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Writing a Cover Letter

Writing a Cover Letter: Everything You Wanted to Know

Writing a cover letter is a very challenging and effort-consuming process for those, who do not have excellent writing skills and experience. However, you should understand that a cover letter is your chance to show to your potential employer that you are a good fit for their company. So, what is a cover letter? A cover letter is a short document that describes the technical writer’s cover letter personality, as well as their experiences, qualifications, and qualities, which make him or her a better candidacy than others. One cannot underestimate the importance of a cover letter because being written well, it can help the individual reach career heights. If your potential employer is interested in hiring a passionate, determined, and goal-oriented person, they will definitely pay close attention to your cover letter. If you lack sufficient cover letter writing skills, no problem! We have created a great guide that will help you find out how to create a cover letter, what are the key elements of a cover letter, as well as many other important things. Following our efficient suggestions, you will be able to write a cover letter that will bring you the anticipated outcome.

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What to Include in a Cover Letter?

So, what to include in a cover letter? Undoubtedly, to succeed with cover letter writing, you need to know the key elements of this document. Below, you will find detailed information on each part:

  1. Your name and contact information. Pay attention that this information should be valid and accurate because if your letter makes a good impression on the hiring manager, he or she will definitely invite you for the interview. As for the greeting, it is always great to address your letter to a specific individual. However, if you do not know the name of the hiring manager, it is quite appropriate to write “Dear Sir/Madam;”
  2. Сover letter outline.
  3. Introduction. As well as in any other document, an introduction should be the opening paragraph that will engage your reader with some hook making a good impression on your audience. You may start your academic cover letter with some general phrases gradually moving to the main point of your document. For instance, you may write “A business area is very dynamic and innovative and I believe that I have the appropriate skills and qualifications to become its part.” The introduction of the best cover letter explains whether the applicant is the individual they have been looking for. As such, the opening paragraph includes the following details:
  • The position you apply to;
  • Where and how did you learn about this position;
  • Why do you think you are better than other applicants;

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  1. Main body. The first paragraph of your main body should refer to your background convincing the hiring manager that you possess the necessary qualifications and knowledge to succeed at this job. Besides, it may highlight your accomplishments if you have any. In the next paragraph, you will need to explain in detail why do you think you are just an employee they have been looking for. Pay attention that it is a great opportunity to demonstrate your skills and qualifications from the best perspective. Do not overburden your cover letter with too many personal pronouns. Your potential employer will put your letter away if they read too many “I know,” “I can,” “I am capable of.” You need to be maximally honest with your recipient because it is very easy to recognize when the person makes up fake facts;
  2. Conclusion. In your conclusion, you should not talk about your strengths and qualifications anymore. In this paragraph, you should express your gratitude for the time spent on studying your application. At the same time, you should demonstrate your passion and enthusiasm to work at the company;
  3. Finalize your letter with “Sincerely. As you can see, having a good guide, writing a cover letter for a job is not a problem.

Cover Letter Length: Thee Essentials

When it comes to the cover letter length, many people are confused as they don`t know how to include much information in a pretty short essay. Not knowing how long should a cover letter be, some of them exceed the word count significantly because they want to include everything about their background and working experience. However, this strategy is incorrect. Your hiring manager does not have the time to read long and boring papers. If you write your cover letter well, he or she will understand that you are just the right candidacy in only a few lines.

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Cover Letter Checklist

Have a look at some additional tips for writing a cover letter as they will help you create an impressive document:

  • Get prepared. If you have no idea how your cover letter should look like, feel free to check the well-written samples available on the web. Studying the examples written by other people, you will be able to develop your own ideas properly;
  • Keep in mind the purpose of a cover letter;
  • Do not repeat the information that can be found in your resume;
  • Try to stick to one page;
  • Tie-down your skills and qualifications with the job offer. You can be a great employee but if your skills do not fit the position chosen, you will probably get refusal;
  • Try to build your story in such a way to inform your potential employee how will the company benefit by accepting your candidacy;
  • Make sure to follow the classic formatting standards of cover letter writing;
  • Try not to be boring. Remember that you are not the only person applying for this job position. Thus, you need to make your essay truly unique and interesting;
  • Do not forget to proofread your letter. Keep in mind that mechanical mistakes greatly spoil the reader`s impression of you as an individual. As such, you need to do everything perfectly.

Yes, writing a great criminal justice cover letter, political cover letter, or other can be time-consuming but you should always remember that too much is at stake. Thus, you need to do everything possible to write an impressive paper that will help you reach your goals. We do hope that our cover letter tips helped you understand how to make a cover letter of unmatched quality. Do your best and enjoy the result!

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