainable Business Model for USPS The US Postal Service (USPS) is a public corporation that offers mail and parcels deliveries among other forms of services across the US. It was established by the act of Congress to be operated as an autonomous organization under the executive. The Congress and the then USPS’s management overtime […]

The Problems and Solutions in Public Management

The Problems and Solutions in the Delivery of Public Management Public management embodies the implementation of government policies. It plays a vital role in enabling the society to achieve its goals. This tool ensures that public resources are utilized well and that those who depend on the government-provided services are not disappointed. Public administrators, such […]

Management of Organizational Behavior

Theories, Concepts, Structures, and Management of Organizational Behavior Understanding organizational behavior is essential for managers and employees because it makes them understand the different work attitudes and the way knowledge can be used to improve organizational performance. An organization consists of two or more people with different tasks that attempt to achieve a common goal […]

Business Decision Making

Business decision making is an important aspect of managerial activities which involves providing the basis for new projects acceptance or rejection, development of the most effective business lines, establishing sound pricing policy, making conclusions on the results of marketing surveys, and a range of other important processes in a company. This paper is devoted to […]

Strategic Management

Internal and External Analysis Zifty Nowadays, strategic planning is becoming increasingly important for companies that enter into fierce competition. It is difficult to diminish the role and significance of competition as a factor that determines the nature of marketing strategy and practices, management tactics and activities. Strategic management allows any company achieve competitive advantage, and […]

Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery in Database

Data Mining and KDD In the information age, enterprises’ activity of any organizational-legal form is accompanied by recording and registration of all data of their activities. In connection with improving technologies for recording and storage of data, huge amounts of information have afflicted people in various areas. This remarkable flow of data is continuously gathered […]

Talent Management

Talent Management and Human Resource Talent management focuses on four significant components that are vital in human resource development. They include attracting the right employees, training them to develop their skills, monitoring their performance to ensure they meet the standards of the organization, and benefiting them to increase their motivation. Talent management ensures that each […]

Human Resources

Human Resources: The Description of Two Methods Performance appraisal is a valuable tool for enhancing employee performance in the hospitality industry. This paper will discuss two possible performance appraisal processes for the position of a guest service agent. The main responsibilities of the position include greeting guests, check in and check out of the hotel […]

Galaxy Toys, Inc. Implementing and Evaluating the Future

Roles of Manager and Organizing Issues Managers have ignored their roles in the business, which has resulted in most of the business failures. However, they are expected to play a role in organizing and bringing together the resources such as human, capital, and finance to an agreement. The aspect of organizing should follow certain principles […]

Management Information Systems in HR

Introduction As the Human Resource (HR) manager of the Coca-Cola Company, I will analyze the role and importance of the management information systems to the department as well as their impact on other functionalities of the corporation. The definition of the information systems can vary depending on the viewpoint. From the perspective of their functionalities […]

Contingency and Global Management/Leadership Theories

Leadership is a process, in which one person (leader or leaders) influences others to accomplish a specific goal or objective of an organization. The leader makes his/her followers accomplish the objectives in a cohesive and coherent manner (The Mind Tools Editorial Team, n.d.a). Thus, there are no specific or standards for defining a leader. However, […]

Management Style – Tesco Plc

Tesco’s Organizational Structure, Culture, and Style Effective management does not always translate into the success of an organization, but poor management is a sure way for any company to collapse. The effectiveness of management, thus, cannot be overstated. In many cases, entities that are run efficaciously have experienced impressive performances in a market characterized by […]

Emergency Management Director Role

Relevant Skills of Emergency Managers Emergency management refers to the process, through which communities or organizations reduce their vulnerability to hazards and come up with the appropriate ways of coping with disasters. Nevertheless, emergency management does not entirely avert risks, but instead, it reduces the effect of disorder that, if not properly managed, may result […]

Environmental Management in Construction

Land Planning Construction is the development of fixed assets of the engineering nature such as buildings, dams, roads, and bridges. It also includes the maintenance works of such assets such as alterations, additions, repairs, and renovations. Construction is a crucial component in the economic and social prosperity of any nation since it supplies the infrastructural […]

The Involvement of Strategic Management Accounting

Management in an institution is important because it creates a broad platform for the generation of ideas and concepts aimed at running corresponding organization. An institution under a responsible management possesses higher probability of succeeding in its activities as compared to the one with a reckless management. Therefore, managing a company is an important aspect […]

Relationship between Job Satisfaction and Job Performance for Nissan Company in Asia

Nissan Motor Company is a Japanese firm, which deals with the manufacture and sales of automobiles all over the world. It purchases motor vehicles as well as boats in the global market. This company has its main offices in Japan. It also has a strong market in Asia with the sales all over the region. […]

Actions that Nike Could Take to Improve Labour Conditions of Its Workers in Developing Countries

There are limitations to ability of any organization regardless of its size. These are based on the factors bigger than the organization itself. However, as long as a company exists, it might be able to influence decisions on the ongoing events which relate to it. At a certain period, Nike company was accused of having […]

Flexible Manufacturing Systems: Cost Accounting Project

Flexible manufacturing systems are widely used in different fields for increasing flexibility of the manufacturing process, decreasing time and expenses. However, implementation of flexible manufacturing systems in real life in scale of a big country can lead to considerable technical, financial, and organizational issues. These issues form complicated tasks to managers. Below an example of […]

Improving the Management and Work Environment in the Gulf Bank in Kuwait

Crystal software is a program that is used for calculations on slabs in the case of two dimensions, polymers for one dimension and crystals for three dimensions. This is a software that has the ability to reduce the costs that are incurred by a bank, as well as maximizing the profits. In this project, a […]

London Underground Partnership

Public Private Partnerships (PPP) is a type of partnership that brings together public sectors and private sectors in the long-term partnerships for providing a public service or an asset. If well-structured, Public Private Partnerships guarantee mutual benefit to the public organisation and the private sector organisation. However, the private partner bears significant management responsibility and […]

Code of Conduct and Ethics

Legal Principles of Labour Laws Employment laws are the laws that govern the rights and duties between workers and their employers. Primarily, these laws are designed to ensure workers’ safety and also guaranty that they are accorded fair treatment by the employers. However, these laws are also in place in order to safeguard the interests […]

Analysis of the Main Features of the Fair Work (FW) Act 2009

The Rudd Government secured parliamentary support for its Fair Work Bill in March 2009. The FW Act 2009 took effect in July 2009. It came as a replacement to the Workplace Relations Act 1996 (WR Act). Before the act came into effect, two measures were taken into account. First was the setup of the Fair […]


If earlier people travelled because the world was not studied enough, and their travels were tiring, today people travel to see this already discovered world and enjoy it. Thus, travelling in earlier times and nowadays is absolutely different. Moreover, travel nowadays became a business. Countries that are interesting for tourists make great profit by virtue […]

Business Excellence Model

A business excellence model not only provides a complete integration and improvement of activities in the organization. However, it is also developed on the basis of award programs by national bodies. This helps in the widespread adoption of business excellent concepts in order to improve the economic national performance of the organization. These models can […]

Planning and Budgeting

Hospitals are rendered as the most important organizations in the health care sector. Despite the fact that any organization can operate on a non-for-profit basis, common features can be observed regarding hospitals. In order to be profitable in current financially challenging and highly competitive environment, every hospital should search for best ways of delivering the […]

Managing Organizational Knowledge

It can be concluded that managers and leaders of organizations face a difficult task of managing organizations due to intensive information flow in the current knowledge era, Competition has been on the rise in the business world. Therefore, change is not a choice that the firms have to make. Instead, it is a necessary step […]

Theories of Motivation

Scientific basis of motivation theories are conventionally divided into so-called “content” and “process” theories of motivation. Content theories of motivation are based on the identification of the internal motives (needs) that cause people to act in one way or another. The theory of needs was introduced by M. Tugan-Baranovsky, a famous Ukrainian scientist (1865-1919). He […]

Is There a Consensus on the Characteristics of Business Leaders?

Companies and organizations have faced the challenge of prioritizing their needs. Companies are either involved in the production, distribution or selling of goods or in delivering services to those who need them. Well, all these engagements must be seen to give returns to the companies. Whatever level of operation, all employees in a business enterprise […]

How to Manage a Non-Profit Organization

Multiple non-profit organizations of different organizational structures, purposes and objectives have been established across the United States of America and worldwide. The paradigm of these entities includes professional unions, business unions, charity organizations, religious unions, sport unions, social and community development centers, children protection associations and many others. The concept of non-profit organization is determined […]

Evolution of Management

Management pertains to the coordination or organization of various activities, with reference to an organizational entity, with the aim of achieving a set of defined objectives or goals. Consequently, management is considered as a core factor in production, alongside such fundamentals as capital (money), organizational culture and its internal structure, labor force amongst others. A […]

Leadership and Team Development

Team and team leaders face quite a lot of different challenges. Most challenges refer to internal (from a team leader or/and a team) or external (from people and situations) categories. Obstacles usually happen during a crisis and changes. For example, they arise at the beginning and ending of work and/or programs and during a team’s […]

Land Management in Abu Dhabi

Land management is a critical issue among other political and social-economic development issues in any country. Proper land administration helps public and government bodies plan and reap the benefits of well managed land. However, land administration, especially in the third world countries, is not an effortless task due to the complexity in land issues in […]

Organizational Requirements for Developing Successful Work Teams

In the literature pertaining to organizations, one may often encounter the term work team. Some experts have claimed that effective modern organizations need to use work teams. In addition, there is an agreement in the literature that, for organizations to compete in the present day business environment, they should embrace the concept of collective entrepreneurship […]

Innovation Technology Management

Technological innovations have transformed the business world and increased the pace of globalization (Chien & Weng 2012). The first wave of innovation was the industrial revolution that transitioned production from manual to machines. Mechanization of production processes improved efficiency and output levels. The first wave impacted the society and corporations positively by improving living standards. […]

The Negative Effects of Wrong Procedures of Job Performance Appraisal

Performance appraisal is a comprehensive process that combines both oral and written elements. In the process of performance appraisal, employees’ performance is evaluated, and feedback is provided. After the evaluation, a written report is provided outlining what was done right and what needs to be improved in terms of employees’ performance. The documented performance offers […]

Management Information Systems (Etisalat)

Etisalat is mainly a telecommunication company that operates in Asia, Middle East and certain regions of Africa. The company, initially called Emirates Telecommunications Corporation, was re-branded in 2009. It ranks among the largest and top companies in the Middle East in terms of market share and capitalization. With over 170 million customers, Etisalat has gained […]

Culture Change in an Organization

Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited (Deloitte) is a London (the UK), based limited company offering professional services. Its headquarters are in New York, the United States. It provides services such as audit, tax, financial advisory, as well as consulting about enterprise risk. It operates in over 150 countries worldwide with more than 200,000 employees whose cultures […]

Risk and Quality Management Assessment

Risk and quality management form the fundamental part of the organization strategy. Blue Cross Blue Shield is an insurance organization in Georgia. The organization offers a wide range of insurance covers for both family and individuals. The organization has been in the insurance business for more than 70 years. The organization also constantly continues adjusting […]

Management Essay | Automotive Industry

The article of EtQ named Quality Management Software Solutions for Automotives said that automotives in contrast to other types of vehicles is the most popular and convenient vehicle for transportation of goods and passengers over relatively short distances. It has greater maneuverability, good adaptability and terrain in different climatic and other conditions. However, this article […]