Empire and Imperialism in Classic British Children’s Literature

Introduction In the book Choosing Books for Children: A Commonsense Guide, Beatsy Hearne and Deborah Stevenson said: “Childhood is the time and children’s books are the place for powerful emotions, powerful language, powerful art… There is no room for cutesy books, dull books, or books that talk down. Children are not inferior. They may be read more

The Bible as Literature

One fundamental aspect in studying the Bible is to understand that it is not only a religious book but also a piece of literature works. In numerous occasions, many people have implied that the Bible contradicts itself, but is it so? This paper seeks to determine this implication and the other perspectives in literature used read more

Solaris Analysis

It is not a secret that there were numerous film interpretations of Stanislav Lem’s famous book Solaris. They appeared because of the book’s immense success in the field of science fiction. However, the reader may find Soderbergh’s film (2002) slightly different from the original due to the presence of distinctive features that seem to renew read more

The Waste Land Summary

T. S. Eliot has been labeled a modernist concerning his poetry works. His poem The Waste Land is no exemption to the labeling of modernist poems. Eliot’s poetry portrays an obvious departure from the formal and traditional laws and rules of writing poems. His poems are different from his predecessors’, the early poets and those read more

Poem and Play Analysis

Personification is the way a poet gives an object human-like traits or characteristics. Personification helps the reader to connect the objects with his or her emotions bringing the object into the living world. Through personification, the reader is able to interact with the object being described since the object is made to posses human characters. read more

Out of This Furnace

Introduction George Kracha’s story of immigration into America is well described in the novel ‘Out of This Furnace’ that was written by Thomas Bell. In this novel, there is a series of related stories of different characters that faced hardships as they tried to migrate to America after the civil war in Europe. The slovak read more

Our Town by Thornton Wilder

The events in the play Our Town by Thornton Wilder take place in Grover’s Corners, New Hampshire, on three dates – the 7th of May 1901, three years later in July 1904, and in summer 1913. The characters are the ordinary Americans and the two families of Gibbses and Webbs. In the first act, their read more

Feminism in the Jennifer Egan’s novel A Visit from the Goon Squad Analysis

In her novel, Jennifer Egan portrays women oppression in terms of manipulative exploitation from men. Women, in this novel, encounter both mental and physical torture from males due to gender stigmatization that has existed for centuries. In the story, it is crystal clear that the author expresses men characters as people who like oppressing women read more

Emily Dickinson

Emily is one of the most fascinating female poets in the nineteenth century. There are some aspects that are very evident in her writing that make her work unique. She chose a unique style of writing that captured the attention of everyone who took a glance of her poems. Emily was not only concerned on read more