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Guidelines for Writing a Letter of Recommendation for an Employee

Letters of recommendation are peculiar pathways to job seekers’ success because they are aimed to reveal the best skills and strong points of an individual. Though during the application process, potential employees are focused on their resumes and cover letters, a well-written recommendation letter evokes trustworthiness because, being written from the third person point of view, it seems to be more objective. Your recommendation could turn into a defining moment in the applicant’s job prospects. Are you willing to help a skillful job hunter? If yes, then learn how to write a letter of recommendation that will interest HR managers.

Study the Specifics of a Job Vacancy

It’s reasonable to scrutinize the requirements of the job that is being offered. You’ll find out the exact skills and expertise a candidate needs to possess. If your acquaintance has the right knowledge, write about it in your recommendation letter.

Review All the Information a Job Seeker Presents

Sometimes, certain qualifications of the applicant should be proved. So, you should ask the job hunter to show you their resume and cover letter before you start writing your opinion. It will help you to inquire into their career goals.

The Structure of a Recommendation Letter

You should dedicate the first paragraph to elucidating your job relations with the applicant. It’s important to mention your employment status as well as their job title. Explain how you interacted at the company. If you supervised the individual, your opinion will be highly appreciated.

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The body of your letter must encompass the qualifications, skills, areas of knowledge, and individual features of the job candidate. Indeed, if you want to contribute to the person’s success, you should enlighten the strengths of the job hunter. It’s always favorable to introduce a firm example of the person’s skills in practice. For instance, you may make reference to the successful projects the candidate initiated and completed, revealing professional skills. HR managers pay attention to the applicant’s achievements, especially if they are connected with the previous organization’s success.

When you summarize your recommendation letter, it’s perspicacious to assert that you would gladly employ such a gifted individual again. It’s also wise to state that this very candidate would make a difference in their company, contributing to its further development along with other employees.

Share Your Contacts

The decision to share your email address and mobile number will demonstrate your enthusiasm to elucidate other valuable details on the applicant.

How to Send Your Recommendation Letter

How should you send your completed recommendation letter? Usually, you have to send it to the individual you are recommending. However, sometimes, it is required to send the recommendation directly to the company’s manager. If you send the recommendation letter via email, you should attach its copy to the message as a Microsoft Word document or PDF file.

Writing an effective letter of recommendation is a truly responsible task. However, if you sincerely intend to contribute to your former employee’s success, then memorize these guidelines and fruitfully cooperate with career industry.

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